We've all got hair down there and the evolution of female pubic hair has been a fascinating one. Since the 70s' telltale uber-bush we've encountered landing strips, small tufts fondly nicknamed “Hitler moustaches,” and even completely smooth pussies as bare as the day we learned what a vagina was.

But the days of the porn-star-esque anti-muff are gone, and we solicited aesthetician and vagina-waxer to the stars (well…porn stars) Amanda Smash Hyde to see where we're headed in the pube department.

Though going naked is still popular among her clients, Hyde says the most asked-for shapes are the triangle, the “strip,” the upside-down triangle, and something she calls the “oblong natural,” which is essentially a tidied-up version of what ladies already have.

But she'll wax any shape onto your mons pubis, though some requests are stranger than others. She's managed to wax letters, lightning bolts, hearts and butterflies, and even flames into the course curls. That's talent. But whether you want a self-portrait or just a simple circle beneath your belt, this curiosity for pubic art means one thing:

“Women are saying goodbye to bare and yes to hair!” Hyde said. “Do you remember the famous Brooke Shields brows? Well Brooke Shields bushes are in! Natural but well maintained is the trend. A lot of women want to embrace being a woman and hold on to that hair. A lot of women have been rebelling from the male stronghold and doing what they want with their bushes.”

Amanda Smash Hyde in her studio.

Amanda Smash Hyde in her studio.

This is a relief for those of us who've underwent painful and expensive hair removal methods only to find the hair sprout back months later. Hyde says lasers reduce the amount of hair present but in no way get rid of it, and months after stopping treatment the hair often comes back. Besides, who knows what kind of negative effect those lasers might have down the line.

“Women are coming back to waxing because there is no chance that the products might cause cancer down the road, and a lot of women are skeptical as to how safe laser treatments actually are — especially being so close to your reproductive organs,” Hyde said.

But regardless of what you choose to do with your lady parts, Hyde urges not to let outside influence your decision.

“I have always told my clients that no one should tell you how to wear your bush,” Hyde said. “You wouldn't let someone tell you how to wear the hair on your head so why should your bush be any different? Grown women have hair and smell like women — and only real men find that sexy.”

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