The undeniable and hard truth that people need to hear is that we do not owe it to anyone to keep them in our lives. As humans, we have the freedom to choose who we want to keep our ties with and whom we want to cut from our lives. Be it a family member or a significant other, here are five reasons why people break up with family or friends. 

1. Toxic relationships is one of the reasons why people break up with family members

There is no denying that family plays an important role in one’s life. They are the first people that we communicate with from childhood, and they make up a large portion of our lives as we grow and mature. That being said, whatever treatment comes from families is something that sticks and influences us in the long run. 

Of course, not all families are loving, supportive, and healthy. There are families that are downright abusive and display a variety of toxic traits. This is one of the main reasons why people cut family members off. This also explains why some children feel estranged from their parents. 

2. Unhealthy influence

Parents who advise their children to choose their friends wisely are attempting to shield them from unfavorable influences. Of course, not all children will heed this kind of advice and proceed to mingle with the wrong crowd. 

Due to the damaging influences brought on by the wrong crowd, it becomes much more difficult for parents to watch as their child transforms into an entirely different person. While some teenagers want to maintain an unhealthy lifestyle into adulthood, others want to make a change. 

Take note that not only strangers have the potential to influence bad habits in people, families have that tendency as well. 

Due to this, it has become a primary reason for people to break up with former friends and/or family members.

3. Lack of respect for personal boundaries can lead people to break up with family

Most people have set boundaries and are quite vocal about them as well. For those who may not know, personal boundaries are set to protect oneself from codependency and to strengthen one’s self-worth and self-respect. 

Sadly, not everyone respects personal boundaries. There are people who disrespect boundaries in the form of not accepting no for an answer, those who control and make decisions for the person, those who pay no mind to personal time—the list goes on. 

When one encounters such people, they will only put up with so much. Once they finally tick, they will immediately cut them off from their lives. 

4. They are always right even though they are clearly in the wrong 

It is almost unbearable to deal with people who always think they are right. It is simply an unhealthy behavior that affects a person’s mental and emotional health. These types of people are often cut off given that they will never prioritize the feelings of a person they hurt. Rather, they will focus on protecting their egos. 

People who are unapologetic are not worth anyone’s time. 

5. They leech off people 

Lastly, people who are only good at taking advantage of others are no different from leeches. These people only know how to take and take, making relationships around them truly feel one-sided. For any relationship to be preserved, be it familial or romantically, give-and-take must happen.

So if people are aware that they are being leeched off, then that is another sign for them to cut such people off. 

Breaking up with family or friends can be a life-changing decision that requires deep reflection. Sometimes, however, it’s better to remove toxic individuals from our lives and end the nightmare.

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