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It's easy to forget that My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic is a kids show. After all, it's mostly adults — known as Bronies and Pegasisters — that we see dressed as Rainbow Dash at conventions. Plus, artists like Luke Chueh, Shojono Tomo and Mark Mothersbaugh are getting artwork ready for next month's My Little Pony Project in Los Angeles.

But MLP is, technically, geared toward the little ones and, on Saturday afternoon, Royal/T was filled with young girls, and a few boys, ready to attend the nuptials of Princess Cadence and Shining Armor. The royal pony couple is getting hitched in a two-part episode that debuts on cable's the Hub next Saturday. Last weekend was the sneak preview.

“A Canterlot Wedding” isn't your typical TV wedding extravaganza. There's intrigue, a lot of action and, like all episodes of MLP: FIM, a few good lessons. But the morals of the stories in MLP: FIM aren't necessarily typical of children's television. They're less about eating your vegetables and more about developing social skills that will last the rest of your life. While those lessons are aimed at children, they're important reminders for everyone. Check out the top five My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic lessons for adults below.

5. Don't try to do everything yourself.

Episode: “Applebuck Season”

Applejack is the sort of pony who's good at a lot of things, from wrangling cows to baking. She's also always willing to step up and help out a pal. So, when her brother gets injured during apple season, she offers to harvest the goods all by herself. Some jobs are just too big for one person, though, and when we refuse to acknowledge this, disaster strikes.

4. Don't be too modest.

Episode: “Boast Busters”

When the Great and Powerful Trixie comes to town, her boasting gets on the nerves of nearly every pony who meets her. After seeing the reaction to Trixie, Twilight Sparkle decides to keep her own skills under wraps.

Braggarts, showoffs and know-it-alls are annoying, but there's such a thing as too much modesty. At the very least, you risk being overshadowed by the less talented blowhard.

3. Don't fear embarrassment.

Episode: “Hurricane Fluttershy”

Fluttershy, a pegasus, was never talented at flying. In fact, she was often mocked for her lack of speed and skill. Now, when her friend Rainbow Dash tries to enlist her in a pegasi mission, she refuses mostly because she doesn't want people laughing at her.

It's hard to find people who were never the butt of the joke. As hard as it is to forget the taunts, you can't let that turn into fear. If you do, you'll only stop yourself from trying new things.

2. Don't freak out about the future.

Episode: “It's About Time”

After getting a visit from a future version of herself, Twilight Sparkle heads out on a mission to prevent a disaster from hitting her town. The problem is that Twilight Sparkle frets so much about a potential mishap that she becomes almost oblivious to what's going on at the moment.

We all get bogged down by schedules, deadlines that aren't immediate and plans for the future. By worrying about those, are we missing all the things going on right now?

1. Don't become so serious about your work that you forget your friends.

Episodes: “Friendship Is Magic, Parts 1 & 2”

In the two-part episode that opens the series, we meet protagonist Twilight Sparkle. She's an exceptionally smart and talented unicorn who takes pride in being Princess Celestia's star pupil. But Twilight Sparkle does little other than study. She doesn't have a social life and doesn't seem to want one. This becomes an issue when Twilight Sparkle encounters a situation that she can't fix on her own. Friends are inspiring. They can help solve problems when the answers elude us.

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