Gucci Mane has a knack for making memorable song appearances. Whenever he leaves the studio he gets arrested so it's best he keeps busy at work. See, Gucci Mane is genuine. His real name is Radric, which contains the word “rad” and sounds like an Elizabethan Romance novel character. He gets in trouble with the law. He's into big jewelry, sex, cars, especially Lambos, and follows the tradition of being recognizable by a sound effect. Master P had “Ughhh,” Lil' John has “Yey-ya!” and Gucci Mane stamps his handiwork with “Burr!” This year, he dropped some over-the-top lyrical gems on songs that hit raunchy, rich, and boastful with new weirdness. Here are the Top 5 Gucci Mane guest appearances of 2010:

5. 2010 Hip Hop Honors: Gucci Mane performs Master P's emotional song

At his best, Gucci Mane employs the great gifts of naughty gangster gab reminiscent of Master P, No Limit, and late-1990's peers Cash Money. During the Master P medley at this year's Hip Hop Honors award show, after Trina touched herself approvingly on stage, Gucci Mane emerged in a white suit and delivered emotions, performing “I Miss My Homies” [2:30], a song about fallen gang pals, all serious and sincere. It was kind of touching.

4. “Intro Live From Fulton County Jail HD”

This is the first song on mixtape Burrprint 2 HD. Gucci Mane actually recorded this track during one of his prolonged guest appearances in jail. Note the 1-minute warning chiming in from the operator. We are left to imagine him in a jumpsuit, huddled over the payphone, free-styling, or holding a crumpled napkin scrawled with lyrics. Perhaps showing his appreciation for freedom (or his wealth), this is one of several mixtapes Gucci Mane gave away for free this year.

3. Diplo makes Gucci Mane a tribute album and a t-shirt

Fan video of Diplo's “Excuse Me” remix with scenes from Bodo: The Wiz Kid

Diplo, for some reason, took it upon himself to champion a Gucci support campaign. In January, Diplo's record label Mad Decent released Free Gucci, a free album remixing Gucci Mane tracks from his Cold War mixtapes, with contributions from Diplo, Flying Lotus, Salem, and more. Then in May, Mad Decent made a t-shirt celebrating his release from jail. Gucci Mane joins Brad, Jen, and Angelina in making a guest appearance on hipsters' chests.

2. “This right here is my new Lambo!” “Pretty Boy Swag” remix Soulja Boy ft. Gucci Mane

Gucci Mane kept the Lamborghini in style this year. Lambos with doors swung open like the spread wings of a mighty bird. His Lambo line in the “Pretty Boy Swag” remix [:38] adds a moment that club crowds eagerly fill in whenever DJs mute the song at this climactic point. In this video from a Gucci Mane release party at Atlanta's The Velvet Room, Gucci and Soulja Boy grab a mic and sing over the track, dressed in pure white like two gods with their whole heavenly posse floating around them.

Favorite excerpt [:24]: “…Diddy bop with a pretty girl in the club, look like bugs all on my fingaz, earrings flashing bright like a blinker. When I hold my wrist up, it's a turn signal. It's funny to me, you way dumber than me, if you think yo man got more money than me, my tennis shoes cost $2000 a piece…This right here is my new Lambo!”

1. “Speak French” Jamie Foxx ft. Gucci Mane

This unofficial video features girls in undies on the beach. While R. Kelly is busy conquering the ballad, Jamie Foxx is holding down the pervy/sexy r&b club song with a little help from his friends. “Blame It” was good, and “Speak French” is fantastic.

Here, Gucci Mane is so impressed with a girl, he wants to put a diamond in her mouth [1:37]:

I took my diamond off my pinky, put it on her tongue. Now she can't close her mouth and when she smile bright as the sun. [Burr!”]

Nothing is more welcome in rap than an over-the-top dirty, strange lyric that strives for new ways of describing riches, sexual intentions, and other doings. Later, he takes a picture of his penis and sends it to her as a “gif,” which hopefully means an animation [1:59]. Impress anyone by memorizing his whole rap [1:32-2:08].

Honorable mentions:

“Shine Blockas” Big Boi ft. Gucci Mane

a trip to Walmart and homeless people smoking drugs…

Big Boi Ft. Gucci Mane – Shine Blockas Video from SNORTTHIS.COM on Vimeo.

“We Be Steady Mobbin'” Lil Wayne ft. Gucci Mane

ride Lil Wayne's elevator to his bedroom and ash the blunt in a Grammy

“Give Me My Freedom” Lil Wayne ft. Lil Boosie, Gucci Mane, and Birdman

cartoon rappers in jail, rendered by Hood Raven Entertainment

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