Paul McCartney got a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame yesterday. Well deserved! After all, he helped change the course of pop-music history with his ditties and whatnot; West Coast Sound recently declared his group, the Beatles [sic], the third great musical act of all time, behind Beethoven and William Hung.

It's a bit weird that 2459 other people got stars before McCartney, but it's even weirder that three other members of the Beatles did. After all, many would agree that McCartney was one of the group's most important members. Here, then, are the top three Beatles who got a star first.

3. John Lennon

Lennon was also considered to be among the best and most popular Beatles. He co-wrote a bunch of their hit songs, some of which were only comprehensible while under the influence of lysergic acid diethylamide, but others of which sounded good even when one was sober. His star was given posthumously, after he was gunned down in cold blood by a fan. Makes no sense.

2. George Harrison

If you rank the Beatles in terms of popularity, Harrison falls somewhere in the middle. He wrote a handful of memorable songs with the group, well three actually, if you count “Something,” which you probably shouldn't, so two then. He was considered the “bland” Beatle. His star was also given posthumously, which is a shame, because he repeatedly said that he wanted nothing more than to get a star in his lifetime. Just kidding.

1. Ringo Starr

Starr was the least beloved and least admired of the Beatles, and his contributions to the group's canon were the least substantial. He wrote “Octopus's Garden,” which was not all that great. He received a star on the Walk of Fame in February of 2010, and was the 2401st person to be awarded this great honor. He was not able to be present at McCartney's Walk of Fame ceremony, Paul explained, because he was ill.

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