Top 15 Authors to Read in 2023

In the vast world of literature, where stories are born and worlds come alive, a new wave of talent emerges, ready to captivate and inspire readers around the globe. Prepare to embark on a literary journey as we present our meticulously curated selection of the Top 15 authors. These brilliant minds, poised on the precipice of greatness, are set to redefine the boundaries of storytelling and leave an indelible mark on the literary landscape.

Through the strokes of their pens, these authors weave tapestries of imagination that transcend limits and borders and ignite the senses. With their words as weapons and ideas as ammunition, they craft narratives that challenge the status quo, evoke deep emotions, and beckon readers to explore new perspectives. From the uncharted realms of fantasy to the unexplored depths of the human psyche, their works encompass a spectrum of genres, themes, and styles.

Whether you seek to lose yourself in the tender embrace of lyrical prose, unravel mysteries that keep you engaged, or embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery, these literary maestros have something extraordinary to offer. With their nuanced characterizations, thought-provoking narratives, and compelling voices, they are all set to become the vanguards of a new literary era. So, dear reader, prepare to be spellbound by the enchantment of words and the power of storytelling. Delve into the worlds created by these literary luminaries, and allow their stories to transport you to places you’ve never imagined.

Celine Zabad

Celine Zabad is an accomplished author and poet whose words have the power to touch hearts and inspire minds. Her book, “Between the Lines: Volumes of Words Unspoken,” is a masterpiece of emotional and evocative poetry, exploring themes of life, love, and loss.

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Celine’s poetry resonates with readers who appreciate her ability to capture the nuances of human emotions and experiences. Her Instagram page, where she first began posting her work, quickly gained a massive following of over 160k fans who connected with her words on a deep, personal level.

Writing has always been a passion for Celine, and poetry has been her preferred medium since the age of twelve. She believes in the power of words to heal and uplift, and she has made it her mission to use her talent to connect with and inspire others.

Celine’s powerful words offer solace and comfort to those who have experienced loss and trauma. Her work is a testament to the power of poetry to transcend language and cultural barriers and to touch the hearts of people from all walks of life. Her passion for encouraging people to express their emotions and articulate their feelings shines through in every line she writes, and her readers are all the better for it.

Petronella Ravenshear

Petronella Ravenshear is the co-owner of Healthy Human, along with her husband. As an educator, influencer, content creator, and expert nutritionist, she has also held a private practice for almost two decades in the bustling city of London. She always dreamed of spreading accurate and authentic information about healthy living and diets worldwide.

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In 2018 she wrote a book, “The Human Being Diet,” commonly known as HBD, receiving over 900 positive reviews on Amazon. Following this success, in the spring of 2020, Petronella started doing live QandA sessions on her Instagram to spread relevant and accessible information about health and diet.

The immense success of her sessions led to her publishing a cookbook alongside her previously popular “HBD Cookbook,” published by HarperCollins in January this year. It will be available in May for her USA fans.

Petronella is adamant about raising nutrition awareness through her Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn profiles. For more information on buying her book, visit her Amazon Author page.

Samantha Sabelli Ion

Writers have the power to uplift others with their stories. They can make a hero from an unconventional character, reassuring their readers that anyone can be the main character. Samantha Sabelli Ion, a Canadian author and elementary teacher, is working on her Sophia Destino novel. However, it could also be referred to as the Sophia Destino series, as “A Twist in Her Fate” is a novel within the series.

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Growing up, Samantha developed a fondness for reading. She loved that books packaged life lessons and entertainment, bringing warmth and inspiration to her life. It was not until later that she finally decided to act on her passion and start writing. After working on her first book, A Twist in Her Fate, for nearly ten years, tackling pregnancy and the 2020 pandemic, in the process, Samantha finally became a self-published author.

A Twist in Her Fate chronicles the life of Sophia Destino as she handles love, a new career, and social life. The novel features relatable characters, appropriate twists to keep the reader hooked, and a female lead who crafts her own path. As an author, Samantha envisions seeing this book developing into an entire series as she ventures into writing the second installment. In her spare time, she has also been experimenting with other forms of writing, such as poetry and children’s fiction, that she aspires to publish soon.

Catch up with Samantha’s latest literary adventures by clicking here.

N.E. Henderson

N.E. Henderson is a highly acclaimed romance author with exceptionally captivating writing and storytelling skills. Her unique ability to balance the heat of romance with the complexities of real-life situations in her novels has won the hearts of millions of readers worldwide.

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Critics and readers have described Henderson’s books as raw, emotional, and unforgettable, capturing the essence of human experience only a few authors can. Her stories are captivating, engaging, and thought-provoking, providing readers with an opportunity to immerse themselves in a world that is both familiar and strange.

In 2022, she quit her career in hospital management to become a full-time author, thanks to the success of her work on TikTok and social media. Despite her reservations about becoming a storyteller, Henderson’s love for telling stories has helped her make a name for herself in the romance genre.

Known for her strong-willed heroines and hot alpha males, Henderson has developed a devoted following, experiencing significant success. Her books have appeared on bestseller lists worldwide, with “Have Mercy” reaching Amazon’s top 100 in the Kindle Store in 2019 and “More Than Memories” reaching the top 30 in 2022. “Have Mercy” again skyrocketed to the top 100 in 2022 on Amazon.

N.E. Henderson is passionate about writing – has an insatiable desire to create, and is committed to honing her craft. To learn more about Henderson’s work, visit her website. Follow her on TikTok, Twitter, and Instagram to view more of her content. To buy her book from Amazon, click here. To buy the audiobook, click here.

Leilani Taneus-Miller

Meet Leilani Taneus-Miller, a fantastic upcoming writer, a teacher, and a mother. Edinburgh-based writer Leilani has just released her compelling debut novel, “Brown Girl,” which has taken the literacy world by storm.

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A true Renaissance woman, she is juggling a busy teaching career with her writing and family life. Born into a Haitian family and raised in New York, she has lived in the UK for over 20 years, giving her a unique perspective on the issues of race, identity, and belonging, all explored in “Brown Girl.”

Leilani has always been an enthusiastic daydreamer and reader, and her work reflects her love of nature and its aspects. She has lived in various countries, each with a special place in her heart, from Long Island’s southern coast to Haiti’s purple hills and the lush beauty of the Isle of Skye. During the first lockdown in 2020, Leilani turned to writing for solace, expressing her innermost thoughts while furloughed from her job, surrounded by her family.

Leilani’s writing speaks to the urgent need for more literature that reflects the experiences of black people and challenges racism and ignorance head-on. With “Brown Girl,” she has crafted a compelling and thought-provoking novel that will leave readers questioning their assumptions and biases. Do not miss your chance to experience the powerful debut of one of contemporary fiction’s most exciting new voices.

Jacqueline Ann DeStefano-Tangorra

Jacqueline Ann DeStefano-Tangorra is an esteemed author and AI enthusiast known for her significant contributions to technology and poetry. With an MBA, CPA license, numerous tech certifications, and work experience as a financial auditor and technology consultant, she founded Omni Business Intelligence Solution (OBIS), a boutique consulting firm serving 130+ clients worldwide across 25+ industries. Her innovative use of AI, notably OpenAI’s ChatGPT, has spurred OBIS’s growth, earning recognition from Business Insider. Jacqueline completed an MIT certificate program in AI and Machine Learning, further cementing OBIS as a generative AI expert.

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Her passion for blending technology and poetry has resulted in two books, Water Lilies and the upcoming ai can feel, the latter exploring the intersection of human creativity and AI. Boasting over 30k Instagram followers, she frequently shares poetry and inspiration. While Jacqueline’s next masterpiece, Conversations with God, is eagerly anticipated, her ultimate goal as a writer remains constant – to inspire, heal, and help others feel heard. Her unique talent, drive, and perspective position her as a formidable presence in both the realms of technology and poetry.

R.C. Perez

C. Perez is a poet who eloquently conveys human emotions’ intricacies, leaving readers with a heart swelled with feelings. Magic of the Modest, his first book of poems, is both a celebration of life and an attempt to understand himself. R. C. believes in the incredible power of poetry to bind us all together —to realize that we are not alone in our sadness and joy, in our struggles and triumphs; he hopes that his work affects his readers in this way.

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Residing in Northern Canada, R.C. is also a professional teacher specializing in teaching Indigenous people of the region. In 2021 he was deemed one of the Best Emerging Poets to Follow on Instagram. His second collection of poems, The Unmistakable Possibility of Us, will be released this year. It will be a journey through feelings of worthlessness and stagnation and the rediscovery of oneself to find the motivation to live and dream again. More than a poetry collection, R.C. considers this latest work an ode to the indomitable human spirit and the resilience we all possess to make things possible.

Beyond poetry, R.C. aims to build a platform to feature stories of resilient people and their experiences on the way to self-discovery through the “We Are Possible” campaign.

JK Noble

Meet JK Noble, a 26-year-old author, artist, and philanthropist. She has gained recognition for her debut novel, “HALE: The Rise of the Griffins,” winning the Literary Titan Silver Medal Award and being a finalist in the Gertrude Warner Book Awards for Middle-Grade Fiction.

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She also teaches writing and drawing online through her blog, videos, and podcast. She created “Llama Me Baby,” a series of NFT collections supporting charities. The proceeds from the LMB Universal piece named Ukraine were donated to UNICEF for Ukraine war support. The Llama Me Baby clothing line will be released on May 1, 2023, through She also founded “Encourage Literacy,” a foundation that provides free books to young students globally.

JK Noble aims to use creative arts to help others through nonprofit work, the Encourage Literacy Foundation, and expand her artworks to cover beloved franchises while growing her HALE series.

Sasha R.C.

Meet Sasha R.C., a dark romance author on a mission to inspire others through her writing. Sasha’s story is one of perseverance and triumph over addiction and trauma. With over 13 years of sobriety and a master’s degree in addiction counseling, Sasha uses her personal experiences to provide hope and guidance to those in need.

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Drawn to the world of dark romance and the freedom it provides to explore complex and taboo topics, Sasha’s goal is to become a bestselling author and share her unique perspective with readers worldwide.

Sasha’s brand, Sasha R.C. Author, is rapidly gaining recognition, and she has been featured in De Mode Magazine as a must-read author for 2023. Follow her on Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and Twitter to stay up-to-date on her latest releases and to join her on her journey as she explores Dark Romanticism.

Linda L. Richards

Linda L. Richards has been telling well-reviewed and even award-winning stories for a long time. Still, it wasn’t until the publication of Endings in 2021 that the world really started to take notice, including an option by a major studio for series production.

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Told from the perspective of a woman who has lost everything and becomes a contract killer, Endings is a meditation on loss, redemption, and the media.

The third book in the Killer Endings series comes out in September of this year. Dead West is set against a backdrop of saving the wild horses of the American West and the very worst of Washington, DC, politics. The book is twisty and dark yet ultimately – and surprisingly – hopeful.

Richards has another book coming out in 2023, as well. Wild Horses: Running Free is non-fiction for kids 9-13, and the author took many photos. Did some of the research for Dead West drip over to spawn Wild Horses? She’s leaving us in suspense.

Tessa Lilly

Meet Tessa Lilly, the author of the popular book series, “The White Wolf Series,” which has received high praise from readers. Tessa is passionate about writing romance novels and has shared her stories on several apps like Dreame and Kindle. Her first three books are also available in paperback on Amazon, and she is currently working on new and exciting books for her readers.

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Tessa keeps her followers updated on her uploads and new releases through her TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook pages. Her readers appreciate her updates and give her a lot of positive feedback. Tessa’s ultimate goal is to touch her readers’ lives and leave a lasting impact through her words and the depth of her characters. She is committed to her craft and is passionate about creating compelling romance novels with captivating characters.

Tessa aspires to write full-time and leave her day job behind to pursue writing as a career. She hopes her published works will help her achieve this goal and establish her as a worldwide go-to romance novelist.

Christina Barrueta

Christina Barrueta, an award-winning Food and Beverage Journalist, is a prominent figure in the culinary world. An Arizona Culinary Hall of Fame inductee with two acclaimed books under her belt – Arizona Wine: A History of Perseverance and Passion and Phoenix Cooks – she has emerged as an acclaimed food writer.

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Driven by an unwavering passion for food, Christina embarked on a globetrotting journey to explore diverse culinary traditions. Her award-winning website, WriteOnRubee, became a canvas to document her remarkable encounters with food and wine.

Settling in Arizona, Christina focused her attention on the local cuisine and beverages and the talented people behind them. Her extensive research on this passionate community culminated in two captivating books. The first, “Arizona Wine,” unveils Arizona’s thriving wine industry, defying the perception of a barren desert. The second, “Phoenix Cooks,” compiles recipes from the state’s finest restaurants, talented chefs, and innovative mixologists.

Christina Barrueta’s unique perspective and commitment to her craft cemented her status as a foremost food and beverage journalism authority. Her engaging storytelling and culinary expertise continue to captivate readers, placing her firmly at the pinnacle of her niche.

Paula Stachyra

Paula Stachyra is a BBQ enthusiast known for her delicious recipes and scrumptious food writing. When it comes to grills and barbecues, Paula is truly in a league of her own. But what sets her apart is her exceptional talent for crafting books that leave your mouth watering with every turn of the page.

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Being a food author is challenging. Your goal is to stimulate the reader’s taste buds when they can’t taste your recipe. However, Paula has mastered tantalizing her audiences’ appetite by perfectly translating her passion for barbecuing into words. A testament to her culinary expertise is her renowned book, Wing Crush: 100 Epic Recipes for Your Grill or Smoker, which offers a superb collection of lip-smacking recipes that will leave you craving more. Additionally, another grill book is set to launch in the spring of 2024.

Many broadcast networks and magazines have featured Paula as a top grill master and barbecue chef. She is also exceptionally popular on Instagram for her #WingCrushWednesday weekly posts, which garner massive interactions. Aside from aiming to launch her own line of rubs and sauces, Paula plans to launch a cooking show to share her delectable recipes with the world soon.

Grace Casper

Grace Casper is a dedicated Elementary School Librarian, debuting as an author with her book Dear Parents, Notes from a Child of Divorce. Through her book, Grace highlights the impact of divorce from a child’s perspective while also acting as a practical guide for any divorced parent.

Grace would write tips for her younger brother as a child of divorced parents. She would share what she had learned from her parent’s divorce and try to help him adapt as they moved from one house to the other. All those years of offering advice and tips culminated when she began the first draft of her book.

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She is the only person running a podcast from the kid’s perspective titled Divorce: What I Wish My Parents Knew. This podcast helps amplify the voices of children from separated households and provides a deep insight into parents’ separation through the eyes of a child. Everything she does is posted through her platform called Divorce Tips from Kids.

Grace penned her thoughts and experiences to provide parents and professionals alike a chance to understand divorce from a child’s perspective. She hopes to bring comfort and guidance to families in need and inspire a positive change in the lives of children of divorce.

Adriana Suyama

Meet Adriana Suyama, a first-time children’s author known for her book Jolie and the Change of Heart. With a deep love for books and storytelling, Adriana has captivated young audiences with her inspiring tales.

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Adriana’s passion for storytelling began while working with children with special needs. As a devoted mother, she continued this tradition by crafting nightly stories for her own kids. Fuelled by her passion, she wrote her first book, Jolie and the Change of Heart, quickly gaining popularity among parents and children.

Despite being a full-time homeschooling mom with other commitments, Adriana pursued her writing dream for a decade. Her story encourages others to follow their passions and overcome obstacles. It’s a reminder not to be overwhelmed by doubts but rather to forge ahead and accomplish what sets your soul on fire.

Adriana is a rising star in children’s literature, using her words to ignite imaginations and inspire young minds. In addition to her book, she is launching a mobile library and creating songs, poems, and charming storybooks. Follow her on Instagram and Youtube for updates on her projects.

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