There were some great ideas in music this year. The soul revival sound and L.A.'s beats scene made fun and fascinating leaps in a new direction of music. But there were some particularly terrible ideas that somehow made it past the music industry board rooms and into our earballs and eyeholes. Witness our top 10 worst ideas in music in 2010:

Worst Musical Ideas of 2010

10. Bieber Collaborations

Bieber Fever is an affliction not even top musicians can avoid. Kanye West, Wu-Tang Clan's Raekwon, and Ludacris, all showed that they wanted to get a piece of weird underage manchild Biebs.

9. Weezer

A lot of Weezer's decisions this year made them seem more irrelevant and out of touch than ever. Choosing to put Hurley from “Lost” on their new album cover, shilling for antique mall brand Hurley, and playing entire shows of their old albums (which, we do have to say, would be great) proves that they are living off the past. Are they just coasting? (or should we say Best Coasting?) Perhaps. Stare into Hurley's face, and your answer will become clear.

8. YouTube Sensations

When 13-year old Greyson Chance was picked off Youtube to become Ellen Degeneres' first signee on her record label, a new precedent was set for the love 'em and leave 'em nature of the record industry. Of course, Antoine Dodson and the “Dude You Have No Quran” guy's internet fame typified the compression of 15 minutes of fame to 15 seconds.

7. Rave Bashing

With the tragic death of an underage girl at L.A.'s Electric Daisy Carnival and 21 deaths at Germany's Love Parade, 2010 raves got a bad name. Raves have been around for 20 years and there seems to be a recurring cycle of scrutiny towards them. Every few years, something goes wrong with a rave that makes them discussion fodder for clueless local news anchors who make the concerned voice and the frowny face. Thousands of warehouse parties and massives happen per year but a few poorly organized events threatened to ruin everything for the rest.

6. Ridiculously named musical subsets

As exposure to more music increases, so does the urge to put a new sound in a lexiographic box. When an innovative style breaks onto the scene, then the ridiculous names start flowing. Witch house? Chill wave? Rape Gaze? SlutWave? What ever happened to rock 'n' roll?

5. Actors Turned Musicians

This year Gwenyth Paltrow, Sandra Bullock, and even Michael Cera (with his signature red wooly cap) struck out on some musical escapades. Sure there are a few actors that can make interesting music–Dead Man's Bones and She & Him aren't half bad–but typically an actor-turned-anything can be a recipe for disaster.

4. Twitter Apologies

Musicians dropped some loony tweets this year, but the worst tweets of all? The apologies. John Mayer apologized for using the N-word during a Playboy interview. Courtney Love apologizes for giving her daughter shit. Kanye West apologizes to Taylor Swift a year after snatching her mic. Save the face-saving for your PR flacks please.

3. AutoTune

Ambling through the music wasteland like a Walking Dead extra, AutoTune just wont die. After years of wobbly-voiced rappers and divas warbling through nearly unintelligible choruses, and even Jay-Z's fatwa against the practice, AutoTune still lives on.

2. Hip Hop House

Hip Hop took a move in the the Eurohouse direction, abandoning synchopated groove for the steady thump of the bass drum.

And the Worst Music Trend of 2010 is…

1. Gagafication

With Lady Gaga's rapid ascent to total media saturation, many other artists tried to out crazy the crazy queen. When Gaga's costumes got crazy, Ke$ha tried to get crazier. When Gaga dropped the extended Jonas Åkerlund-directed short film/video for “Telephone,” then M.I.A. released the extended Romain Gavras-directed short film/video for “Born Free,” (later to be followed by Kanye West's 30-min video thing too.) Gaga raised the bar, and everyone jumped, often right off the cliff or over the proverbial shark.

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