01. Ronaldo scores second goal in Brazil's 2-0 victory over Germany in World Cup Final (Univision).

02. The Spanish TV commentator's ecstatic commentary on same (Univision).

03. Margaret Thatcher (!) visits the Gdansk shipyard on Commanding Heights (PBS) — electrifying footage of communism starting to crumble (PBS).

04. Female contestants on 5th Wheel ditch the dorks they've been saddled with and celebrate with a big, juicy kiss (syndicated).

05. Vic Mackey murders fellow police officer to end first episode of The Shield (FX).

06. Theme to Curb Your Enthusiasm — the musical equivalent of life (HBO).

07. Roy Mallard, bumbling reporter, on the Beeb's People Like Us (BBC).

08. Fresh Gear — weekly peek into the world of the geek (Tech TV).

09. Penguins, polar bears and seals on Blue Planet (Discovery).

10. Brilliant adaptation of William Boyd's novel The Armadillo — slick contemporary noir (A&E).

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