Top 10 Speakers in North America

In the public speaking world, North America stands as a vibrant hub for diverse voices that inspire, educate, enthrall, and captivate audiences. From boardrooms and auditoriums to podcasts and video conferences, these influential individuals have mastered the art of delivering powerful messages that resonate on a profound level. Delving into the realm of oratory excellence, join us in exploring the crème de la crème of speakers who have left an indelible mark with their words. This exclusive list showcases the top 10 speakers in North America, highlighting their unique styles, impactful stories, and the invaluable insights they bring to the forefront.

1. Barbara Corcoran

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Barbara Corcoran is a successful entrepreneur, investor, author, keynote speaker, and television personality. She is the founder of The Corcoran Group, a real estate brokerage in New York City, and a star investor on ABC’s hit show “Shark Tank.”

A dynamic speaker, Barbara explores diverse themes like personal development, success, leadership, entrepreneurship, and high performance. Some of her keynote topics include ‘How to Build a Business – Using Innovation, Branding, Leadership and Guts’ and ‘How to Lead Your Team to Greatness.’

Barbara uses humor, stories, analogies, demonstrations, and vivid imagery to captivate audiences and deliver her message at various international conferences, conventions, seminars, workshops, and podcasts. She has spoken for esteemed organizations such as Microsoft, IBM, Mastercard, and Marriott International, among others.

However, Barbara was not born with the gift of the gab, as she admittedly had to overcome the fear of public speaking. Her top two tips for aspiring public speakers are repeatedly putting yourself in the spotlight and admitting your nerves to the audience. By sharing her own vulnerabilities, Barbara found that audiences connected with her more, making her a polished speaker today.

2. Marshall Goldsmith

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Marshall Goldsmith is a distinguished executive coach, author, and speaker recognized as one of the world’s leading management thinkers. He is the founder of the Marshall Goldsmith Group, a coaching and consulting firm for CEOs and senior leaders. He is also the creator of the Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coaching, a proven method for helping leaders achieve positive, lasting change in behavior.

As a highly sought-after speaker, Goldsmith delivers engaging and inspiring keynote speeches at major conferences and events worldwide. He has spoken at stages ranging from the World Economic Forum to the United Nations to the Oprah Winfrey Show. He is known for his practical and actionable insights into leadership, coaching, and personal development.

Marshall Goldsmith has received many awards and honors, including the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Institute of Coaching at Harvard Medical School, the John E. Anderson Distinguished Alumni Award from UCLA Anderson School of Management, and the Distinguished Entrepreneur of the Year Award from Indiana University’s Kelley School of Business.

3. Larry Broughton

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Renowned entrepreneur, speaker, and author Larry Broughton is a distinguished voice in the realm of leadership and personal development. As one of the nation’s most sought-after speakers, he brings high-octane inspiration to corporations, non-profits, veterans organizations, conferences, and beyond. With a diverse background encompassing leadership, entrepreneurship, and the military, Broughton’s expertise shines through his dynamic presentations.

Broughton’s compelling stories of triumph and tragedy, coupled with practical insights, leave audiences invigorated and ready to seize opportunities. A prominent figure in media, Broughton has been featured on major television networks and news programs, with CBS hailing him as “one of the nation’s foremost experts on leadership and entrepreneurship.”

As a mentor, Broughton is committed to helping leaders and achievers reach their fullest potential. His keynotes and programs harness over three decades of award-winning leadership and entrepreneurial success, delivering unprecedented results. With bestselling books like “VICTORY: 7 Revolutionary Strategies for Entrepreneurs,” and articles in prominent magazines, Broughton’s impact resonates far beyond the stage, fostering lasting transformation and excellence.

‌4. Tony Robbins

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Tony Robbins is a world-renowned author, coach, and speaker who has inspired millions to transform their lives. Widely regarded as one of the most influential speakers in the fields of personal development, leadership, and entrepreneurship, Robbins has founded several successful businesses and actively supports various philanthropic causes.

Tony Robbins has written several best-selling books, including “Unlimited Power” and “Awaken the Giant Within.” As a speaker, Robbins has the unique ability to connect with his audience and empower them with practical tools and strategies to manifest lasting change. He is passionate about helping people discover their true potential and live their best lives. He shares his wisdom and insights through his seminars, podcasts, online courses, and social media platforms.

Tony Robbins has received many awards and recognitions for his achievements and contributions, including being named in
Accenture’s “Top 50 Business Intellectuals in the World,” “Top 200 Business Gurus” by Harvard Business Press, and Worth Magazine’s “100 Most Powerful People in Global Finance.”

5. Jon Dorenbos

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Jon Dorenbos is a revered and sought-after keynote speaker who has previously been an NFL player for 14 seasons, an AGT finalist, and a frequent television personality. His transformative journey is a testament to his resilience and unwavering dedication.

As a keynote speaker, Jon speaks about overcoming obstacles, envisioning beyond circumstances, teamwork, resilience, and perseverance. As an accomplished orator, entertainer, storyteller, and world-class magician, he captivates audiences at Fortune 500 companies, large national associations, and exclusive events. His engaging presence extends to popular public events, including enchanting performances on a national tour for MGM Resorts and headlining a Cirque Du Soleil production in Vegas.

Jon’s distinctive charm lies in weaving his life’s narrative of transforming tragedy into triumph. Notably, he always garners standing ovations during his keynote speeches, leaving organizers with one major challenge – finding a replacement the following year. His satisfied clientele includes some of the world’s biggest brands, like Facebook, Pfizer, and AT&T.

6. David Rush

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David “Record Breaker” Rush is a celebrity record breaker and powerful speaker. With over 20 years of experience empowering others to break their own records and triumph over adversity, he ignites lasting change within his audiences. David has broken over 270 Guinness World Records that have been viewed and heard hundreds of millions of times. Armed with an EE degree from MIT and an MBA from BSU, he was a startup product manager #1 at Idaho’s largest technology unicorn exit.

David is the author of “Breaking Records: 21 Lessons From 21 World Record Attempts” and has competed on America’s Got Talent (twice), been a featured guest on the TODAY Show (twice), Live! with Kelly and Ryan, the Tamron Hall Show, the Huckabee Show, and many others. His records have been featured on Jimmy Fallon, James Corden, MrBeast, Ellen, Seth Meyers, and many more.

David has been awarded KTVB’s Innovative Educator and named in Idaho Business Review’s Accomplished under 40. He is the world’s fastest as well as slowest juggler and holds the record for the longest duration in juggling.

7. Ari Gunzburg

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Ari Gunzburg is an award-winning motivational speaker who has impacted thousands of lives with his signature speech, ‘Unlock Your Greatness.’ Ari has a dynamic speaking style that blends entertainment with meaningful takeaways. He uses stories from life and the outdoors to paint themes of resilience, positivity, and deeper connections.

Ari created the framework called the ‘5 Keys To Greatness’ as a tool to find new possibilities in life. It’s the subject of his keynote as well as his book, ‘The Little Book Of Greatness,’ which won first place in the Pencraft Awards.

Ari speaks internationally about persistence, mindset, and purpose, giving speeches at corporate events and conferences. He infuses his talks with authenticity, drawing on his own journey of overcoming great personal challenges.

Beyond the stage, Ari is a high-performance coach for entrepreneurs, guiding people to see new possibilities while achieving their dreams. He also finished multiple 180-mile bicycle rides to raise money for kids with cancer.

Ari’s powerful message is that there are no limits – you can unlock your own greatness and create a positive impact on the world.

8. Justin Wren

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Justin “The Big Pygmy” Wren is a former MMA fighter turned transformative storyteller, humanitarian, and globally recognized keynote speaker. His journey is one of triumph over personal struggles, from battling depression, suicide, and addiction to discovering a life-changing purpose. He founded ‘Fight For The Forgotten’ to knock out the world water crisis and empower marginalized communities.

Justin’s bestselling book “Fight for the Forgotten” has inspired millions to find purpose, overcome obstacles, and create lasting change. A profound speaker, he’s appeared on major platforms like Joe Rogan Experience, TEDx Talks, and Mike Tyson’s HotBoxin, sharing his remarkable journey. He now hosts the “Overcome with Justin Wren” podcast, where he continues to empower listeners.

As a speaker, Justin addresses diverse topics, including purpose, performance, overcoming adversity, and generating impact through service. His keynotes resonate deeply with the audience, drawing from his experiences to help individuals and organizations discover their true potential. Justin’s authenticity, resilience, and commitment to making a difference make him a remarkable presence at any event or platform.

9. Jack Canfield

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Jack Canfield is a celebrated author, speaker, and entrepreneur who has influenced millions with his books and programs. He is the co-creator of the “Chicken Soup for the Soul” series, which has sold over 500 million copies in more than 40 languages worldwide.

An award-winning speaker, Canfield is an expert on topics like personal development, leadership, and success, sharing his practical and inspiring insights with global audiences. He has spoken at major conferences and events, including the National Speakers Association Convention and the American Society of Training and Development Conference. Having a combined social media following of over 1.5 million, he has also been extensively featured in the press and media.

Beyond his speaking pursuits, Canfield is the founder of The Canfield Training Group, which offers training and certification programs for individuals and organizations. He is also the founder of The Foundation for Self-Esteem, which provides self-esteem resources and training for social workers, teachers, and counselors. Moreover, he co-founded 100 Coaches and MG100 Women, two pay-it-forward projects bringing together top coaches, thinkers, and leaders to share their knowledge and experience with others.

10. Harv Eker

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Harv Eker is a renowned author, businessman, and motivational speaker guiding people to achieve financial freedom and success. He is the founder of Peak Potentials Training, one of the largest and fastest-growing personal development companies in the world. He is also the author of the best-selling book “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind.”

Eker struggled with money throughout his childhood and early adulthood until finally hitting the jackpot with his first retail fitness store. However, he soon lost his fortune due to poor investments and spending habits. Realizing his limiting financial blueprint that was holding him back from achieving his true potential, he decided to transform and became a multi-millionaire again within two and a half years.

Eker then fulfilled his promise to help others do the same. He created his signature program, The Millionaire Mind Intensive, attended by over 1.5 million people in 50 countries. He also developed other courses and trainings on life purpose, leadership, business, and relationships. He is known for his high-energy, humorous, and practical style of speaking that empowers his audience to take action and create results.

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