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If, like ours, your childhood dream was to become (or date) a Prince Girl, you probably watched excitedly while Vanity shimmied in her lacy boudoir undergarments or Apollonia tugged on Prince's heart-strings during Purple Rain. The Artist was notorious for hooking up with scorching hot, musically inclined model-esque brunettes (with the exception of Kim Basinger) and making us all drool with desire (or jealousy). Curious to know who Prince deemed “the most beautiful girl in the world”? See who made our list of Top Ten Prince Girls.

Susanna Hoffs, right; Credit: Christopher Halloran / Shutterstock.com

Susanna Hoffs, right; Credit: Christopher Halloran / Shutterstock.com

10) ” target=”_blank”>Vanessa Marcil

The rumor that Prince wrote “The Most Beautiful Girl In The World” for now ex-girlfriend, actress Vanessa Marcil, may not be true. He had so many beautiful, ethnically ambiguous babes around him, deciding who was the “most beautiful”probably was not remotely possible. But if the lady-killing artist asked Marcil to star in the music video of the same name, she must be something special. She even wore a Prince necklace while she was starring on General Hospital.

8) Mani

Manuela Testolini met Prince when she was working for one of his charitable foundations — after the era when Prince was using his musical love gun to shower girls with his “Purple Rain.” After she wed Prince in a super secret Jehovah's Witness wedding, Mani called off her mysterious marriage with TAFKAP, and the pair got divorced in 2006.

So what is the charitable cherub doing post-Prince? Why, she's moved on from one potentially sex addicted musician to another — Eric Benet.

Nona Gaye, center; Credit: Everett Collection / Shutterstock.com

Nona Gaye, center; Credit: Everett Collection / Shutterstock.com

7) Nona Gaye

The only daughter of soulful seducer Marvin Gaye, singer and actress Nona Gaye was apparently Prince's youthful bride-to-be. In what may have been the romantic delusions of a love-dumb teenager, Gaye has said that Prince told people he wanted to marry her and take care of her. Prince showed his love by inviting Gaye to one of his shows — where she got to witness the newly placed diamond on now ex-wife Mayte's finger.


Carmen Electra; Credit: lev radin / Shutterstock.com

5) Carmen Electra

While dating Prince, the voluptuous brunette Tara Patrick was christened with what would effectively become her nom de célébrité, Carmen Electra. She then went on to record an awful Prince-produced rap album. Apparently, Prince making her famous wasn't enough for Electra to refrain from dissing the Purple One's bedroom prowess.

Not that this is a game of he said/she said, but we'd be prone to believe that someone who dated almost every hot chick in the '80s was better in bed than someone Dennis Rodman married in a state of intoxication.

4) Mayte

Mayte, Prince's first wife, was the world's youngest professional belly dancer at age 8 and, for a while, played up like she was an Egyptian princess on Prince's album, Love Symbol. Just like many of Prince's girls, Mayte eventually made a not-very-commercially-successful album in 1995 called Child of the Sun. Three years into their marriage, it was mysteriously annulled, with Mayte running from pop's tiniest sex fiend to rock's well-endowed sex monster, Tommy Lee.

Sheila E.; Credit: Joe Seer / Shutterstock.com

Sheila E.; Credit: Joe Seer / Shutterstock.com

3) Sheila E.

Without argument, drummer and singer Sheila E. was the most musically talented Prince Girl. Prince met Sheila at a concert in 1978, where she was performing with her father, percussionist Pete Escovedo. Sheila E. would go on to tour with Prince, playing his shows and opening for him, as well as recording her album The Glamorous Life with a the hit song of the same name. Yeah, they dated, but the pair has been able to keep their relationship shockingly classy and professional — despite Prince's sticky fingers during their courtship.

2) Vanity

Denise Matthews, or Vanity 6 lead singer, was one of Prince's first half-naked poppets with the Prince-created hit, “Nasty Girl.” Vanity was so named because Prince said he saw his female reflection in her. Now an evangelical born-again Christian, Matthews has cut off her all her music industry ties (and royalties) and lives in deep regret of her life as Vanity, even going so far as naming her new autobiography, Blame It On Vanity.

And the number one Prince girl is …

1) Apollonia

Probably the most famous Prince Girl thanks to both her appearance in his movie Purple Rain and her devastatingly gorgeous looks, Apollonia Kotero became typified as the classic Prince Girl: mixed heritage, long limbs, perfect face and a bod made for risque lingerie. Probably to her benefit, Apollonia didn't stick around with Prince for too long after Purple Rain was made. She went on to play a role on a television show called Falcon Crest, successfully playing —you guessed it — a pop star named Apollonia.

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