Sure, Ashton and Demi are doing it, as well as Silicon Valley's A-list and a whole bunch of marketing dudes and spammers, but gets to the heart of the matter and retweets social media's most unexpected users in our “Top 10 Most WTF People on Twitter.”

10. Bob Vila: Home improvement television host,

Random tweet: “Quick tip – when shoveling snow, you can spray the shovel end with a lubricant, such as Pam cooking spray, to help snow slide off easier.” 7:50 AM Jan 29th from web

9. Brooke Burke: Winner of Dancing With the Stars (7th Season),

Random tweet: “Just won the People's Choice Award for Dancing With the Stars! Yeah!!!” 7:42 PM Jan 7th from mobile web

8. Solange Knowles: Beyonce's little sister,

Random tweet: “Wine should NOT taste like rubbing alcohol and hairspray. What is this Grappa?” 11:56 PM Jan 29th from txt

7. Soleil Moon Frye : A.K.A Punky Brewster,

Random tweet: “Nothing like walking in the door to my beautiful girls… Hugs,love,bliss, and then my oldest says… 'i just farted, smell it…'” 4:02 PM Jan 30th from web

6. Benjamin Netanyahu: Former Prime Minister of Israel,

Random tweet:” נתניהו ינאם בצהריים מול פורום מנהלי מוסדות הציונות הדתית בירושלים. “3:23 AM Jan 26th from web

5. Chris Hansen: Host of Dateline NBC's To Catch a Predator,

Random tweet: “here's a video we shot called 'Meet Chris Hansen.' warning: lots of old 80's hairstyles” 6:25 PM Sep 16th 2008 from twitterfeed

4. MC Hammer: Originator of Hammer Pants,

Random tweet: “I'm ready… music..iphone 3g, G1, Q9, mino HD, mind, body and soul.. focused and grateful… redeemed by Commandment.. ready to dance !!” 8:23 PM Jan 11th from web

3. Shaquille O' Neal: Come on, it's Shaq,

Random tweet: “For those who wanna know, i am getting my doctorate in human resource development Why Because im a people person.” 4:40 PM Jan 12th from txt

2. Michael Phelps: Winner of 14 Olympic gold medals,

Random tweet: “Relaaxxxxxxxxxxing for a bit. Listening to my ipod…and by the way, Yes I'm still single and it's an 8800.” 8:13 AM Sep 17th 2008 from web

1. Dr. Phil: American television personality, psychologist,

Random tweet: Today on the Show: “The Wild, Wild Web.” 9:14 AM Jan 21st from web

Wild, indeed.

Fill us in on your WTF favorites or any we might have missed in the comments.

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