Top 10 Most Incredible Travel Experts for Adventure Lovers Worldwide

Traveling is more than just packing a bag, reaching a destination, and visiting popular locations. It is an experience that allows one to connect with people, comprehend cultures, and observe life from a different perspective. Interacting with people from various walks of life imbues travelers with a wealth of knowledge about the world’s contrasts while highlighting how inextricably linked we are. Understanding other cultures give us a peek into what makes their world so beautiful, and travelers have the privilege of experiencing it first-hand. Life is not black and white, and when traversing across the globe and connecting with new people and cultures, one is bound to experience a new side to life.

These 10 travel experts understand travel’s essence and look forward to diverse interactions and learning opportunities. They share tips and tricks, ways to travel in luxury and style, which hotels to stay in, how to budget, and all the nitty-gritty details that make a trip worthwhile. Furthermore, they describe the defining event that helped them comprehend the underlying meaning of the experience and made it more unforgettable. These 10 names have traveled far and wide and genuinely put the experience into travel by connecting with people and sharing their stories. Traveling is something beautiful and is more than just a luxury getaway. These 10 adventurous souls and names truly put the experience in traveling and are narrating it with their followers.

1. Will Tang

The man behind Going Awesome Places is Will Tang, an electrical engineer turned business consultant who is now a full-time content creator.  The road to success has been quite the rollercoaster ride but through persistence and resilience, he’s managed to become one of the top travel bloggers. With trip itineraries and guides that would make Lonely Planet jealous, this is the go-to spot for your next getaway.

Inspired by Tim Ferris’ 40-Hour Work Week and needing a change from consulting, Will decided to take a leap of faith and travel all summer in 2012. Entirely accidentally, a friend asked him before leaving whether he was going to start a blog which sparked the idea and eventually led to the start of Going Awesome Places literally days before the trip.

What started as a diary for sharing photos letting his friends and family know what he was up to, the travel blog grew into something more than just a hobby.  The road hasn’t been easy though as there’s been much to learn along the way including how to work with brands, navigating through countless changes in social media, incorporating video, diversifying monetization strategies, and of course surviving through the pandemic.

What sets Going Awesome Places apart is their focus on the small details and providing the right information to help people plan trips. Ridiculously detailed itineraries, travel guides, and packing lists with a focus on outdoor adventure are their calling card.

This engineer-turned-travel blogger has traveled to 53 countries and counting and isn’t looking to slow down anytime soon.  To find out what adventures he’s currently up to, there’s of course the travel blog but there are many other ways to find his amazing travel content.  Make sure to check out his engaging content on YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter.

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2. Michael Mucci & Kati Weiss

Michael Mucci and Kati Weiss, the creator of Live Fun Travel, offer great content, photos, and travel-blogging material. As content creators and image-makers, they have traveled the world for the past 12 years, elegantly documenting their journeys on their blog. As a middle-aged married couple, Michael and Kati challenged all the presupposed beliefs about how life changes after marriage.

“We prove that you do not have to be ultra-rich or a great athlete to enjoy exploring the world,” shares the couple. The dynamic duo has turned many heads in their direction as they have traversed across the world as a couple and taken separate trips as well. In addition, Michael has lived and worked in Zimbabwe, South Africa, England, and Mexico, whereas Kati has lived in Germany and France.

Learning about diverse cultures and countries, they started sharing their content through Life Fun Travel and its associate website LFT Adventures, both of which have earned an immense following. LFT Adventure is a travel site that showcases the bespoke travel adventures of Michael and Kati. However, their original site, Life Fun Travel, is their personal blogging space where they create content on where they have been, what they experienced, and how it made them feel.

The couple shares, “We love to travel, explore, discover new destinations and share those experiences with others.” They added, “We are not young but feel that age is just a number and never holds us back from doing anything.”

By the end of 2022, the dynamic duo would have traveled to more than 70 countries and 49 states in the United States. They plan on staying active and publishing content for their audience, sharing the memories they made with the people they met and the culture they experienced.

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3. Justin Walter

Hailing from Chicago, Justin Walter is a multi-talented and multi-faceted travel journalist and expert, an encompassing host, writer, producer, and a successful content creator. He is renowned for his travel blog, Around The World with Justin, and fantastic hosting. He currently hosts “Explore This” alongside Kinga Philipps on BeondTV and his digital travel series “Around the World in 80 Seconds.” Justin is also a regular travel expert for KTLA, Los Angeles’ number-one news channel in the country’s number-two television market.

His previous hosting credits include travel shows “Let’s Go LA!,” “Get Out!,” “Metro Motion,” and “What’s Good?!” – a talk show showcasing inspirational news, stories, and guests. Justin also hosted the “Survivor After Show” on TheStream.TV and Maria Menounos’ Afterbuzz TV for seven seasons, and he was an international correspondent for SBS 6 Netherlands.

Owner of a small company that runs full-scale game show events for customers, Reality Rush, Justin was also the reality TV expert on SiriusXM Radio’s “Dirty Pop Live with Lance Bass.” He generates travel-related material for major brands, tourism organizations, and businesses through his blog and social media plus over 15 years of experience working as a television producer, most recently for Discovery’s Shark Week.

Throughout his childhood, Justin’s vacations included family trips to domestic destinations like the Jersey Shore, Wisconsin Dells, and Florida, but when he was 15-years-old he fell in love with the TV show Survivor and watching it inspired him to want to explore the world and seek adventure. While viewing Season 2, filmed in the Australian Outback, Justin promised himself he would one day travel and live there.

Justin decided to study abroad in Sydney during his junior year at Boston College. He chose to go on his first ever solo backpacking trip to the Outback, which changed his life. It gave him the confidence to travel alone, which he has frequently done since then, and ignited his passion for adventure travel. Justin launched his travel blog in 2015, posting about his previous journeys, and after a year, he began receiving offers to go on trips. Justin began developing his online presence and has been producing travel-related material since 2016 for multiple platforms, including his blog, social media, and television.

In the future, Justin hopes to continue expanding his company and brand while traveling the world, inspiring others to pack their bags and go on amazing adventures.

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4. Andrew Chen

Andrew Chen is a digital media influencer-turned-entrepreneur, marketer, expert tastemaker, and founder of “My Inspire Project,” a venture curated to connect brands with the desired clientele, promising global luxury lifestyle and cultural experiences along with unique destination escapades especially designed to exceed clients’ expectations. Before establishing his own company, Chen worked with acclaimed luxury groups like LVMH Group, Bergdorf Goodman, Gilt Groupe, and Issey Miyake, collaborating with numerous designers, brands, creatives, and executives. After nearly a decade in the industry, Chen decided to put his own unique perspective on the business, bringing his vision to life with the My Inspire Project.

My Inspire Project works under the principles of authenticity, exclusivity, and individuality. Their capable team offers services like building client relationships, creating high-end events and trips for individuals and corporates, promoting brands through social media, and more. The company also provides exclusive VIP services and programs for clients and brands looking to expand their business in key markets such as the United States, United Kingdom, Taiwan, and other parts of Asia.

Through a strong visual storyline shared on their social media handles like YouTube and Instagram, My Inspire Project aims to provide avenues for the ultimate luxury living experiences and exposure to novel cultural values. The team has connected with various renowned fashion and tourism brands and hotel groups, including Bottega Veneta, Gucci, Self-Portrait, Visit Jordan, Visit Malta, Six Senses Hotels, Edition Hotels, Azulik Tulum, Wynn Las Vegas, and more. They were recognized with a nomination by the 1st International Influencer Awards Monaco in 2018.

Chen believes in sharing authentic content and growth with clients and gaining a lasting reputation through his work. My Inspire Project is not here for a momentary buzz. With their excellent services and organic community, they plan to stay and expand their ventures in 2023. My Inspire Project plans to launch several hotel and vacation homes and an exclusive travel club with investment options. The next three years will surely be fascinating at My Inspire Project, adding to the company’s growth.

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5. Elaine Skylar

Traveling to new, off-the-beaten-path, exotic, and previously unseen locations is fantastic since it holds a certain charm and intrigue. However, finding the perfect off-beaten excursion is a challenging endeavor recently made uncomplicated by Elaine Skylar Neal’s blog, “Travels and Curiosities.” As a content creator, professional photographer, SEO writer, and editor, she has won numerous accolades for her incredible skill set. Elaine also works as a website designer, producing Google-optimized Squarespace websites for other creatives and businesses, allowing them to share their dreams with the rest of the world.

Inspired by everything related to storytelling, unseen and unusual places, Elaine is trying to help spread her love for unique travel experiences through her exceptional photography on her blog. Originally from Indianapolis, Indiana, Elaine started photographing the rural midwest at age 16, capturing the urban life in her hometown and Ohio. She later started her career in the same city in the newspaper industry, leaving it in 2014 to start as a commercial and travel photographer. She soon felt the need to broaden her scope and skillset, and in 2019, she started “Travels and Curiosities” to showcase inspiring, one-of-a-kind destinations and hidden gems from around the globe.

Elaine wants “Travel and Curiosities” to become the go-to platform for discovering oddities and curiosities, including collectibles and presents, in addition to fascinating and quirky travel locations. Visitors to the website can now subscribe to The COD, a selected daily digest of oddities and curiosities sent out weekly. Users can access a members-only area of the “Travels and Curiosities” website by signing up for free. They can look through unusual collectibles, peculiar presents, strange anecdotes, and more. They’re also creating new opportunities to cooperate with other creatives by connecting with artists and featuring their unique work on their site.

With 23 years of professional experience with multiple media companies and brands, Elaine was honored for her extraordinary talent and won numerous photography honors from organizations like the National Press Photographers Association, Pictures of the Year International, and the Society for News Editors, among others. Check her website and social media handles like Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook for more information regarding her services.

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6. Karlie Cummins

Australian expat Karlie Cummins resides in Bali with her family. For the past 10 years, she has operated her online Bali Guide, Bali Buddies, and collaborates with numerous companies on the Island. In order to keep the Australian media updated on Bali, Bali Buddies’ founder Karlie also serves as a consultant for several tourist destinations in Bali. Additionally, to help promote the best of Bali and Indonesia to the globe, Bali Buddies consults with the Bali Tourism Board and collaborates with Wonderful Indonesia.

Karlie’s web platform Bali Buddies is the ultimate Insider’s guide to Bali, considering that she has been living on the lovely island of Bali since 2017. They provide the most up-to-date information about exploring this incredible island. Bali Buddies is the place to go for a thorough itinerary if you wish to relocate to Bali or plan a trip to this great destination. The website provides a variety of budgeting alternatives while also covering Bali’s most recent travel and lifestyle trends.

Back in 2012, when Karlie was working as a teacher in Queensland, Australia, Bali Buddies came about “by accident.” Karlie created it as a Facebook page to provide her friends with travel advice. Quickly, it evolved into a travel agency, organizing and booking vacations for hundreds of customers each year. To pursue her career as a digital travel consultant for all things Bali, Karlie relocated her family from Australia to Bali permanently in 2017.

In the future, Karlie plans to expand Bali Buddies to cover more of Indonesia. She would love to show the world more of this enormously diverse country and work to increase traveler accessibility to it. It is home to breathtaking natural beauty and gracious people. Furthermore, she intends to establish Bali Buddies as the ultimate “go-to” resource for anyone visiting or relocating to Bali.

Check out their website for a comprehensive guide, or follow them on social media to stay up to speed on all things Bali.
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7. Graham Carter

The Unforgettable Travel Company Co-founder and Chief Commercial Officer Graham Carter formulated one of the fastest-growing luxury travel companies in the States. Launched in 2015, Unforgettable Travel Company has grown to be a multi-million dollar travel company with offices in four countries. Based in the US, UK, Croatia, and Greece, the company organizes private tours and safaris to over 40 destinations worldwide. Besides this luxury trip company, Graham and his co-founders also operate Cruise Croatia, a luxury cruising and yachting company, and Unforgettable Greece, which is becoming one of the fastest-growing leading travel companies in Greece.

Graham’s passion for traveling began at a young age. He spent his childhood in South Africa, where he was lucky to spend time outside, whether playing sports or exploring the wilderness. He was also fortunate to travel much as a result of his athletic interest, which instilled in him a love of adventure. This love has driven him to new experiences, visiting more than 100 international destinations – he frequently travels abroad now between various offices.

The Unforgettable Travel Company has differentiated itself from other luxury travel companies largely because of its focus on highly personalized service. In addition to a specialist team of destination experts, the company also creates beautiful pre-departure travel packs featuring hand-picked travel accessories based on where the clients are traveling to.

Operated by four business partners with corporate sales and marketing backgrounds, the people behind Unforgettable Travel Company pivoted their careers, setting up a travel company to create unique experiences with simply unrivaled personalized service. Their slogan, “Why Do Ordinary,” captures the essence of their exceptional service. They are known to design multi-generational family safaris to Tanzania, book private luxury yacht charters in Croatia, and organize exclusive food and wine tours through Italy.

Graham and his fellow managing partners launched the luxury travel company to create bucket list experiences for their clients. The company has catered to innumerable clients and discovered unique experiences for several well-known actors, musicians, and sports personalities.

Check out his company to learn more about the enterprise and what they stand for.

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8. Tiffany Cooper

Exploring different worlds within this world is a lust hidden somewhere in every human being. However, the real challenge is maximizing the time and resources available. Tiffany Cooper is a young travel advisor and blogger dedicated to helping travelers discover the world’s most beautiful places. She is an affiliate of ‘Fora’’, a modern luxury travel agency known for its bespoke travel planning and preferred partnerships with more than 3,500 hotels and travel providers worldwide. She also blogs on Instagram to connect with like-minded travelers and continues to share her love for exploring the most unique destinations.

Tiffany’s years of experience have given her a wealth of knowledge about the travel industry, and she loves sharing her insider tips with her clients. She helps her clients by creating unique itineraries tailored to her client’s individual preferences, exceeding their expectations.

Born to immigrant parents, Tiffany was raised in the suburbs of Pennsylvania, right outside  Philadelphia. While settling in America was challenging, she considers getting exposed to different cultures early as a blessing in disguise. During her college years, she began by traveling up and down the East Coast, but since then, her trips have expanded to include numerous domestic and international destinations.

Tiffany has worked diligently to further her knowledge and expertise since beginning her career as a travel advisor to provide the best vacations for her clients. It includes obtaining an array of specialist certifications that require a certain amount of courses and travel hours. She is a certified Hawaii destination expert and specialist and a certified tropical destination specialist for Jamaica, Bahamas, and Antigua & Barbuda. These designations require agents to attend specific training focusing on those locations’ culture, history, and attractions.

In addition to possessing these credentials, Tiffany takes pride in providing her clients exclusive access to upgrades and complimentary perks such as room upgrades, daily breakfasts for two, resort credits, special rates, and VIP status. Tiffany Cooper is a travel advisor who truly loves her job. She wants people to trust that they can rely on her for a truly unique trip-planning experience helping them make the most of their time and budget. Check her website, Wholesome Wanderlust, for more information regarding her services, and Instagram to follow where her inspiring travels take her.

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9. Joelle Machia & Ryan Slough

The real meaning of traveling is to experience authentic culture, cuisine, language, tradition, and people. ‘Wanderers Compass’ is a travel blog by Joelle and Ryan which follows this mantra. They offer the motivation and resources required to plan independent, authentic, and life-altering travel experiences.

Understanding that stepping out of their comfort zone ensures encountering incredible events, Joelle and Ryan meticulously arrange every aspect of their vacations and frequently handle all the driving. They started their journey 16 years ago when Joelle, a retired oncology nurse, volunteered to send letters and care packages to military service members deployed overseas. Ryan was her first soldier, and they met after Ryan returned from Afghanistan.

Years later, their shared love for traveling made them travel partners; they took their first life-changing trip in 2014 to the UK, Ireland, France, and Italy. After that journey, Ryan was inspired to share the wonders of world travel with veterans and others who had not yet discovered the pleasure of traveling. Although they initially told their stories to friends and family, they created a travel blog in 2021 to share their extraordinary encounters with a broader audience.

Joelle and Ryan want “Wanderers Compass” to provide the support, tools, and inspiration for individuals who love or dream of travel and are interested in doing so on a budget. Through their content, they convey the importance of always being polite and culturally aware, embracing cultural diversity, and respecting the uniqueness of each person they encounter.

They encourage their readers to seek off-the-beaten-path destinations. Additionally, they teach people how to manage their stress and improve their travel experiences while preparing for the unexpected. Joelle also writes articles about travel health concerns, what medical supplies to pack, and the value of travel and evacuation insurance.

With over 37k Facebook and 6.5k Instagram followers, “Wanderers Compass” is an excellent travel blog, offering many beautiful travel images to awaken the wanderlust in everyone. Joelle and Ryan do high-quality photography and sell the pictures on Pictorem Online Gallery. If you want to learn how to make your travel dreams come true, even on a budget, visit their website. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram to see where their travels take them and what valuable insight they offer. They can also be found on Pinterest, Youtube, and Twitter.

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10. Johanna Roberta Bond

Travel blogging has taken the world by storm and has become a multi-billion dollar industry. With the rise of digital media, people are seeking new and exciting ways to discover the world and share their experiences with others. Amidst this rapidly growing industry, a new travel specialist has caught everyone’s attention – Johanna Roberta Bond.

With over a decade of experience in the Travel & Leisure industry, Johanna, also known as Jo, is a multi-faceted travel expert with roots in Jamaica and Nigeria. She has lived in the Middle East for 18 years and has traveled to over 61 countries worldwide. She holds a BSc Hons degree in Psychology and has always been interested in the impact of travel on people’s health and mental well-being. With her passion for cultivating memorable travel experiences and her unique perspective on travel, Johanna has established “Johanna Roberta Travel,” part of The Jet Set Lifestyle Group, a brand featured in British Vogue, The Daily Mail, and the Telegraph.

Jo’s business, Johanna Roberta Travel, is focused on creating curated holidays, ensuring clients get the best value and exceptional service. She is also a mentor to passionate travel enthusiasts, helping them shift their mindset along with any limiting belief, start a successful travel business and earn commissions while traveling like an insider.

With her ambition to continue coaching and mentoring entrepreneurs in the travel industry and booking travel globally, Johanna is determined to inspire others to achieve their business dreams within the travel industry. With her qualifications in ABTA, Specialist Cruise Consultant, and Luxury Hotel Specialist as well as her dedication to helping others realize their potential, Johanna Roberta is a name that is definitely worth following in the world of travel.

You can connect with Johanna Roberta on her social media profile or visit her website to learn more about her and her journey.

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