Ah, sex ed. We remember the days when parents and teachers thought it would be best (and easiest) to make kids watch short instructional films in order to get the point across and avoid direct communication. Cuz one-on-one discussion is the worst way to learn, right?

Ever wondered how it gets hard? Or what a homosexual really is? What about that time in the locker room you and your bros all discussed how “filled out” Jimbo's been looking. Yeah us, too, and thankfully Ranker.com is happy to lend a slightly sweaty hand with a series of ancient educational videos to explain all of these confusing aspects of growing up and getting horny.

Don't let the black and white film fool you. They've stumbled upon some gems and even some lessons about the family jewels and the list spans at least 60 years of discomfort.

This collection of well intended yet slightly inaccurate videos is sure to make your (fore)skin crawl, but it might explain why some of your relatives turned out the way they did.

Click here to check out the clips!

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