We love our moms and probably don't do enough to tell them how awesome they are. This is doubly true when your mom writes hit songs, plays a million instruments and despite juggling career and family still looks smoking hot doing it.

All moms rock of course, and in tribute, here's 10 of the hottest moms who rock out professionally.

10) Lætitia Sadier

Lætitia Sadier is a founding member of Stereolab, the greatest Anglo-French collabo since the birth of Charlotte Gainsbourg. She's also the proud mother of 13 year old Alex, another project created with Stereolab co-founder Tim Gane. We're sad that the band is on indefinite hiatus, but Lætitia deserves the vacation. On Mother's day we'll listen to Ping-pong on a loop and revisit the crush we've had on her since 1993.

9) Charlotte Gainsbourg

Charlotte isn't just a multitalented musician and actress with two acclaimed albums and a string of great movies. She's also mommy to 14 year old Ben, and 8 year old Alice. And she's hotter than the sun.

8) Liz Phair

Liz Phair's total career output is hit or miss, but that's OK because the perfection of her debut album is vaster than the total catalogue of dozens of other bands. She's witty, talented and the magnetic center of the crush-iverse. This Sunday, she'll be getting well deserved cards from her son James Nicholas.

7) Kim Gordon

There's a reason Kim Gordon made LA Weekly's list of the 10 most doable silver foxes. She's in Sonic Youth, has her own clothing label and is cooler than you'll ever be. We love her, and so does her daughter Coco Hayley, who better be ordering flowers right now.

6) Tanya Haden

Like her sisters, Tanya Haden is a musical polymath who's worked with everyone under the sun and, also, is the object of a million nerdster crushes. She's been off the market since 2005 after marrying Jack Black. His sauce mixed with hers and created their rock hybrid children, Samuel Jason and Thomas David. Come Mother's Day, we hope they get how awesome it is being both a Haden and a member of the D.

5) Bjork

Björk Guðmundsdóttir is the strangest, creepiest, most talentedest weirdo ever to make us want to beg beg beg her to marry us. Too bad she lives near the North Pole and she got a man, so we'll console ourselves by joining Ísadóra Bjarkardóttir and Sindri Eldon in wishing her happy Mom Day.

4) Kelis

Kelis' milkshake still brings all the boys to the yard, but these days, she's talking about an actual milkshake she bought for her 3 year old son, Knight. This Mother's Day, Knight's dad Nas best be making with the a huge card and gift for his ex wife. It's the least he could do after dissing her with the child support.

3) Zia McCabe

The Dandy Warhols' bassist/keyboardist has a long history of being awesome, and awesomely hot. The breast-baring mom finished recording the Warhols' album 'Odditorium or warlords of mars' just before the birth of her daughter, Matilda Louise, and we assume this means young Matilda came out rocking and will continue to do so for mommy this weekend.

2) Cyndi Lauper

Cyndi Lauper loves Goonies, dance music and gay rights, and 30 years in the game is still cool and hot. She also loves her son Declyn Wallace and we assume she's bringing him up to be as awesome as she is.

1) Françoise Hardy

France is well represented in this list because France knows how to make awesome music, how to make incredibly attractive people and how to age well. The patron saint of these facts is Françoise Hardy, French pop singer extraordinare and competitor for the Helen Mirran award for reminding the haters that getting older doesn't mean getting uglier. This mother's day we expect that her son Thomas will be calling to wish her a happy Mother's day (and say hi to his dad, Jacques Dutronc while he's at it.)

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