Top 10 Founders Revolutionizing Their Industries in 2023

1 – Stefan Apostolov

Stefan Apostolov is an entrepreneur and award-winning filmmaker. Through his health and wellness streaming platform, Zonia, he has significantly impacted the health and wellness industry. The task of starting a 100% self-funded streaming platform that aims to improve the lives of millions of people is challenging. Nevertheless, he successfully conquered this challenge and created a platform integrating mind, body, and spirit in an unified program to promote health and wellness. Over the past few years, Stefan has worked closely with his team to improve the health and lives of hundreds of thousands of individuals by providing expert interviews and short video content related to integrative health, alternative medicine, and holistic healing.

Aside from his work with Zonia, Stefan is also a director and producer of the Academy Award-qualifying short film “Life in Four Seasons.” His remarkable ability to create impactful video content has earned him widespread recognition and numerous accolades. Among the awards he has received are two Platinum Awards from the Independent Shorts Awards for Best Director and Best Producer and a Platinum Award from the International Independent Film Awards for Best Producer.

The motivation behind Stefan’s relentless commitment to inspiring others to cultivate a similar mindset is inspired by his own experiences of overcoming numerous failures and learning valuable lessons from them. As he puts it, “My life has been moving three steps forward, then a challenge comes that pushes me back two steps, but because I learned something in my effort to overcome it, I can move three steps forward again with greater efficiency and understanding of what’s to come.” A key component of his vision is an environment filled with joy, peace, and good health, which allows people to reach their full potential and live meaningful lives. Ultimately, Stefan would like to walk down the streets of any Western city and see mostly smiling faces, confident that his brand, Zonia, has contributed to creating this new world with less pain and negativity.

2 – Joshua Northcott and Justin Hough

Joshua Northcott and Justin Hough are the co-founders of Hounder, a game-changing digital design and development company that has disrupted the software services industry. With Joshua serving as the Chief Technology Officer and Justin as the Chief Development Officer, the company has grown from a small startup to a 10-person all-star team of product designers, developers, and digital marketers. As a company founded in 2016, Joshua and his team have produced innovative products and web experiences for many leading companies, including Adobe, Esri and UL.

As a digital design and development company based in Redlands, California, Hounder sets itself apart from large conventional agencies by limiting its projects and integrating itself into its clients’ organizations. The significant shift in the industry landscape is evidenced by the departure of numerous enterprise organizations from their established relationships with conventional large-scale agencies in favor of forming strategic partnerships with Hounder. The company is regarded as a leader in the enterprise software industry due to its remarkable openness and transparency, even going as far as producing monthly webisodes on YouTube to facilitate an understanding of what goes on behind the scenes. In recognition of their outstanding work, Hounder has been honored with many prestigious awards, such as the AWWWard, Hermes Web Design Awards, and DotCom Awards. This recognition is a testament to the quality and innovation of Hounder’s work while solidifying its position as a leading company in its industry.

Joshua and Justin have been dedicating themselves from day one to helping companies build web experiences and products that scale with demand, both small startups and large enterprises. They are committed to changing the landscape of the Agency and Client relationship, and their vision for the future is to continue growing as one of North America’s fastest growing web agencies.

3 – Michel’Le Clairmont

Michel’Le Clairmont is a woman with a passion for health and fitness who has become an influential entrepreneur and an important figure in the Pilates industry, as well as being an actress. With a decade of experience, Michel’Lehas dedicated her life to the discipline’s focus on the mind-body connection, and she founded her own company, Pilates Mind Body Spirit, to help others achieve a greater physical and emotional balance. Her unique blend of traditional Pilates techniques, cutting-edge fitness, science, and spiritual principles has attracted clients from all walks of life, including athletes, celebrities, and corporate executives.

Michel’Le’s contributions to the field of Pilates have been groundbreaking. As a nationally certified Pilates Master Educator and a 500 Hours Comprehensive Certified Pilates Instructor, she brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her work. Their focus on holistic health and well-being is evident at her company through their range of classes. As the world’s first chromotherapy Pilates studio, they provide a one-of-a-kind experience with healing light-based reformer classes, infrared heating mat classes, non-heated mat classes, and private one-on-one training. Under her leadership, it has become one of the most respected and successful Pilates studios, with a highly trained staff and certified instructors, both in-studio and online.

Michel’Le’s personal story is one of perseverance and passion. After rehabbing from two knee surgeries from soccer, she quickly fell in love with Pilates and decided to pursue a career as a certified instructor. Additionally, her father’s near-death experience from double bypass surgery inspired her to curate a Pilates cardiovascular program that helped him recover. She is a shining example of dedication to the industry’s pursuit of improving people’s health and happiness by focusing on assisting individuals to achieve their best selves through her work. Ultimately, Michel’Le’s mission is to expand Pilates Mind Body Spirit to reach more individuals, and her passion and drive will make her a major force in the industry for years to come.


4 – Laura Munkholm

Laura Munkholm is a force to be reckoned with in the FitTech industry. Laura’s role as co-founder and President of Walla has allowed her to disrupt a once male-dominated industry, and she has been instrumental in empowering other female leaders and entrepreneurs. Having grown up as a movement and yoga enthusiast, she brings a unique perspective to her position, wearing many hats as most entrepreneurs do. Throughout her career, she has strongly advocated for female-owned businesses, recognizing that women own more than 75% of boutique fitness companies.

In recognition of her outstanding leadership and outstanding achievements, Laura has received widespread acclaim. Her company, Walla, received $13 million in funding in 2022, an accomplishment that speaks volumes about her capabilities. Additionally, she was named a finalist for the prestigious San Diego Celebrating Women Awards, a testament to her influence in the industry. To achieve such success, she holds herself and her team to high standards while acknowledging innovation’s inherent imperfections. Laura’s commitment to her clients is particularly noteworthy, as she consciously tries to attend their classes and conduct surprise customer success calls to understand their needs better.

The future of Laura’s company and the industry can be summarized in two key objectives. Firstly, she envisions Walla continuing to support boutique fitness studios in promoting wellness, playing a vital role in combating the mental health and obesity crisis facing the US. Secondly, she aims to advocate for the industry, pushing for more representation in FitTech and ensuring fitness has a seat at the legislative table to make proactive changes to current representation. With Laura’s visionary leadership and a focus on the importance of physical activity for both physical and mental health, the road ahead appears promising for Walla and the fitness industry.

5 – Hayley Fisk

Hayley Fisk is a photographer and entrepreneur who has achieved great success in the field of beauty and product photography. Originally from Illinois, Hayley moved to Los Angeles to pursue her dream of becoming a photographer after graduating with a BFA in photography and a BA in art history in 2012. She started her career as a photo editor for sports entertainment networks such as Fox Sports and NFL Network but soon realized she wanted to focus on fashion photography. However, after losing her fashion clients due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Hayley found her true calling in stylized product photography and expanded her services to include beauty photography.

Hayley’s career is filled with notable accomplishments that she is proud of. As a successful business owner, she has built a six-figure photography business that allows her to work from her studio, manage her schedule, and choose which projects to undertake. Last year was particularly noteworthy for her, as she was featured in Chevy New Roads Magazine for two of her shoots and was even highlighted as a content contributor. Hayley’s talent has also caught the attention of major retailers, with her work featured in Sephora and CVS’s visual merchandising for popular brands like KVD Beauty and Real Techniques. Moreover, she has collaborated with many major brands, such as Sexy Hair, Fenty Skin, Rael Beauty, Bombas, and Levi’s, demonstrating her versatility and range in photography.

Hayley takes immense pride in her success as a female entrepreneur and her ability to create a work-life balance that once seemed impossible. Despite facing numerous challenges, her unwavering determination and support from family, friends, and husband have led to outstanding accomplishments in the photography industry. Looking towards the future, she plans to expand her already successful six-figure photography business. Additionally, she is launching a coaching business focused on manifestation and mentorship for aspiring photographers. In time, Hayley hopes to run her coaching business alongside her photography business, allowing her to combine her passions while maintaining a work-life balance.

6 – Tessa Adams

Tessa Adams is a distinguished and innovative entrepreneur who has disrupted the traditional paradigm of big tech companies by placing mental health and privacy at the forefront of her mission. As the founder and CEO of Everle, a recently launched  networking platform, Tessa’s goal is to establish a safe and genuine environment where members can build authentic communities without the invasive presence of advertisements or compromising data privacy concerns.

Throughout her career, Tessa has succeeded across diverse industries, with particular acclaim stemming from her tenure at Red Bull North America coupled with her most recent position as Chief Marketing Officer of a recently acquired CPG company. However, her and her team’s work in founding Everle, a groundbreaking social networking platform, remains her most important achievement. By prioritizing the privacy and well-being of its users above all else, she’s created a space that challenges the status quo, while also changing the faces that represent the current social media landscape.

Tessa’s vision for the future is to establish a vibrant and flourishing Everle community in which people can network meaningfully while maintaining their privacy and respecting diversity. A crucial part of her mission is to create an environment that fosters personal growth and development, enabling individuals to pursue their goals and aspirations without fear of judgment or interference. Furthermore, her dedication to supporting female founders is a testament to her commitment to promoting gender equality and empowering women to succeed in various industries. In her view, her role is to open doors of opportunity for other women and to assist them in attaining their definition of success. Tessa’s commitment to empowering others and establishing supportive communities is evident in her tireless efforts to revolutionize the social media landscape and create a better future.

7 – Avi Sherbill

Avi Sherbill, the renowned Sound Healer, Relationship Coach, and founder of SoundRX, has made an indelible mark on the industry with his pioneering work in sound therapy. Avi’s groundbreaking approach to healing using sound and the nervous system has transformed the lives of countless individuals, earning him accolades and recognition across the globe. Despite facing the daunting challenges of drug abuse and homelessness, he exhibited an unwavering resolve to transcend his dire circumstances. Harnessing his tenacity and fortitude, Avi embarked on a journey of self-discovery and exploration of the remarkable potential of sound healing.

With a client base of over 6,000, Avi has gained widespread recognition for his virtual sound baths, featured by major corporations like Netflix, Disney, and Google. Additionally, he has trained over a hundred people to become sound practitioners through his program, Heal Yourself, Heal Others. Avi’s profound impact on the industry is evidenced by his work showcased in illustrious publications, including Harper’s Bazaar, and his noteworthy appearance on the esteemed broadcasting network PBS.

Driven by an ardent desire to democratize sound healing, Avi envisions a future where it is as accessible and ubiquitous as the prevalent practice of yoga was in the 1990s. To realize this ambition, he is dedicating himself to developing a pioneering somatic sound healing technique. This innovative method has the potential to be utilized in various settings, such as corporations, educational institutions, and therapeutic centers, in mitigating the adverse effects of modern living, including stress, burnout, and depression. Through his work, Avi has shown that trauma, stress, and anxiety do not have to define one’s life. His message of hope and healing has touched countless lives and is a testament to the transformative power of sound therapy. As he continues to make strides toward his vision of a world where sound healing is accessible to all, Avi’s impact on the industry will surely be felt for generations to come.

8 – George Tyler

George Tyler is a health IT and Web3 developer dedicated to improving healthcare data access, quality, and digitization through technology. With 26 years of experience in healthcare, including ten years in blockchain design and development, George is passionate about creating products that make healthcare more accessible and secure for everyone. As a co-founder of Radiologex, he plays a vital role in developing a unique medical ecosystem called R-DEE. This innovative platform is built on blockchain technology and benefits patients and medical professionals by providing identity-proofing, data encryption, and data portability that is not readily available with present health IT solutions. It also offers collaborative communication and productivity spaces, making collaborating easier for healthcare professionals worldwide. The platform has a free-to-use option and may be demonstrated at

George’s outstanding achievements and contributions to the healthcare and blockchain technology industries have gained global recognition. Having worked with medical device and technology firms such as Siemens, Philips, and Toshiba, he has an impressive record of real-world collaboration with industry players. As a highly qualified professional in the radiology sector, George was instrumental in providing and delivering healthcare equipment and infrastructure, especially in developing regions. He is also highly credentialed in Web3 design, implementation, and architecture, contributing to some of the top blockchain projects and working with the esteemed MIT crypto economics lab.

One of George’s primary areas of focus is health data security and custodianship of one’s personal health records, the lack of which significantly impedes healthcare digitization. Considering the rise of modern security threats and, more notably, socioeconomic divides, he believes developing secure and reliable technology that is accessible and user-friendly is imperative in bridging this divide. In the future, he hopes to use his expertise to develop Web3 solutions aiding animal welfare, shelter, and health. George’s resilience, hard-working nature, and positive attitude have made him a respected figure in the healthcare and blockchain communities, and his contributions to the field are invaluable.

9 – Tony Walker

Antonio G Walker, a serial entrepreneur and influencer has significantly impacted the industry with his groundbreaking application, Muvor. The world’s first blockchain Enterprise Resource Planning application utilizes cutting-edge computing technologies. These technologies include quantum encryption and communication, dynamic rewards, and self-regulation. Through their integration, the application provides unmatched security and efficiency when transferring data and currency. One of the sectors that benefit from it is healthcare. The application provides reliable and efficient database management systems to manage clinical data, including Electronic Medical Record data management, Personal Health Record data management, point-of-care genomics, and healthcare networking. Muvor enables patients to securely share their health data with providers and research partners while verifying each transaction cost-effectively and transparently.

Antonio’s extraordinary accomplishments and contributions to his field earned him recognition, including virality in 2018-2019. His content reached 10 million views and was broadcast in 77 countries worldwide. Furthermore, his other subsidiaries, such as Pheanom Media Group, Paper Boy Records, LLC, and Around, Inc., are also achieving success. With his iron will sharpening many others he has connected with, and his stoic-philosophic nature, he has achieved success in his career. Having learned from others, he believes one can continually improve and grow through innovation. Throughout his journey, Antonio hopes to build and assist as many people as possible in fulfilling his dreams. To achieve his ultimate goal of positively impacting as many lives as possible, he is determined to work tirelessly to accomplish this objective.

10 – Leslie Levito

Leslie Levito is a dynamic and inspiring business coach and co-founder who has dedicated her life to helping people unlock their potential through entrepreneurship and starting small businesses. With over 25 years of experience as an entrepreneur and a corporate executive in retail, wholesale, branding, and business development, Leslie has established herself as a prominent figure in the industry. Despite experiencing multiple setbacks, her determination and resilience led her to reinvent herself repeatedly.

While in Los Angeles, Leslie achieved an impressive career trajectory, starting as International Sales Manager before being promoted to Director of Sales and then Chief of Operations at Baker Boys Distribution, a skateboard distribution company. Despite being pregnant with her second son, she continued working full-time while pursuing her executive MBA at Pepperdine University. Her dedication paid off, and she earned her degree. In 2014 she resigned from corporate and started freelancing and consulting. Within a couple of years, she founded FaustLevito, a highly successful branding agency that has created over 50 coveted brands. When the pandemic hit, Leslie demonstrated her ability to reinvent once again and relaunched her branding agency with Shoghak Kazandjian asBrands Etcetera. She simultaneously launched a new venture called Cutclass, that delivers online learning and coaching programs with Shoghak Kazandjian and Rochelle Groh.

Leslie has had a remarkable career helping individuals transition from traditional 9-5 jobs to owning businesses. A standout achievement is her program by Cutclass called Out to Launch Academy, which provides mentorship and support for those seeking to become freelancers, consultants, or coaches. Notably, her podcast, Out to Launch, offers insightful wisdom and tips for those looking to start their own businesses or enter a new phase of life. Ultimately, Leslie’s mission is to empower a thousand people to leap from 9-5 jobs and become successful business owners by the end of 2024. Having been recognized as a speaker at South by Southwest and earning close to 100K followers on Tiktok, her impact on the industry is undeniable. Leslie’s story is a testament to perseverance, innovation, and a relentless pursuit of her passion for helping others reach their full potential.

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