Ah, childhood memories. The older we get, the more we reminisce. While some of us are busy with our 8-5 jobs, others are focused on taking care of their own families. And many brave souls tackle both challenges at once. But as we’re doing our best adulting, certain things can bring out the inner child in us—and one of those things is, definitely, food! Food can make us feel all kinds of nostalgic feelings, and sometimes, this is what people need to help them unwind and take a breather. That being said, here are ten foods we miss from our childhood! 

1. Hubba Bubba Bubble Tape

One of the best forms of gum came in tape form, and this brilliant creation was produced by none other than Wrigely. Back in the day, especially during the 90s, kids naturally gravitated towards products that appeared to be bright, colorful, and fun. 

The Hubba Bubba Bubble Tape was able to tick all those boxes. A lot of kids at the time of this gum’s release were thrilled, and the reason why is that they saw this as a game they could play with their friends. It was common to see children going off against each other to see who could make the largest bubble. 

Long story short, we can all remember being enticed by this product’s advertisement for having six feet of bubble gum. Luckily, Hubba Bubba is still being manufactured and sold to the public—in smaller quantities though. 

2. Dunkaroos 

We can all agree that Dunkaroos are considered the fathers of the concept of dunking cookies in frosting. This was such a popular snack in the 90s to the point that it would be a crime for a kid to come to school without having Dunkaroos packed in their lunchbox. 

Dunkaroos truly showed how diverse they were by providing kids with a variety of flavors. Kids got to choose among frosting dip flavors like Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter, Cinnamon, and the ever-famous Rainbow Sprinkles. 

The cookies also sold themselves to kids thanks to their variety in shape. Some of which were kangaroo-shaped cookies and motorcycles. 

3. Easy Cheese 

This particular food may seem unusual for some, but back in 1984, children loved the idea of spraying stringy cheese directly into their mouths. The packaging of Easy Cheese is a bit unconventional since no one ever expected a company to release cheese in spray cans. 

The idea sold, though. We bet that some of you were fortunate enough to try this food out since there have been stories where adults have shared their experiences in the past wherein they were not able to try out Easy Cheese. 

Needless to say, children had an affinity for this food product. It is safe to say that they enjoyed playing around with them rather than actually consuming them! 

4. Ring Pop 

Another brilliant way a company sold candies to children came in the form of an accessory, specifically, a ring. We can all fondly recall moments where kids would gather in the playground during recess and show off their Ring Pops of varying colors. 

Kids loved collecting different flavors and wearing them all on their fingers whilst sucking them. Although it may get messy from time to time due to the stickiness, it was enjoyable nonetheless!

5. Of course, school lunch is one of the foods we miss from childhood 

The majority of us surely have had our own share of experiences with school lunch. We love it. We hate it. We miss it. Reminiscing about the mix of flavors that school lunches bring to kids is an absolute treat. 

Some would recall their worst experience of eating bland food served in their trays. Then again, there were happy days too, when kids got to eat the food they loved, like pizza. 

6. Wonder Ball 

Nestlé is one of the pioneers of manufacturing chocolate, and one of their most famous, albeit notorious, products was the Wonder Ball. The idea behind the Wonder Ball was brilliant, and it brought excitement to kids. 

Children were eager to reveal what kind of toy was in store for them as they cracked their chocolate balls open. This truly makes us want to go back in time and experience this once more. 

7. Capri Sun 

Another lunch box staple we can never forget is Capri Sun. No day was complete without sipping on these drinks. Aside from enjoying how they tasted, kids even used Capri Sun for trading purposes. 

In schools, we can recall that trading one’s drink for a different flavor was the norm. This gave kids the chance to taste other flavors too, and who would have thought that a bunch of younglings would learn how to use drinks as currency? 

8. Dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets

And finally, the last food on our list would be dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets. We are all aware of the fact that children love to play with their food, and this is exactly what happened when companies started to manufacture dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets. 

Some of us are guilty of this! There is just something about chicken nuggets shaped like things that kids are interested in—it simply brings life to our food. No packed lunch was ever boring if it contained fun-shaped chicken nuggies!


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