Over the past few days, Twitter has been atwitter with tweets about things showing up in people's pants. There were #MoviesInMyPants, #SongsInMyPants, #BandsInMyPants, and #TVShowsInMyPants. But if you follow people like, say @thejgold, or just about any chefs, food writers, food enthusiasts, or food persona mash-ups, then you most certainly noticed #FoodBooksInMyPants. The tweets were fast and furious, so we decided to take a peek back, and cull our Top 10 Food Books In My Pants.

10. Adventures of an Italian Food Lover in My Pants

From @RuthBourdain

Insert Italian sausage, or “that's a spicy meatball” joke here. Actually, never mind. Please don't.

9. Consider the Oyster In My Pants

From @kittenwithawhip

Probably not what M. F. K. Fisher had in mind. This tweet comes courtesy of an early arrival to the pants party: Katt Kinsman, managing editor of CNN's Eatocracy.

8. This Can't Be Tofu in My Pants

From @Sprouties

And how disappointing if it were…

7. The Enchanted Broccoli Forest in My Pants

From @GFSexyMe

There are a few different ways to take this one, yet none of them seem appropriate to discuss on these pages.

6. Giada at Home in My Pants

From @jbonne

We know a lot of people who would buy this book. Well, unless it's a work of magic realism, in which a shrunken Ms. Laurentiis drinks orange iced tea, cooks, and does loads of tiny laundry inside of a man's corduroys. On second thought, that would probably sell too.

5. The Joy of Cooking in My Pants

From @heidela

Is it a book about what's so special about cooking in Irma Rombauer's specific pants, or about the simple pleasures of pant-clad cooking in general? Both sound worth perusing.

4. Honey from a Weed In My Pants

From @thejgold

Perhaps the next step in food porn: pornography wholly devoid of humans, but composed entirely of food. Gold's tweets also lead @amateurgormet, the supposed inventor of this hashtag, to tweet, “I'd just like to point out that a Pulitzer Prize winning food writer is participating in the #foodbooksinmypants meme that I started. WEIRD.”

3. Gordon Ramsay Makes It Easy in My Pants

From @haparamen

This sounds like what a drunken divorcée would mutter under her breath while watching chef Ramsay give a cooking demo.

2. Alone in the Kitchen with an Eggplant in My Pants

From @kittenwithawhip

Both impressive and depressive.

1. The Man Who Ate Everything in My Pants

From @amateurgourmet

In which Jeffrey Steingarten finally takes it too far.

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