Top 10 Fashion and Makeup Influencers to Follow in 2023

The fashion and makeup industry is constantly evolving, particularly in how makeup and fashion brands advertise their goods. Influencers in the fashion and beauty industries are consistently becoming more popular each day. Makeup artists, designers, bloggers, and models are all making waves in the fashion industry with distinct styles and approaches. Keeping the current trends in the fashion sphere in mind, we have chosen the top 10 fashion and makeup experts for 2023 who inspire everyone worldwide through their talents. These individuals will help you elevate your styling game and stay updated with the latest fashion trends.

Our makeup, clothing, and styling should be elegant, whether getting ready for a wedding or a casual get-together to stand out at an event. Anyone can now do it by simply opening the virtual stylists’ reels through their social media platforms. We have acquired some of the most talented individuals experimenting with makeup to create fantastic and unique looks. Then we also have these fashionistas/designers who create spectacular clothing ranges. To top it all off, we have also included models who challenge society’s preconceived notions and standards of beauty and perfection. Look at these 10 incredibly gifted people and their accomplishments in the field of fashion, and get ready to stun at your next social event, blowing peoples’ minds.

1.   Tommy Goff

How we approach makeup has changed significantly in the past ten years. It is no longer treated as an accessory to accentuate certain features but as a tool of self-expression and a celebrated art form. Tommy Goff is a makeup artist who truly embodies the expressive quality of makeup. With her gothic makeup, frequent new looks, and untraditional tools, Tommy is on her way to revolutionizing how we view makeup.

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Growing up in a traditional Jewish family, Goff discovered the freedom of self-expression through musical subcultures and their attached aesthetics. Going against the latest trends, Goff often puts her twist on popular makeup, opting to use an eyebrow pencil as a lip liner or lipstick as a cream contour. Her content is more about the creative process than the end product or using fancy expensive makeup products and keeping up with the latest trends for the sake of commercialism. Applying makeup on her face at the start of the day enables her to destress, almost like a ritual setting the right intentions for her day. She cherishes the little organic community that follows her on Instagram and TikTok and wants to continue content creation for like-minded people.

She aims to express her individuality and stay confident in her style. Check out her amazing looks by clicking here.

2.   Meagan Adele Schmitz

Meet Meagan Adele Schmitz, a talented and experienced make-up artist and hairstylist. Meagan’s unique blend of natural and glam styles has made her one of the most sought-after beauty professionals in the industry. She is passionate about empowering women and helping them feel confident and beautiful.

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With an impressive list of notable career accomplishments, including working with top brands such as V Magazine, Express, and Ubiwist and performing artists such as Shaed, Meagan has established herself as a true industry leader. She has also worked behind the scenes at high-profile events such as New York Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week, as well as on the red carpet.

Meagan’s business, “Meagan Adele Makeup,” reflects her passion for helping women express themselves and feel their best. She started the company to provide top-quality make-up and hair services while enabling clients to feel confident and beautiful.

For the future, Meagan is focused on learning and evolving, taking on beauty campaigns and brand partnerships. She feels that by staying on the cutting edge of the industry and collaborating with leading brands, she can help more women feel empowered and secure in their skin.

To learn more about Meagan and her work, visit her website, and follow her on Instagram and TikTok.

3.   Ashleigh

Few people thrive in the fashion industry despite many aspiring to achieve this goal in this competitive field. Ashleigh Galasso, a personal stylist and motivating content creator from Calgary, Alberta, has a distinct sense of style. She owns “Styleigh,” a clothing line that offers fun, unintimidating yet trendy, easy-to-recreate styles that will help anyone look and feel their best. Ashleigh believes that a well-chosen dress can transform our personalities, making us feel confident and capable of accomplishing anything we set our minds to. She supports this concept through her trendy clothing brand and believes all women should have the tools to feel amazing without hassles.

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The inspiration for her brand came from her love of putting different clothing pieces together to create that one ideal ensemble. After years of doing this for friends and family, she discovered that only a few people have the ability to imagine, design, and ultimately come up with the perfect attire. What made it even more remarkable was that everyone admired the end result of her efforts. Soon after, Styleigh was born, assisting other women in looking their best by providing them with excellent selections.

Styleigh was established to provide women with wardrobe inspiration and to replicate looks using items already in their closets or links to articles they might benefit from adding. Ashleigh’s favorite aspect of Styleigh is when women message her about an item they recently purchased but need help styling. She then goes to work, putting together a variety of ensembles for them to wear with that exact item. Her purpose and mission are simply to provide women with style options to duplicate and wear daily, making them feel comfortable, confident, stylish, and put together.

Ashleigh’s future objectives include assisting women with their style and creating ebooks or seasonal style guides. She would also like to extend her help in person or virtually, shop for new pieces, put outfits together with things already in their closets, and become a personal stylist to help women feel and look their best.

4.   Jacqueline Pappillion

Inspiring people positively is truly an art. Contrary to popular belief, you do not need a fancy designation to inspire positive change. You can do so within the means you have got. Jacqueline Pappillion is a living testimony to this. A fashion influencer and model, Jacquline wanted to bring a positive vibe. Her brand “I’M JACQUELINE PAPILLION” precisely does this.

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Growing up in a middle-class household, Jacqueline wanted to pursue modeling. Starting her career allowed her to practice her passion and encourage others to improve their lives. Jacqueline also introduced her clothing line and candles to help others express themselves. Her enthusiasm for fashion also made her a finalist at the prestigious platform of Miss Fashion Global.

For the future, Jacqueline wants to continue celebrating fashion in all its diverse forms. She wants to empower people through this, helping them work on both inner and outer beauty.

5. Stephanie Gonzalez

We have often heard that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. To spread this message, Stephanie Gonzalez, a plus-size model known as “She be Stephanie,” has gained a significant following on social media.

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After being discovered on Instagram, Stephanie’s passion for fashion and photography increased, leading her to sign contracts with various plus-size brands. The reason for this success is her relatability and vulnerability, as she does not pretend to be flawless and acknowledges her imperfections.

Stephanie takes pride in her work because it has enabled her to move her children out of low-income housing. Now, her primary goal is to inspire others to feel confident and spread the message of body positivity.

To see her beautiful photos, follow her on Instagram.

6. Michael Ferrera

Michael Ferrera is a serial entrepreneur who owns multiple businesses like The Boring Financial, Real Estate, and Lifestyle Management. His most well-known company and venture is his fashion brand Michael Ferrera The Brand. He specializes in luxury, bespoke, and ready-to-wear menswear. Slowly but surely, he wants to design women’s gowns and wedding dresses.

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At 12, he started working towards his dream of becoming a businessman by selling products door to door and providing services against fees. In college, he started a DJ company that helped him pay for school and sold it at 26 to venture into the fashion world. He started his fashion career by catering to high-end clients, offering them customized services from their home offices or his showroom in Beverly Hills. Michael has also worked on his ready-to-wear clothing line, released in Spring/Summer “22.

Michael has been in business for over a decade, winning LA Fashion and LA business awards. A self-made entrepreneur recognized and respected in the entrepreneurial world, commitment and discipline are the keys to Michael’s success. According to him, these traits are the most important because they leave no option to fail. Today, he owns four successful companies but doesn’t forget the failures which forged his present.

7.   Nikita Karizma

The fashion industry has recently started focusing more on promoting wellness and environmental sustainability. British-Indian fashion designer and entrepreneur Nikita Karizma has thus gained widespread admiration for her clothing brand, which features zero-waste designs that champion sustainable fashion practices.

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Nikita’s successful career resulted from hard work and fortuitous chances. After graduating from the London College of Fashion, she secured numerous opportunities to collaborate with high-profile celebrities. Today, her brand, Nikita Karizma, produces clothing, fashion, and lifestyle products that empower women and promote self-confidence.

Centering her brand around creativity, promoting healthy living, and uplifting women, Nikita is committed to environmental-friendly practices and embraces recyclable packaging and planting trees while utilizing vegan fabrics.

Nikita serves as a leading example of how the fashion industry can adapt to meet the changing needs of society. To check out her designs, visit her website. Also, follow her on Instagram and Facebook to keep up with her life.

8. Samantha Jones

Samantha Jones is the proud owner of the luxury, sustainable swimwear brand Baeu Swim. She introduces fashionable high-end swimwear collections for her clients and has participated in Miami Swim Week 2021 and Monaco Swim Week 2022. At the Miami Swim Week 2022, Samantha launched her latest collection, “Laguna,” which received much appreciation from the crowd.

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She learned about fashion and sewing in high school and flew across the country to attend the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. She also studied Merchandising Product Development and received a BS in Business Management. Her education gave her the tool kit to create Baeu Swim. By bringing together sustainability and fashion, she offers her clients the best alternative to fast fashion.

Samantha’s social media presence has increased; she was published in Miami Daily Post, New York Daily Trends, and Buzz Sentinel. Samantha is now working on getting her collections to various boutiques and planning on opening an exclusive store.

9.   Christina Flach

Christina Flach is a celebrity makeup artist and the founder and CEO of her own makeup company, Pretty Girl Makeup. Her high-quality lip products are formulated to last all day long while also keeping your lips hydrated and moisturized. Self-funded from the beginning, Christina has worked hard to build a brand that consumers can trust.

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Throughout the years, Christina has worked with many major television networks, celebrities, designers, department stores, magazines, and big-name brands. She is an expert at creating looks that allow her clients’ natural beauty to shine through by making every client feel like the best version of themselves, on the inside and the outside. In addition to her career as a makeup artist, Christina is a philanthropist, an on-air beauty expert on NBC’s CA Live, and a guest on a variety of podcasts.

Currently, Christina is working on a new company called “I’m Too Busy”. This new endeavor will include skincare and makeup products that simplify one’s beauty routine into a few easy steps, making it ideal for people who live busy lives. Christina believes in creating quality products that work instead of pushing random products that people do not need, which is currently lacking in the beauty industry. Her experience as a makeup artist has allowed her to formulate products that work without harmful or unnecessary ingredients.

10. Kirstin Lawrence

Kirstin Lawrence is a Fashion Influencer from Southern California. Her Instagram page @missladykstyle portrays her love of style as she shares relevant links with her followers. Her blog Miss Lady K is a hub for fashionista followers looking for expertise and style inspiration; she is revamping her page. Kristin considers fashion an art form and loves mixing high-end fashion with affordable styles to create the perfect unique look.

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With a long history in fashion, Kristin has worked in New York, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. She worked as a personal stylist on Fifth Avenue at Henri Bendel and as an assistant buyer and assistant at various fashion showrooms in NYC. She is now a stay-at-home mom of two, working solely as a fashion influencer and blogger.

She is a creator of the fashion shopping app LTK, which shares links to her personal style from over 1k brands. She enjoys building heartfelt partnerships, which she chooses carefully, with brands such as Express, Sarah Flint and Vivaia, just to name a few and loves feeling connected to future brand partnerships through the exposure of both her Instagram and LTK pages. Now, Kirstin also works with affiliate partners through Ascend and Mavely, which is a fun new addition. Her love for crystals, meditation, and yoga helps her manifest her goals and future. She wishes to support herself through blogging and social media handles, styling women with her unique outlook.

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