Top 10 Entrepreneurs To Look Out For In 2023

As we approach the end of Q1 in 2023, LA Weekly presents a list of Top 10 Entrepreneurs to Look Out for in 2023. These talented individuals are pushing boundaries, disrupting industries, and inspiring others with their innovative approaches to business. In this article, we introduce you to ten entrepreneurs who are setting new standards for success and creating a lasting impact on the world around them.

Robert Wensley

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A Harvard University graduate, Robert Wensley is an entrepreneur best known for leading America’s top real estate marketplace for investors, InvestorLift. The company helps investors find excellent opportunities by bridging the gap between real estate wholesalers and investors.

A successful businessperson, he’s also a speaker and has appeared on the likes of Forbes, CBS News, and The Washington Business Journal. Robert enjoys sharing his experiences with others and helping investors find the best opportunity. His entrepreneurial journey is exciting and a great example of seizing the opportunity.

While working for a real estate firm, he realised the potential of a marketplace for real estate investors and decided to enter the industry. He co-founded the brand with Dmitry Shirokov in 2019 and introduced a new way to do business.

The platform now houses more than 4.2 million investors with plans to grow more and enter new markets, including Canada, Europe, and Puerto Rico. Robert has plans to also expand into the multi-family and commercial real estate space and make InvestorLift a one stop solution for all kinds of investors. He introduced lending to the platform, working with America’s biggest lenders including Anchor Loans.

Go here to know more about Robert and his plans.

Nanxi Liu

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Nanxi Liu is the co-founder and co-CEO of, one of the fastest growing startups in the US. The revolutionary platform enables teams to create custom software, apps, and internal tools without any coding or technical knowledge. Blaze is used by startups and Fortune 500 companies in industries like healthcare, logistics, professional services, real estate, and construction. She started the business after serving as the founder and CEO of one of the largest digital signage software companies, which was then successfully acquired.

A UC Berkeley graduate, Nanxi is also an Emmy-winning television producer and was named on the Forbes 30 Under 30 list. She serves on the board of (NASDAQ: PRTS), making her one of the youngest women serving on a California public company board. Moreover, she is passionate about giving back and serves on the board of directors of National Foster Youth Institute and the Los Angeles Dodgers Foundation. is backed by some of the most prominent VCs in the industry and is empowering teams in traditional industries to build and launch custom software.

Go here to know more about and how it’s changing the industry.

Niyc Pidgeon

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Niyc Pidgeon is a woman of many talents. An award-winning positive psychologist, success coach, author, speaker, investor, and entrepreneur, she is best known for finding and managing Unstoppable Success, an online training platform that helps create tomorrow’s leaders.

Her company mainly works with women and offers elite training and education to coaches. She’s taken the brand global and has hosted outstanding experiences and retreats in popular destinations like Barbados, Los Angeles, and Dubai. Pidgeon makes learning fun and inspiring and uses her decades of experience, knowledge, and story to help her students create big results and lasting positive change.

Pidgeon is a rape survivor who has been through ups and downs. She lost some of her loved ones to suicide but didn’t give up despite being abused and bullied. Now the founder of a multi million dollar company, she understands the importance of seeing light at the end of the tunnel.

Pidgeon has been in the industry for over a decade and has helped thousands of people, create success. She is fully focused on scaling her business impact and aims to help many more people via her books, masterminds, and positive psychology coach certification. Go here to discover more.

Jenna Guarneri

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Jenna Guarneri is an award-winning entrepreneur, speaker, publicist, author, consultant, and leader helping businesses maintain their reputation and build a strong image. She mainly works with startups and currently heads JMG Public Relations, a full-service reputation management firm that she founded in 2015 with the aim to revolutionize the PR industry.

Based in New York, the business caters to local and international clients and is focused on providing a personalized experience. The company has won several accolades, including the “Most Outstanding Startup-Focused PR Firm 2021-NY” award at The 2021 Corporate Excellence Awards. Moreover, it also made it to the list of “50 Leading Companies of 2021!” By The Silicon Review.

The author of the highly successful and #1 Bestseller ‘You Need PR’, Jenna is currently focused on her business. She enjoys sharing her experiences and learnings with others and has appeared on the likes of Good Morning America, Forbes and INC. Magazine.

Go here to know more about Jenna and how she helps businesses build a narrative and strengthen their brand name.

Bree Jacoby

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A fashion enthusiast and a fast-growing name in the style world, Bree Jacoby lives and breathes style and has a successful brand to her credit. Growing up in a family of entrepreneurs helped her understand the art of business and pushed her to start her own company in 2017.

Bree started her career as a salesperson and turned entrepreneur, BREE after gaining experience with different companies and styling big names like NFL athlete Jared Goff and founders such as Alli Webb of DryBar, Payal Kadakia of Classpass and many more business moguls running multi million dollar corporations. All of her customers have one thing in common: they are busy.

After being a top producer at Trunk Club, a Nordstrom Company, Bree Jacoby decided to start her own venture making her the first personal stylist to scale to a 7-figure business in 5 short years and a team of stylists following her training methods. BREE mainly focuses on the crème de la crème and also offers courses to budding stylists. The future for Bree Jacoby is to be a household name and have a bootcamp of stylists that go through her program and then license her name to build their own empire. Think of her as the next real estate brokerage if you will but for stylists to put their cap under her. Bree has spent years building connections with the most famous of entrepreneurs and CEO’s and plans to widen her reach by focusing on making relatable content inside our most loved influencers closets. Her vision is to change how, when and where people shop and start another business to scale how people digitally get dressed like in the movie we all love, Clueless circa 1995. Finally, someone’s gotta do it. Leave it to Bree Jacoby.

BREE is a 3-step approach starting with a closet edit, a shopping experience in home followed by a digital closet. The BREE team gives people a sense of personal style and makes it easy to edit their wardrobe. For men, they also have a custom clothing company called Breespoke where you can get tailored clothes made for you – super lux. You can work with a stylist through one off, packages or a membership experience – tailored to your needs. The company offers in-home and virtual services and offers services such as closet editing, personal shopping, personal styling, and custom menswear. The brand already has several accolades to its credit, including the 2022’s International Marketing Association’s Fashion Company of The Year Award.

Go here to know more about Bree and what she’s doing to make fashion easier and more accessible.

Kelly Robinson

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With nearly two decades of industry experience, Kelly is a residential real estate broker who understands the NY real estate scene like no other. Passionate about helping people learn more about real estate and find the best properties, Kelly recently started Kelly Minds Her Manors, a video podcast where she covers topics related to entrepreneurship and real estate. However, she remains focused on being a team leader & broker and is associated with Compass’ Elite Sports and Entertainment Division. Compass is ranked the number 1 real estate brokerage in the country.

Kelly entered the real estate industry in 2005 and founded The Kelly Robinson Team in 2010 to cater to the growing demand for her services. She & her team are regularly included in the top 1.5 percent of agents nationwide and is set to expand to Miami.

She specializes in all aspects of real estate, including investing, reselling and consulting. She’s a certified expert negotiator and enjoys helping people find the perfect home whether it is on or off market. Go here to know more about Kelly’s ambitions and check out her latest podcast.

Anthony Lawson

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Anthony Lawson is a man on a mission. A real estate investor by profession, he’s an activist at heart, working to help homeless veterans find affordable housing. A military veteran, Lawson is aware of the problems vets face and aims to solve them through Group Home Mastery, a business he founded with the aim to teach people to be real estate investors, and create sustainable businesses.

Lawson works as a bridge between investors and those who need help. He has developed a business model known as Group Home Facilities that supports people facing housing issues. He teaches investors to invest in Group Home Facilities while also achieving his goal of helping those in need. Moreover, he has started a real estate investment fund that offers fixed returns to investors while providing safe shelter to the needy.

Group Home Mastery is a community-driven business that supports people throughout the journey – from finding a suitable investment to placing residents into specialized units. Go here to know more about Lawson’s business model and how he aims to grow his business in the future.

Samit Shrestha

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Samit Shrestha is a 19-year-old entrepreneur and public relations expert hailing from the beautiful city of Kathmandu, Nepal. He has made a name for himself both nationally and internationally by utilizing his unique skills and knowledge to help clients get featured in some of the biggest publications and TV networks across the globe.

Currently affiliated with Fame Media, Samit works as a Press Executive, where he continues to build his reputation as a seasoned expert in the field of public relations. Despite his young age, Samit has shown a remarkable talent for identifying the right resources and opportunities for clients from all over the world, and has quickly become a trusted partner for many of his clients.

Samit’s journey to becoming a public relations expert began early on in his life, as he was always interested in the world of media and communications. He pursued this passion by studying communications in high school, and after graduating, he began working as a freelance public relations consultant. Through his hard work and dedication, he quickly gained a reputation for being one of the most talented young PR professionals in Nepal, and his services soon became in high demand.

As his reputation grew, Samit caught the attention of Fame Media, one of the top PR and branding firms in the United States. He was offered a position as a Press Executive, where he quickly became an integral part of the team. His talent for identifying opportunities and delivering results has helped to make him an invaluable asset to the company.

Looking to the future, Samit is excited to continue expanding his career and influence in the world of public relations. He hopes to expand the organization he works for and become a top private sector service provider in the marketplace for PR and online branding. With his talent, dedication, and passion for his work, there is no doubt that Samit will continue to be a major force in the world of public relations for many years to come.

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