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In real life, successful people are always in the company of other successful people. The equivalent to this in entrepreneurship is networking with successful people, and on social media, it means that you follow successful entrepreneurs.  Successful people are a manifestation of what we want for ourselves. Besides being role models, successful people challenge us to go for the things we want, be they ideas, material things, or lifestyles.  Since entrepreneurship is about setting up businesses, running them, and taking financial risks, following successful entrepreneurs gives you a precedent to follow.

Successful entrepreneurs provide proof of concept for our ambitions, and if you were jittery about executing something, the personal stories and experiences of entrepreneurs could motivate you to go after your ideas. Its true that some of them started with shaky ideas and others solid ones, some with capital and some without. Others had previous experience with business while others didn’t. In the end, it is their experiences that we learn from. There are so many successful entrepreneurs you can follow on Instagram. Here are a few popular ones to get you started.

1) Pele Francis

If you have any experience putting in long work weeks or feeling like you have better potential as an entrepreneur, you can relate to Pele Franciss story. From working long hours to being an online business sensation, Pele Francis is the person to follow if you are considering entrepreneurship.  Like any average 20 something year old, he was employed and making a regular wage, but that all changed when he got into e-commerce. Now he wants to pave the way for the success of other new entrepreneurs. His E-commerce mastermind course has been a massive hit and since helping people excites him, we are sure there will be more from him.

Instagram account: @pele_vuitton

2) Shima Katouzian

There are a few people whose aura just tells you they will be successful, and Shima Katouzian is one of them. As a staunch humanitarian, avid culture fan, and entrepreneur, she still finds time to share her experiences online with other upcoming entrepreneurs. Shima Katouzian started the online art sharing platform, Herosheema.com, where women could share their art and become the audience for their art. Having worked for organizations like UNHCR, Shima has acquired a global view which reflects in her business choices. She is very driven, and if you need this kind of energy, follow her to learn more. 

Instagram account: @herosheemaz

3) Cyber Boy Corp. Sr. Roy Andrade, CTO

Sr. Roy Andrade’s schedule is not what you would call typical. He is known to work without sleep for up to 4 days putting his physical and mental health at risk to see Cyber Boy Corp. triumph. He is religiously diligent, and his employees at Cyber Boy Corp. are currently working on a luxurious chess game, which he is confident will be a global hit. He has the support of Dr. Elena Porter of Simi Valley, Ca, who inspires him to reach his highest potential. Sr. Roy Andrade credits Dr. Elena for being a force of change in his life, and thanks to her, he has found the motivation to invest in iOS and Android apps in 2021. He has investments in Wells Fargo and Macerich, and if you want to see more, follow him and his team or visit them at www.CyberBoyCorp.App.

Instagram account: @cyberboycorp

4) Brandon Ivan Peña

With his mantra, Emotions + Visuals = Engagement, Brandon Ivan Peña has become a successful CEO, Brand Humanizer, and Motivational speaker. His business and professional exploits have endeared him to his massive following, yet he continues to push further. Brandon has worked for fortune 500 companies like State Farm Insurance, Televisa, and One World Alliance,and also as a business consultant on the side. He has impeccable oratory skills, but it is his design skills that have made him famous in event-planning circles. Brandon Ivan Peña has done design work for events like Design Shanghai, Latinos Pa Lante,C2MTL, SXSW, Social Media Week Puerto Rico, and others in a long portfolio. He also runs a successful 787 coffee and ninecoffee shops in different cities. If it is motivation, you need to go for your goals, then follow him on Instagram, where he posts regularly.

Instagram account: @soybrandonivan

5) Jean Fallacara

Jean Fallacara is one of those against the odds stories that burn a fire of inspiration in your mind. Diagnosed with ADHD as a toddler, he has gone on to shake it off from being an impediment to being a success factor. He has gone on to study engineering, biochemistry and immunology, and genetics. This is the education he now uses in his multimillion-dollar company Z-Sci Corp that makes equipment, and Cyborggainz, where he indulges his other passion for fitness. He has written a book “Neuroscience Calisthenics: Hijack Your Body Clock” and also designs workout plans for his clients. Jean Fallacara will challenge you and inspire you if you follow him—especially if you have personal battles.

Instagram account: @cyborggainz

6) Nathan Khider

If Grit was visible, then Nathan Khider is it. He pushes himself to a higher level each day, and this shows in his business ventures. Nathan has a hand in everything from fashion to media and mentorship. Through his startup, the Young Entrepreneur Network LDN, he offers masterclasses that teach skills in a specific subject like car detailing, marketing, Entrepreneurship, and more. Nathan Khider is inspired by billionaires like Bill Gates, Elon Musk, and Jeff Bezos, but it is his execution and personal style that shines through.

Instagram account: @nathankhider

7) Angel “Arock” Castillo

Angel “AROCK” Castillo is an excellent example of someone who found their passion and a way to create a career from it. As a former DJ, AROCK spotted a need in the industry for DJ-ready music and started his online music service for DJs, BPM Supreme, in 2011. Over the past 10 years, BPM Supreme has grown tremendously and is now the #1 trusted source for music for DJs worldwide. Follow AROCK to learn more about his entrepreneurial journey and get inspired to build a successful business doing what you love.

Instagram account: @arock

8) Youssef Taha

Youssef Taha is a multitalented model and international influencer with brains to match. A professional auditor and masters graduate of audit and financial management, Youssef has used his knowledge to great personal benefits. As a model and influencer, he has secured deals with big names like Fashion Nova, Nerdunit, FreshHoods SikSilk, and many more. He engages his audience on fashion and business, and if you want to learn to get into these fields, there is none better to learn from. Youssef Taha is self-made, and as such, dont expect any of his tips to be any less. He will inspire your personal development and make you aspire for life in the fast lane. He has pushed for his goals despite naysayers, and he remains extremely motivated. We can’t wait to see his next moves in fashion and business.

Check out youssef taha ‘s website: tahayoussef.com


PopRock Singer/Songwriter/Producer, Ryan Jacob Doyle formed his latest project, RYNO in New York City just under 5yrs ago. The lead off single ‘Stars In The Sky’ has a multi-lingual lyric video that hit trending charts in Europe and has since had him on tour extensively. Doyle is best known as front man for PopRock quartet, MORE THAN ME, The group won an international Battle Of Bands that sent them to London to open the main stage of the Hard Rock Calling Festival for Sir Paul McCartney.  

Since early on in the pandemic, He started a weekly series of covers songs called “Not By Me Mondays”. His cover of Mariah Carey’s “Always Be My Baby” has 100k+ views on Instagram and nearly the same on TikTok. Find the whole series on Instagram, TikTok, and SoundCloud by searching #NotByMeMondays and you can follow @RYNOmusicNYC.

On deck, an upcoming collaboration with long time friend and co-writer Joey Nicastro along with new up and coming songwriter Matt Connors. The Buffalo, NY born writing trio teamed up with producers Dan and Nate Monea and are gearing up for the release of their single titled ‘Troublemaker’.

Instagram – @rynomusicnyc

homepage – rynomusic.com

10) NaeSketchie

If you are interested in learning how to run a artist Managment company and a luxury clothing brand, there’s one person to follow, and that person is Joel Molina also known as NaeSketchie. Born in New York City with immigrant parents from the Dominican Republic, his life has always been about adding value. When his parents moved to New York in search of greener pastures, it was time for him to unleash his entrepreneurship skills. Now NaeSketchie runs his own Artist Managment Company Known as Sketchie Entertainmen, and a luxury clothing brand MAZCO original. He is also an MC, and his nightlife events are known to attract high-profile stars like French Montana, Puff Daddy, Future, Fabolous, Cardi B, post Malone, dj spinking, Dj Camilo, among many other A-listers.  His entry into fashion with MAZCO original has been extremely successful, selling out with-in days. Naesketchie is also a co-producer working with various of artist to bring out their greatest skill out. 

Follow him to learn about fashion, music and events. 

Instagram: @naesketchie

Final Thoughts

Following successful people on Instagram is like having a positive role model. Their experiences form a nice precedent and provide an actual case study to go by on your decisionmaking. Even when they make mistakes, this is your opportunity to learn what not to do because, after all, wisdom is about not making mistakes that others have.  When you are growing up in life, you need role models, in careers, you need mentors, and in entrepreneurship, you follow successful people. It is how to learn the secrets to success and, above all, boost your self-esteem. None of them is perfect, but they will motivate, challenge and act as frameworks for your future business decisions.

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