Top 10 Entrepreneurs of 2023

The world is run by the most innovative entrepreneurs who put their all into their respective fields to achieve excellence. For this year, we predict that we’ve barely scratched the surface for visionary thinking, and below, we present the top 10 up-and-coming entrepreneurs of 2023 you should know about.

  1. Anthony Joseph Abou Jaoude

If you’re looking to travel to Dubai, get a visa or residency, buy a home, or rent a property in the country, then look no further. Anthony Joseph Abou Jaoude, entrepreneur, multi-award broker, and real estate investor, is the perfect expert on everything Dubai.

Joseph Abou was awarded the Top Broker in Dubai accolade from 2018 till date and Emaar Top Sales 2020. Apart from these, he has received numerous accolades every three months in the real estate market in Dubai. He notes that his professional prosperity is based on transparency with his clients. On the list of his achievements is an Amazon bestselling book, “Take Charge,” a second book, releasing in the next quarter, an online course, a physical academy and his own podcast, Dubai Stars.

  1. Ryan Godinho

Ryan Godinho is a remarkable entrepreneur who has made a name for himself in the specialty coffee and hospitality industry. His journey began with an operational role for a new annual Specialty Coffee Event in Dubai, which eventually led him to launch and manage all licensed National Coffee Championships within the annual Specialty Coffee Event Space. Accredited as the first GCC-based Lead Instructor for the Specialty Coffee Association of America (SCAA) in the UAE, Ryan would soon go on to establish Specialty Batch, a cafe training academy in 2011. This project rapidly evolved into a specialized wholesale coffee roastery and cafe equipment supply company. In 2015 he launched Stomping Grounds, Dubai’s first neighborhood stationed specialty cafe that continues to win awards year after year. Today, his ventures also include Tyler’s Tavern, a contemporary and classic harbourside pub featuring craft taps, wines, signature liquors, and an elaborate menu of specialty coffee cocktails.

Ryan has always sought to create something new and innovative, incorporating specialty coffee within the regional hospitality space. Despite a barrage of challenges in mastering both B2B and B2C business models concurrently, Ryan’s unwavering passion and commitment was ultimately fruitful, having grown his privately held portfolio into a multi-million dollar group of companies that retains his ethos of quality and integrity.

  1. Lauren Taylor

Lauren Taylor is an entrepreneur, speaker, coach, mentor, and realtor. A 125 Award Winner by Success Magazine and Inman Nominated Innovator of the Year, Lauren has broken barriers in the field of real estate. She is also the founder and co-owner of Pay-it-Forward Today Inc. The company is the fastest-growing military relocation network for military families in America. Lauren Taylor also co-owns Savvy Homebuyer®, an education program that has helped over 12,000 individuals purchase homes in the last three years.

Apart from real estate, Lauren specializes in organic lead generation through content marketing on platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook. Lauren is the epitome of hard work, proved by her ever-growing client base.

  1. Preston Adelman

Building numerous social media brands from 14 is an enormous feat. But that’s the life of 21-year-old Preston Adelman, a social media mogul. Preston has gained over 10 million followers on social media in less than seven years and worked with top industry names like Travis Scott, Lil Baby, Migos, NLE Choppa, NBA Youngboy, and more, promoting their music.

Preston has featured in an ESPN feature on Derrick Henry/Kobe Bryant and Collaborated on art for over 60 teams in the NBA, NFL, NHL, and MLB in 2022. In addition, Preston is the creator to go to for anything and everything, including creating cover art design, photography, social media marketing, and music videos.

  1. Tara Rose Kidd

The education system is shaped to uplift the students’ good in subjects like math, sciences, and languages and downgrade students’ interest in creative arts. However, Tara Rose Kidd, the founder and business director of Tara Rose Salons, proves that you can deviate from the pre-created path and succeed.

Tara Rose Kidd has numerous achievements, including, What’s On Awards 2017: Favorite Hair Salon and What’s On Awards 2018: Favorite Hair Salon. She also won the Professional Beauty Awards 2018: Team of the Year, Fact Spa & Wellness Awards 2018: Favorite Hair Salon, Hall of Wellness Awards 2021: Global Hair Personality of the Year – Tara Kidd, and Professional Beauty Awards 2021: Team of the Year. Tara Rose also won the Professional Beauty Awards 2021: Business Director of the Year – Tara Kidd, Professional Beauty Awards 2022: Team of the Year, Professional Beauty Awards 2022: Business Director of the Year – Tara Kidd, and Professional Beauty Awards 2022: Salon of the Year – Saadiyat Branch.

  1. Mr. Patrick Mensah

Mr. Patrick Mensah is an entrepreneur and CEO of WallStreet Investment Dubai. Patrick has risen from scratch in the car wash business back in Ghana to become a globally acclaimed entrepreneur with ventures in oil and gas, metal and a Bullion Company, and perfumery.

He notes that it takes perseverance and resilience to succeed, having failed in 14 businesses and succeeding in a few, including the Wall Street Investment. “From Crisis Emerge Men Determined to Succeed,” he notes. Mr. Patrick Mensah holds the 2022 Titans Of African Awards – Golden Edition.

  1. Don Afric

Chatgpt has taken over the globe by storm. However, most people need to learn that you can use AI for anything, including creating music. Don Afric, an artist and entrepreneur, proves this is possible. He makes music in five different languages using diverse styles.

By 30, he had founded three successful businesses, written a book, and created a music album. Don Afric is also taking music to a new level through his recent track created using Web3, lyrics by Chatgpt, a cover album by Pixar design, and online generated instrumentals. He notes, “I believe that this is the future. Artists could release as much weekly music as possible depending 100% on web3.”

  1. Allaoua Gaham

It’s yoga meets army drill in one package in Allaoua Gaham’s revolutionary program. An author, TEDx motivational speaker, yogipreneur, and founder of Allaoua Yoga, Allaoua Gaham’s wellness journey began after a cardiovascular accident that almost took away his life. Overcoming this adversity, Allaoua is now a Certified master yoga instructor trained with modern-day gurus like Ira Om, Sean Phelps, Jacob Manning, Jonah Kest, and Eddie Stern.

Allaoua was one of the first certified Animal Flow and Self-defense instructors and has trained with professionals like Mike Fitch, Val Riazanov, Martin Wheeler, and many others. Currently, he is now the leading instructor of Dubai’s finest studios with his clients, including famous influencers, athletes, and politicians.

  1. Charis Michelsen

Charis Michelsen is an award-winning beauty expert, author, inventor, actress, TV show host, and Hollywood royalty. Her journey began when she attended the Parsons School of Design and was discovered to model for major brands.

She has been ranked fifth among the world’s top makeup artists and was named the face of the industry by L’amour Magazine, Vigor Magazine, and Roidx Magazine. Charis Michelsen has been a beauty and fashion icon for top magazines and won numerous awards.

  1. Michael Wittig

From surviving cancer in 2020 to glory is the story of Michael Wittig, an internationally published fitness writer, cover model, and master trainer. He’s also a nine times Natural Pro Fitness Champion, actor, and Grammy-nominated Musician (bass player for the Rock Band Pillar). In addition, Michael Wittig is an International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) graduate.

In 2020, Michael Wittig didn’t give up after a cancer diagnosis and surgery and won four new pro titles. Michael Wittig is the definition of hard work, consistency, and never giving up.

Final Thoughts

The future looks bright with these top 10 up and coming entrepreneurs of 2023. These inspiring individuals are making waves in a range of industries, from real estate and technology to wellness and music. They are harnessing the power of innovation, creativity, and a can-do attitude to solve real-world problems and disrupt the status quo. Whether they are developing groundbreaking tech, designing cutting-edge programs, or transforming the way we shop and consume, these entrepreneurs are paving the way for a more dynamic, inclusive, and prosperous world. As we look to the future, it’s clear that these visionary leaders will continue to drive progress and shape the world in exciting new ways.

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