This was the year that Hollywood’s latest golden goose started running out of puff. By mid-2005 DVD sales began slowing, with analysts later predicting a revenue flat line in the years ahead. The dire predictions only intensified the studios’ hunt for yet another disc of plenty, the two leading contenders being Sony’s Blu-ray technology and Toshiba’s HD-DVD. To paraphrase The Godfather, it’s 2006 and no one wants a format war, but someone’s going to end up with another Betamax on their hands and Sony has too long a corporate memory to want to repeat its own history. Whichever format emerges on top after they both debut in 2006, expect that soon enough you’ll be out re-buying your favorite movies on yet another format — a frustration topped only by the more frequent irritant of keeping up with the multiple DVD Special Editions of a single film. With that in mind, here, in no particular order, are my top 10 DVDs for 2005 (and quite possibly some other year in the near future):Edison: The Invention of the Movies (1891–1918) (Kino)Black Girl/Borom Sarret (New Yorker)Point Blank (Warner Home Video)Seven Men From Now (Paramount)Feeding Boys, Ayaya (Water Bearer)The Films of Charles & Ray Eames (Image Entertainment)Cafe Lumiere (Fox Lorber)Pickpocket (Criterion)The Big Red One: The Reconstruction (Warner Home Video)King Kong: Collector’s Edition (Warner Home Video)Recommended new releases: Broken Flowers (VHS-DVD); Jesus, You Know (DVD).Also released this week: VHS-DVD: Wedding Crashers. DVD: Alien Nation: The Complete Series; All in the Family: The Complete Fifth Season; All the Way Home: History Of — Live in Geneva; As Time Goes By: Reunion Special; The Cave: Widescreen Edition; Dumb and Dumber: Unrated Edition; The Gospel: Special Edition; Green River Killer; Gunsmoke: 50th Anniversary Edition, Volumes 1 & 2; Have Gun Will Travel: The Complete Third Season; Here Comes the Big Red Car; Hunter: The Complete Third Season; Just Desserts; Or, My Treasure; Secrets of the Dead: The Hunt for Nazi Scientists; Silk Stalkings: Season Four.

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