Top 10 Creative Minds Redefining the Entertainment Industry


1 – Mike Burns

Mike Burns is a seasoned filmmaker and visionary entrepreneur who plans to leave an indelible mark on the entertainment landscape. As the visionary force behind Movipods, an avant-garde creative incubator transcending conventional norms, Mike is orchestrating a groundbreaking platform that empowers filmmakers and musicians to launch their works in a new medium, forging a sustainable revenue paradigm that amplifies their creative endeavors, propelling them toward an expansive audience.

In the wake of the podcast renaissance, Mike Burns stands resolute in his commitment to actively spearhead this transformative movement. Movipods, far more than a mere network, symbolizes Burns’ unwavering faith in the inexhaustible potential of the audio medium. Within the precincts of Movipods, creators are afforded the limelight through entrancing dramas and vivacious musical showcases. Recognizing writers as the bedrock of the industry, this platform emerges as a pivotal force in nurturing their aspirations, providing unwavering support in the dynamic digital sphere.

Mike’s prolific career has seen him contribute to the creation of countless feature films,  and secured a coveted GRAMMY nomination for his exceptional songwriting and music production prowess. He has etched his name in history with multiple chart-topping films on esteemed streaming platforms such as Hulu and Amazon. Casting his gaze into the future, Mike envisions a leveled playground for all creatives, a realm where avant-garde and sustainable models, underpinned by his tenacity, empower writers spanning the spectrum of entertainment genres to flourish unfettered.

Whether your forte lies in the realms of film, television, or music, Mike fervently underscores the imperativeness of crafting content that serves as both a conduit for enduring profitability and heightened visibility. His vision champions innovation through inventive avenues, spotlighting your exceptional skills in a manner that is unprecedented.

As the horizon beckons, Mike Burns emerges as an indefatigable champion of the creative class, laboring to restore equilibrium to the field and create a model of sustainability that elevates creators of every shade within the expanse of the entertainment industry.

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2 – Chelsea Nwasike

Chelsea Nwasike, a name synonymous with creativity and resilience, has made an indelible mark on the world of storytelling. As a global citizen from birth, Chelsea has traveled across continents for an extended period, gaining profound insights into life’s complexities at a young age. Throughout the whirlwind of cultures and challenges she encountered, her creative journey became her lifeline.

The depth of Chelsea’s storytelling skill resonates deeply with audiences as she bravely explores themes ranging from loneliness to the depths of the human experience. Her career sparkles with achievements, anchored by a B.A. in Media Production from Bournemouth University and a Master’s in Filmmaking from New York Film Academy, forming a robust foundation for her cinematic storytelling. Additionally, her expertise in writing have allowed her to work with global brands like Bosch and with the likes of FORBES 30 under 30 local and FORBES Annual Top Creator List candidate, Drea Knowsbest.

Chelsea underscores the power of authenticity, the significance of resilience, the fuel of curiosity, and the commitment to lifelong learning. These elements, she believes, possess the capacity to infuse creative work with unparalleled depth and originality. In her upcoming project, “The Ones Before,” Chelsea intends to transport audiences to a precolonial fantasy world inspired by Nigerian mythology, superstition, and political drama. Looking ahead, Chelsea foresees a future where she mentors emerging creatives and explores an array of creative mediums. Ultimately, she envisions “The Ones Before” reaching its peak, a testament to her enduring dedication to storytelling and its possibilities.

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3 – Stephanie Nguyen

Stephanie Nguyen, the visionary behind Joyan Design, has become a symbol of crafting sincere and personable experiences. Leading this southern California-based wedding and event planning company, Stephanie caters to the fun-loving and adventurous people, serving various cities throughout California, the tropics of Hawaii and wherever else the journey takes her. Her affinity for weddings and events isn’t a coincidence but a calling that has resonated since childhood. Every detail is carefully conceived, and every element harmoniously aligns with the essence of the event, all while truly representing the people who cross her path, whether she is hosting a party or orchestrating a family gathering.

Throughout Stephanie’s career, she has achieved numerous successes through her commitment to organic growth and creating experiences that are both memorable and personable. Without relying on paid advertisements, she has consistently booked a full calendar year after year, a testament to the organic reputation she has built. Additionally, her work has been featured in internationally renowned publications such as Vogue and People magazine, demonstrating her outstanding craftsmanship and heart-driven approach to design.

Stephanie’s work philosophy places people at the forefront of everything she does. For her, this involves an in-depth examination of the profoundly motivating factors, emotions, and aspirations contributing to every event. The approach she adopts distinguishes her work from others, and fosters trust among her clients, who allow her the freedom to unleash her creative abilities. Though seemingly simple, her guiding principles carry profound significance: to love and be fully immersed in your craft.

With dreams of building her own event space, Stephanie envisions a place where individuals can liberate their unique celebrations as they have always imagined. Having served as a vendor and planner within the industry for more than ten years, she anticipates being able to provide valuable insights into exactly what people desire and require in the industry. Ultimately, she aims to create a space for special occasions and to be able to use this space as a way to give back to her community.

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4 – Eric Tremble

Meet Eric Scott Tremble, the CEO of Avenge Creative and a Creative Producer, whose journey is a testament to resilience and entrepreneurial success. Under Eric’s leadership, Avenge Creative excels in immersive event marketing, including the most impressive stunts and grandest red carpet premieres in Hollywood. As a company, they are renowned for pushing the boundaries of creativity and creating memorable experiences.

Throughout his career, Eric has demonstrated a remarkable ability to turn adversity into opportunity. Despite the halt to his decade-long career overnight caused by the pandemic, Eric refused to give up. Instead, he seized the moment and began venturing into entrepreneurship, transforming Avenge Creative into a thriving business with seven dedicated employees in just two years. Some of Avenge’s accomplishments include the Minions: The Rise of Gru Post-Party and Consumer Activation, producing private events and album release parties for SALXCO artists including Doja Cat and The Weeknd, Huluween 2022’s hit bicoastal consumer-facing event campaign, the viral M3GAN Premiere and Stunt Campaign, and most recently with the Warner Bros Marketing and Publicity Team on the Barbie Movie Press Junket.

Eric’s philosophy embodies his success: surround yourself with brilliant and diverse minds, and foster a culture of ego-free leadership. He believes collaboration is a powerful force for transformation and is committed to aligning with individuals with unique perspectives on challenges. In the future, he envisions a path in which he continues to work with the best creative minds in the industry to execute campaigns and activations that take the events industry into new and exciting directions. For example, this fall Avenge Creative has partnered with On Rialto Entertainment to bring back “La Cage! – Live at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel,” a reimagined supper club revue based on the original iconic Los Angeles nightclub (Tickets for “La Cage!” are available at With the support of his team, Eric is looking forward to an exciting 2024, with other new ventures and event ideas already underway.

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5 – Danielle M. Alexander

Danielle M. Alexander has emerged as an influential figure in the world of event planning, leaving her mark on the field of entertainment and celebration. With an acute creative sensibility and deft precision, Danielle curates events that leave lasting impressions. As the owner of Posh 5 Productions, a firm renowned for its sophistication and innovative approach to event planning, her influence extends far beyond Los Angeles, having planned events across the globe.

Throughout her career, Danielle has been the heartbeat behind some of the most memorable events, leaving an indelible mark on attendees and the industry. Her portfolio includes Hollywood’s most illustrious events, including the glamorous Emmys Governors Galas, Oscars Governors Ball, and AFI Life Achievement Awards. As a mastermind behind the scenes of such events as the American Film Institute’s AFI FEST and BAFTA LA Garden Party, she seamlessly weaves elegance into every detail, elevating venues into magical places.

Nevertheless, Danielle’s brilliance transcends the silver screen. Her commitment to the community shines through her work on projects like the Project Angel Food Angel Awards and the Venice Family Clinic Silver Circle Gala. Through her expertise, she works to amplify causes that touch hearts and influence lives for the better. In her advice to emerging event planners, Danielle encourages them to adopt a sponge-like mentality, eagerly absorbing wisdom from various experiences. This approach underpins her knack for transforming mundane components into unforgettable moments, exemplifying her distinctive touch.

Looking ahead, Danielle envisions her horizons stretching even farther, with aspirations as expansive as the star-studded skies of Hollywood. With the assistance of her in-depth planning skills, she dreams of partnerships with notable individuals such as Oprah Winfrey and the Obamas, seamlessly integrating her thoughtful planning into their ventures.


6 – Joseph Silberweig and Adam Richman

Joseph Silberweig and Adam Richman, Co-Founders of Medium Rare and leading forces in the Sports and Entertainment industry, have created some of the most iconic live events in America. Through joint ventures with athletes, celebrities, and brands, they have created festivals and broadcasts such as: Shaquille O’Neal’s Fun House, Guy Fieri’s Flavortown Tailgate, Rob Gronkowski’s Gronk Beach, Daymond John’s Black Entrepreneurs Day, Travis Kelce’s Kelce Jam, Dave Portnoy’s One Bite Festival, and various others. A new business model – Medium Rare works directly with each partner to concept and ideate their event in order to bring their personality to life in a live setting.

Among Medium Rare’s feats stands the creation of the remarkable Shaquille O’Neal’s Fun House—an immersive part music festival, part carnival, activating annually as Super Bowl’s biggest event outside of the game itself. A unique experiential platform, Shaq’s Fun House is one of the most sponsored events in America giving brands the opportunity to work directly with SHAQ. In addition, Joe & Adam helped launch and manage DJ DIESEL aka SHAQ.

The duo’s ascent has been marked by various honors, from Variety Hollywood’s New Leaders award, recognition from INC as one of the 5,000 fastest growing companies in America, the acquisition of six Webby Awards, to their inclusion in Forbes’ prestigious 30 Under 30 list.

In an age where collaboration and creativity reign, Joe and Adam have emerged as true luminaries and entertainment entrepreneurs. Their journey is a testament to the power of partnership, the magic of innovation, and the ability to turn ideas into immersive realities. As they set their sights on the landscape of tomorrow, one thing is certain—their story is far from over, and the world awaits the next chapter of Medium Rare’s legacy.

Erica Bio OP 3 blue background Erica Helphand

7 – Erica Helphand

Erica Helphand, Managing Partner and COO of OP 3 Events, is a luminary in event management. In an industry often dominated by male voices, Erica’s leadership demonstrates the value of women-owned companies, elevating events and experiences to foster genuine connection and impact. Throughout the past two decades, she has redefined live gatherings, transforming them into profound moments where individuals create lasting memories, forge unbreakable bonds, and champion causes dear to their hearts.

Erica has been with OP 3 since it began in 2002, with two clients and a dedicated team whose perspectives had been forever changed by their experiences on early AIDS Rides and Breast Cancer Walks. Her teams have created some of the most successful peer-to-peer events and series, and her passion for people–teammates, client partners, volunteers, and participants alike–drives her commitment to continuous improvement and keeps folks coming back. Among Erica’s accomplishments is her recognition as a Los Angeles Sparks Small Business Champion and an Ellevate Raise Her Voice Storyteller. She has also been named one of LASSO’s “Top Women in the Event Production Industry” twice. Since 2002, her teams have orchestrated hundreds of events nationwide, impacting more than 540,000 participants and raising over $600 million for charitable causes.

In her wisdom, Erica highlights that even amid the chaos, everyone can contribute to the greater community. Rather than simply viewing events as physical activities, she considers them an opportunity to build communities and create meaningful connections. Through her Board service for Girls on the Run Los Angeles and co-founding Ellementary, an organization which works to level the playing field and advance gender equity in the non-profit space, Erica works to contribute more deeply to improving the world for women and girls.

Looking ahead, Erica envisions collaborating with LA28 on the Olympics. Her dream, however, extends beyond personal recognition–it’s about the enduring legacy of OP 3 Events, continuing to create remarkable moments for deserving partners, leaving a mark on the world long after her own journey. With her visionary approach, Erica is reshaping the event industry, one unforgettable experience at a time.

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8 – Alex M. Calle

Meet Alex M. Calle, a Stage, Screen, and Environment Designer/Developer whose artistic journey spans over two decades, driven by a deep-rooted passion for creativity. For Alex, art isn’t just a career; it’s a calling. He believes that art has an innate power to connect individuals to the world and stir emotions, a force that led him to fall in love with his craft.

Alex‘s versatility is truly exceptional, covering an extensive range of mediums and genres, including film, TV, theatre, public art, kinetic art, attractions, concert tours, and even theme park design and production. His work is a unique fusion of diverse storytelling mediums and perspectives, making his creations stand out and connect with individuals all over the planet.

When called upon to design a new opera in Inner Mongolia with only 40 hours’ notice, he found himself in the middle of a farming tract in Arxan, China, tasked with creating a 1,200-seat amphitheater from scratch, complete with a 60-foot-wide stage, lighting, audio, dressing rooms, and more, all in less than four weeks. What’s even more astonishing is that during this time, the creative team successfully staged a full production with a cast of over 60, complete with custom costumes and scenery.

Alex’s approach blends artistry with practicality, emphasizing the fusion of the left and right brain in creating functional yet artistically expressive designs. Notable career highlights include prestigious awards such as the THEA Award and Live Design International Award, testaments to his exceptional talent.

His journey reflects the profound impact of art on the human experience. With a vision of designing more theatre and movie musicals, Alex, along with his company hiddenlemons, is set to continue shaping the world of entertainment.

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9 – Alejandro Rodriguez

Alejandro Rodriguez, a luminary in Audio-Visual Production, represents a journey of over 25 years marked by innovation and dedication. As the founder of ALX Entertainment Group, his story resonates as a symphony of passion and entrepreneurship that has left a mark on the AV industry.

Very early on, Alejandro, also known as Alex by his close friends, acknowledged a gap in the AV production landscape, particularly concerning communication engineers and equipment, commonly known as comms, intercoms, or PLs. Opportunities remained elusive despite his comprehensive background in audio engineering. Taking a decisive step, Alex showcased his entrepreneurial flair by not only utilizing his audio expertise, but also investing in Riedel communications gear. This courageous decision opened doors to fresh opportunities and became the cornerstone of ALX Entertainment Group.

In Alex’s words, “Our customers can get gear anywhere, but they can only get our level of service with us.” Through this commitment, he and the team at ALX have become synonymous with trust, innovation, and the seamless executors of creative visions. The company doesn’t just execute projects; it partners with visionaries to breathe life into events and productions. By providing the technical prowess, they translate imagination into reality, captivating attendees and viewers.

With his experience as a Front-of-House Mixer for TED Talks and his roles as Mixer and Comms Engineer for illustrious shows like “Hell’s Kitchen” and the Oscars International Telecast, his prowess has been essential to the success of many productions. His journey underscores a profound lesson: By maintaining a positive outlook, dreaming big, staying focused, and working relentlessly, Alex believes that we can ultimately transform our aspirations into reality. Looking ahead, he envisions ALX Entertainment Group as the foremost name for AV communication solutions, with contracts on the horizon with industry titans such as Disney, Universal, and Netflix.

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10 – Erin Shaver

Erin Shaver, founder and CEO of Taralumen Games, is leaving her mark on the gaming industry with a unique purpose. With her seamless integration of mental health awareness into interactive narratives, she has redefined the conventional boundaries of gaming with the help of Allison Funk,  co-founder and CCO of Taralumen. Dedicated to amplifying empathy and introspection through games, Erin’s journey was sparked by the belief that games can catalyze change.

At Taralumen, Erin is dedicated to spearheading change by expanding mental health awareness to mainstream media, dissolving its current confines, and embedding it into broader cultural discourses. By challenging stereotypes associated with the “gaming” audience, she promotes the idea that this community wants and deserves multifaceted experiences. She recognizes the importance of harnessing popular media as a channel for cultivating awareness, compassion, and empathy in an era that is marked by post-pandemic uncertainty and a host of societal stressors.

As CEO, Erin integrates her love of games with her extensive background in the arts and sciences. Having served for a decade as Director of Operations at IndieCade, the International Festival of Independent Games, and having studied neuroscience and psychology intensively, her influence can be seen throughout each aspect of the studio’s work. She’s also highly experienced in the fields of theatrical and visual arts, bringing this expertise to the development of IP at Taralumen, while nurturing a culture of openness, support, and collaboration.

Throughout her years of interdisciplinary collaboration, Erin has cultivated a dedicated practice of listening to and learning from others. According to her, perpetual learning is not only a privilege but also an essential part of life. As a firm believer in the power of bringing together creative minds from all disciplines, she’s committed to ensuring that multiple perspectives are integrated into the creative process, allowing for deeper narratives and true innovation through game mechanics.

Looking ahead, Erin envisions Taralumen thriving as a nurturing haven for creators. As she and Allison work to develop their flagship game, CORA, they continue to research and expand upon a lineup of future projects. Ultimately, Taralumen strives to create stunning, universally loved.

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