2010 had its share of crazy and ridiculous moments.

Luckily, the never-blinking eye of the camera was there to document the bizarre, ethically questionable, and downright embarrassing situations that surrounded musicians. Remember Miley Cyrus' bong rips, Roger Water's assault on the Elliott Smith Wall or Will.i.am's confusing attempt at black face?

If you've had a little media amnesia this year, here are 10 absolutely ridiculous photos of 2010's crazy moments.

10. Regis Philbin Spanks Nicki Minaj

After a recent performance by Nicki Minaj on The Regis and Kelly Show, the 1,002 year-old Regisaurus decided that Minaj's butt was ripe for a (not so) sweet little spank. Alas, Regis seemed to forget that he was on television… on his own show. Such a booty bwap, may have been reserved for behind the scenes at Chez Reeg, but really, in front of the usual daytime audience of moms, unemployed Lehman Brother's execs and construction workers? Classy.

Watch the spank heard round the world here.

9. Courtney Love's Unraveling on Twitter

In 2010, Courtney Love produced nothing of substance other than kind of insane pictures of herself via Twitter. Of the hundreds of photos she snapped of herself, about 15% were naked or revealing in some way or another. Did we really want to see her new tattoos? Or 46 year old bod? Survey says: Naw. PS. Get some help, Court.

8. Lil Wayne's Release Party

When Weezy got sprung from the housou in November, the tatted rapper just wanted a peaceful night alone to curl up on the couch with some cherry-limeade and a copy of Eat, Pray, Love, right? Not quite. Cash Money Records threw him a bash built for king, complete with outlandish Victorian-style ladies to dangle like bling from each of Lil' Waynes' arms.

7. Roger Water's Street Team Hits “Elliott Smith Wall” in Silver Lake

Credit: Gustavo Turner

Credit: Gustavo Turner

In May, Silver Lake's tagged up memorial mural to Elliott Smith received a new piece graffiti courtesy of Roger Waters. His street team slapped up a wheat paste poster with an Eisenhower quote on the wall imbued with special significance to some in the Silver Lake community. The Weekly's Gustavo Turner summed it up: “Yup, Elliott Smith's moving memorial is now part of Waters' “guerrilla” marketing campaign for expensive tickets to a nostalgia gig aimed at wealthy Boomers.” Read all about it here.

6. Lady Gaga Lollapalooza Stage Dive

Credit: Erika Goldring/FilmMagic

Credit: Erika Goldring/FilmMagic

During a cameo with Semi Precious Weapons at Lollapalooza, Lady Gaga leapt from the stage into a crowd wearing just a fishnet jumpsuit and some pasties. The audience members groped and grabbed at her, tearing her clothes and making for a scene that was disturbing to witness.

5. Miley Cyrus' Hits from the Bong

There she is. Miss Miley Cyrus aka Hanna Bongtana hoovering up some of the wacky tabacky. Not sure how she missed the person taking a video of her while she took some serious rips, but we're glad she did, because this picture is pure gold.

4. Kanye

Just when it seemed that Kanye West couldn't hype up his album anymore, this still from his 30-minute pretentious mini-movie for “Runaway.” This image had WTF written all over it. Floating babes, Renaissance styling, and the bling to end all bling? Yeah, yeah, we all love Kehinde Wiley. We get it. Who does Kanye think he is?

3. Will.i.am in Black face

Credit: Getty

Credit: Getty

So, um, well, here's Will.i.am in black face. Somehow this look appealed to him when he walked the carpet the MTV VMA's in Los Angeles earlier this year. We're not sure about his helmet, or those glasses, but black face? Yes, he's black, in black face. Don't try to figure it out, you may have an aneurysm.

2. Too Skinny 50 Cent

Back in March, 50 Cent tweeted a picture of himself that was nearly unrecognizable. The usually beefy 50 was now a gaunt blank-eyed zombie. He had dropped 50 pounds to play a cancer-ridden football player for the film “Things Fall Apart.” The movie is due out next year so we'll have to wait to see if skinny 50 can actually act. But just look at those cheekbones. Turn him sideways and you've got a Skittle dish.

And the #1 weirdest 2010 music picture is…

1. Fresh Step Danzig

Earlier this year Danzig was spotted making a pit stop to pick up some Fresh Step Kitty litter for some little fuzzballs he had back home. The image raises so many questions. How may cats does he have? Why does he prefer Fresh Step? What are his kitties' names? Does he want their skulls too? Why is Danzig wearing a Danzig shirt? Is it laundry day as well?

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