We'll start by quickly raving about Etsy, a website that is home base for artists to sell their handmade, one-of-a-kind pieces online. We've used the site many times to purchase unique items for the kitchen and beyond. Still, we couldn't help noticing that there are some extremely strange items up for sale. Below is a list of Etsy's 10 best (and weirdest) homemade kitchen or food-related crafts. We miss something even more outrageous? Please do let us know.

10. Ladies Spa Sock Cupcakes

This is the old bait and switch, and we don't appreciate it. Looks like dessert – tastes like socks. Frankly we'd rather have a real cupcake than some lame old slippers.

9. Skulls Bikini Bottle Apron

For when your dish soap bottle is feeling sexy…

8. “Beware Prowling Cockroach” Tea Towels

Is this really what you want to be joking about in your kitchen?

7. “Eat Your Veggies” Pillow

Reminding all couch potatoes out there to stay healthy. A message we're sure will make a huge impact while watching TV and eating chips.

6. Swarovski Encrusted Wine Glass

On its own this isn't all that crazy, but we love the fact that, judging from the picture, this Bedazzled wine glass clearly thinks it's on Dynasty.

5. Twilight Cookie Jar

For the Twilight obsessed, we present this cookie jar, though we're pretty sure the “Dungeons and Dragons”-type vampire fans will be way more psyched about this than the Edward Cullen-loving 'tweens.

4. Manners Napkins

But here's the question, is it or is not considered rude to preach etiquette to your guests via tablescape? A little passive aggressive if you ask us.

3. Mens Oilcloth Aprons

This is the “European man purse” in apron form: Real men don't wear aprons. Real men wear aprons that look like they were made in shop class.

2. Outhouse Shakers

Is it just us, or at first glance, does it not look like this outhouse pepper shaker says “I'm full of poo?”

1. Fake Chocolate Cupcake Hawaiian Flower Inspired Faux Cupcake

What every kitchen needs: a faux cupcake topped with a replica mini chocolate cupcake that serves no function whatsoever. Doubles as a paperweight, since those are so useful too.

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