This year Twitter has been and endless source of insane and awesome tweets coming from musicians from across the universe. Remember when M.I.A. posted that reporter's number? Hilarious. What about Courtney Love's naked pictures? Terrifying.

For digital voyeurs, such as ourselves, this is all gold. We get to see the bizarre and amazing lives of musicians in their own words and pictures. Sometimes the results are boring, but every now and again musicians give us a gem. Here are our top 10 favorite musician twitter feeds that inform, entertain, and (sometimes) revolt.

10. Weird Al Yankovic

For those who think that Weird Al isn't quite as funny as when you were 12 years old, the squeezebox wielding parody king gives some of his finest one liners to the Twittersphere.

Great Tweet: This was on my dressing room door in Amsterdam. I guess it must be the language barrier.

9. Lil Wayne

When Weezy got locked up, Twitter became the tatted rapper's connection to the world. His cronies would post up his prison communiques, and they produced a veritable countdown clock for Weezy's freedom. When he was finally freed, Weezy took over to give important updates on his recording process, and, more importantly, what he is eating.

Great Tweet: Nachos and soda

8. Diplo

The snarky beatmaster travels the world tweeting up photos from backstage and providing links to new free mixes dropping at his label Mad Decent. His best tweets always arrive when he has downtime before a show. Weed may or may not be involved.

Great Tweet: Nu wave reggae = Haile minogue

7. Questlove

The larger-than-life Roots drummer gives thoughts on music, food, and behind the scenes insights from Jimmy Fallon show.

Great Tweet: nyc delivery spots. just a thought. english MUST be at least the 4th language for a delivery guy. at LEAST 4th. #2hourwait?!?!?!?

6. Wayne Coyne

The Flaming Lips frontman provides an inside look at his crazy world, including stage shots, art projects, skin eating fish, and yes, plenty of naked pictures of his wife.

Great Tweet: Little fish eating the dead skin off our feet…. They like it…!!!

[Part 2, including entries 5-1, coming tomorrow. Hint: Snacks the cat might be involved…]

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