Top 10 Authors To Look Out For In 2023

Everyone has the ability to write, but not everyone can do so in a way that will pique the reader’s interest enough to keep them reading all the way through and inspire them to act in the way the author intended. In this age of the Internet, when people’s attention spans are short and hundreds of materials vying for the reader’s attention, a great author has the requisite skills to bring life to their words and do something extraordinary that grabs and holds the reader’s attention.

While writing does not guarantee you a fortune, it is a powerful tool for sharing with readers what’s on your mind and inside your heart. Every successful author has a keen interest in people and the inner workings of other people’s minds. Even if your goal is to write hard science fiction, you must develop engaging characters to accompany the robots and spacecraft. Alternatively, if you’re a poet, you must be able to write words that move readers to tears of joy or pain, set the soul on fire, or wash away the weariness of life. We have compiled a list of the most fantastic top 10 writers whose powerful expressions work their magic in the world and are moving followers with their potent characters and stories.

1. Pierre Jeanty

Pierre Alex Jeanty is a USA Today Best Seller and Amazon Top 100 author and poet who has helped women and men find their voice mainly on the pages of his most widely recognized international best sellers HER & HER Vol.2. His company, 7 Figure Book Business, educates authors on innovative ways to get their published books into the hands of eager readers using direct sales. Pierre promotes authors’ understanding of the book business as they strive to earn a living utilizing their art.

As an immigrant from Haiti, Pierre moved to poverty-stricken Immokalee, Florida, in 2000. He put in tremendous effort and was accepted into a top liberal arts college before dropping out, having taken a few poetry and writing classes. Honing his ability to vividly capture emotions after a series of break-ups, his pennings of modern-day poetry began to garner him national attention in 2017. Jeanius Publishing, the company Pierre founded to self-publish his books, has been an avenue to positively impact more people’s lives, helping men and women open their hearts and communicate their emotions openly.

7 Figure Book Business is exploding with publishing industry creativity. Pierre propels authors to make their splash in the book world. The $4 million sales he amassed in 2020 as an indie author is all the evidence clients need as they seek him out to assist in turning their authorship from a side hustle to an income-producing way of life. On the back of the famous poetry book “HER”, Pierre continues to have several of his 12 published books in Amazon’s Best Selling ranking at any given time. This speaks volumes about how Pierre has formulated his business.

Pierre has also launched his enterprise Jeanty Digital, which promotes other authors’ works, and Pierre Jeanty, which promotes his book sales, having sold hundreds of thousands of copies over the years. Check out his website to learn more about his artistic endeavors and how he teaches others in the writing sphere to make a name for themselves.

2. Barbara Gianquitto

Barbara Gianquitto is an inspiring and motivational author with a gentle and distinct voice who tries to guide her audience on the journey toward healing, self-love, worthiness, and self-discovery. She digs deeper into the human experience through her poems and prose, assisting her readers in finding ways to deal with the heartbreak and trauma of divorce and life challenges. Barbara believes that our life experiences can help shape us into better versions of ourselves, and finding a way back is always possible.

Born and bred in the south of Italy, Barbara graduated in Communication and Psychology before moving to the United Kingdom where she currently resides with her family and a rather grumpy cat. She had a difficult upbringing as her parents divorced when she was 18, making her life challenging on many levels. While it wasn’t that clear to her initially, the separation drastically affected her, making her attach to toxic relationships that temporarily filled traumatic voids left by childhood troubles. Barbara discovered the perfect therapy in poetry and writing – she identified the patterns of unhealthy relationships, slowly and purposefully re-discovered herself, and found her voice. Now, she advocates through her books that we do not need external validation to feel whole, and our only real dependable relationship is with ourselves; and it is only by going inwards that we can truly find ourselves.

With three best-selling books, two poetry collections (4:04 am Thoughts and Awakening of the heart), and a children’s book (Loretta and the Monday Morning Blues) under her belt, Barbara is creating waves among our generation’s modern writers. Moreover, she has been featured on British national radio for her piece, “Tell me your story,” and at Poems by Post with “If you are asking for forever,” earning her a huge following on social media. Other credits to her fame include getting featured as the poet of the year on a big platform on Instagram and being interviewed on several platforms like Authors&More, Love or Runaway blog, Foster Reads, and many others.

Barbara aspires to become the voice of hope, showing that there is always a way out even when all hope is lost, as she firmly believes that endings are just new beginnings. Barbara wants to help adults and children understand that it is always okay to have big feelings, diving into the concept of non-duality: we are not our thoughts, and we can always see things from a different perspective, finding the lessons and building from there from a place of hope and faith.

Her upcoming book, “Mirrors of Time,” due out in the fall of 2023, talks about soulmate love across time and space, focussing on the idea that soulmates will always find each other, inspiring her readers to see heartbreak in a different light: as a stepping stone to something incredibly beautiful that was always meant for us.

3. Ana Caballero

Poetry is one of the most elevated expressions of human thought, feeling and emotion, giving material existence to inner turmoil and joy. This medium has been around since the dawn of literature, shifting and evolving with time. With the advent of web3, poetry is thriving and rapidly expanding into a wide array of digital forms. Ana María Caballero, a poet known for her catchphrase “poem = work of art,” is at the forefront of this expansion and also paving the way for the convergence of poetry with fine art. Growing up, she felt poetry should be exhibited in galleries and museums, where large audiences could connect with the magic of verse. She also wondered why poetry wasn’t collected in a way that honored the poet’s work. Today, she’s considered a pioneer of web3 poetry and is making waves by fostering conversations about the cultural and commercial agency of the written word.

Her first nonfiction book, A Petit Mal, will be released in April 2023, documenting her son’s illness. Ana’s style is straightforward, communicating heartbreak and the problems of romanticized motherhood in a heteronormative society with powerful clarity. The book won the Beverly International Prize and was shortlisted for five other literary prizes. Her newest poetry manuscript Mammal won the Steel Toe Books poetry prize in 2022. She plans to publish this book in early 2024. Meanwhile, her digital book TRYST’s first edition sold out in 48 hours and is now on its second edition.

As the cofounder of digital poetry gallery theVERSEverse, she’s working to onboard renowned poets into the world of web3, arming them with new commercial and creative tools. This gallery also seeks to educate collectors, curators, publishers, and academics, raising awareness about the importance of supporting writers by collecting their work. In the near future, Ana hopes to continue expanding the way poetry is experienced, exhibited and valued through innovative, immersive physical exhibitions showcasing the diversity and creative potential of mediarich poems.

4. Sarah Dickens

Readers from all walks of life can find a powerful message of inspiration and hope in Sarah Dickens’ work. Her first book, “A Victory Song: Beneath the Veil,” is an intimate story of her battle with bipolar disease and how her faith in Jesus Christ helped her get through the difficulties of her condition. It is written in a relevant and realistic way while keeping a feeling of optimism and positivity. The book is based on the real-life tale of her personal struggles with mental illness and how religion helped her through it.

What distinguishes Sarah from other authors is her ability to tell her story in an approachable and realistic manner while maintaining a sense of optimism and enthusiasm. Her work appeals to people from all walks of life, whether or not they identify as Christian, and her readers often empathize with her experiences and find hope in her journey. Her work provides solace to those dealing with mental illness or seeking a greater understanding of faith.

Sarah’s professional highlights include being interviewed on the Christian broadcast network WATC-TV channel 57 and receiving the Book Honour Award from Writers Official. Her book was also named one of the top 12 must-read books in DE MODE magazine and won the “Book Promotion Video Contest” of the ebook design contest. Her book has received widespread recognition for its creative works and achievements, and her writing has been commended for its capacity to inspire readers with hope and inspiration.

Writing is Sarah’s passion, and she hopes to use her novels to move and inspire her audience. She is committed to spreading her message of hope and inspiration to as many people as possible, and she has a planned sequel and series to her first book. Her upcoming creative works will continue to spread the encouragement and optimism she has been giving her fans. With her stories and messages, she hopes to write a series of novels touching the lives of a large audience and offering people inspiration and hope.

Visit Sarah’s website for more information about her and “A Victory Song: Beneath the Veil,” and follow her on social media to learn about her next writing projects. Readers who might be battling mental illness or seeking a better knowledge of spirituality can check her on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

5. Elora Morgan

Elora Morgan is an up-and-coming author making waves in the literary world with her unique and thought-provoking stories. Elora explores themes of sexuality, personal growth, and self-discovery in a way that is both relatable and compelling. Hailing from Philadelphia, the conventions of her upbringing influenced her desire to write stories challenging purity culture and other societal expectations. In her books, she aspires to give voice to the experiences often missing in literature and allows her female characters to be flawed and morally gray.

One of Elora’s most notable works is the Beyond the God Sea series. The first book in the series, Beyond the God Sea: Betrothed, was one of the winners of Independent Book Review’s  “The Best Books We Read This Year (2021)”. This must-read work of fiction, blending dystopian, science fiction, and romance elements, is geared toward the young adult audience and does not contain explicit content. The series continues with Bound by Dark Waters (Wed), which is best suited to older teen readers, and Borne to Salt and Sin (Fated), which targets an adult demographic and contains mature content. Both beautifully written, they address the frequently overlooked themes of transitioning from adolescence to maturity, bringing a new viewpoint to the coming-of-age genre.

Elora Morgan self-published her work, as she felt that the indie publishing route would allow her the freedom to take risks and tell less traditional stories. Her ambition is to write both amusing and absorbing stories that are meaningful and relatable to readers. Elora Morgan intends to continue pushing genre boundaries and exploring new issues in her writing in the future. She is working on the fourth book in the series, releasing in 2024. In her next series, she also intends to experiment with and explore the mash-up of sci-fi and paranormal genres.

Check Elora’s strong presence on TikTok, Instagram, and the Dystopian Author League – a platform connecting dystopian authors and readers worldwide.

6. Michelle Garyfalakis

A young novelist, Michelle Garyfalakis is turning heads in the publishing industry with her innovative and appealing novels. She explores humor and fiction genres with her fantastic writing skills, producing creative and enjoyable stories. She spent 13 years as a stay-at-home mother and understood the value of having a break from the daily grind. She acknowledges that having children is a beautiful privilege; however, she wanted to explore her own potential for global impact. That is where storytelling came into play.

As an accomplished author, Michelle has achieved several milestones during her career. Her romantic comedy book “Sleigh You’ll Stay,” soon after getting published, rose to the top of Amazon’s list of “Hot New Releases.” Her fantasy romance trilogy, “The Evamore Series,” is among her best works. Kingdomless, the first novel in the series, was published in March 2022. “Forging Hope,” the second book in the series, was published in June 2022. The third book in the series, “Liberators,” will be published in the spring of 2023,

Michelle specializes in romantic comedies and fantasy romances and compels her readers to enter a fantastical setting with her intricately woven words. She has always valued telling stories and has long been passionate about finding her unique voice.

Initially, her purpose was to provide financial security for her family; having the flexibility to work from home was perfect for her, given the complexity of raising four kids while running her family business. However, now, her goals have shifted; instead of providing financial stability, her priority is becoming an even better storyteller and sharing deeper connections with people.

Read Michelle’s books if you’re interested in fiction, comedy, and romance. To learn more about her, visit her website and keep yourself updated with daily events in her life through Facebook, Instagram, and Tik Tok.

7. Jocelyn Tubbs

Dr. Jocelyn Tubbs, Au.D, is a rising star in the world of Audiology. As a young, Black doctor, Dr. Tubbs is breaking barriers in her field and inspiring others to do the same. At just 25 years old, Dr. Tubbs earned her Doctorate of Audiology from Pacific University in Oregon. However, her journey to success was not without its challenges. As someone with dyslexia, she uses her experiences to inspire others, paving the way for better representation in audiology.

One of Dr. Tubbs’ notable accomplishments is her book, A Sound Adventure. It was written during her residency year, and this children’s story aims to teach children and their parents about ear anatomy and physiology while taking them on a joyful and musical tour through the ear. Dr. Tubbs uses it in her private practice to help patients understand their treatment options and feel less anxious about hearing loss.

In 2019, Dr. Tubbs presented her book at the American Academy of Audiology conference and noticed the lack of diversity in attendance, which led her to create a group on Facebook called Black Audiologists United. It has over 200 members and continues to be a safe space for Black audiologists to connect and share their experiences.

In 2022, Dr. Tubbs was recognized by the American Academy of Audiology for her contributions to the field and her dedication to increasing representation and inclusivity within the profession.

A frequent speaker at conferences and events, she is passionate about raising awareness about the importance of diversity and inclusion in healthcare, working tirelessly to create a more equitable and inclusive environment for all. Dr. Jocelyn Tubbs is a fantastic author and Audiologist, who is truly a trailblazer in audiology, and her work, especially her book, is making a meaningful impact worldwide.

8. Kara McDowell

Kara McDowell is a rising author in the world of young adult literature. With her ability to create funny, romantic, and page-turning stories, she thoughtfully explores characters with mental health struggles like depression and anxiety to bring to light some of the troubles teenagers face today. Kara comes from a large family in Gilbert, Arizona. She first discovered her love of writing in early childhood and eventually furthered her education in English literature and creative writing in college.

Through her stories, Kara hopes to send a message of acceptance, humor, and understanding, drawing inspiration from her own experience with anxiety. She strives to bring realistic and compelling characters to life to convey that, despite the difficulty in managing mental health issues, it is still possible to live a happy, fulfilling life full of grand, romantic adventures.

As a rom-com writer, Kara McDowell’s novels have found an audience with teen readers. Her books “One Way or Another” and “This Might Get Awkward” were published by Scholastic. And her upcoming book, “The Prince & The Apocalypse,” a delightful romp high-stakes rom-com about the end of the world, will be published in July 2023 by Wednesday Books, an imprint of Macmillian. Kirkus Reviews has praised Kara’s books as “page-turning” romances with realistic anxiety representation.” Translations of her novels have also been sold internationally in nearly a dozen countries.

Kara’s long-term objectives are to continue writing and selling books. She wants to keep creating stories that resonate with readers in meaningful ways and to help them feel seen and heard. Kara loves writing young adult fiction but aspires to branch out into other categories. Kara’s writing offers humorous and hopeful perspectives on mental health issues that are a delight to read, and her books are ones to keep an eye on. Visit her website to learn more about Kara and how to purchase her books. To closely follow her life and enjoy her entertaining content, follow her on Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok.

9. Jeffrey L Kohanek

Fantasy books can transport readers into a magical, make-believe land with compelling, larger-than-life characters and intricate plots. There is a certain complexity involved in creating fantasy literature – hence why everyone isn’t capable of mastering this genre. Jeffrey L Kohanek is an epic fantasy writer who has connected with his readers based solely on his incredible plots and uniquely inclusive characters, with plenty of action and emotional charge on the side. He has penned dozens of fantasy books, including numerous acclaimed series set within his world of Wizardoms.

Kohanek enjoyed comic books during his childhood, where superheroes save the day by annihilating evil with their superpowers. As he grew older, he consumed fantasy literature, falling in love with the wondrous places intertwined with myth and magic. However, he chose a more traditional career path, studying engineering, working in Product Management, raising two gorgeous children, and living his life while his creative desire grew stronger.

However, the stories in his mind and the characters to embody his vision begged for a release. Kohanek decided to act on his dream and started writing as a side hobby in 2016, finally leaving his job in January 2020 with ten published novels. His books are fast-paced and action-packed, with well-rounded characters and gripping plots with cinematic quality. They are a perfect read for an audience who enjoys intricate world-building, the classic good vs. evil trope, and lively characters with a dash of romance.

Currently, Kohanek has 25 published novels, with more on the way. He actively connects with readers through his storytelling, social media, and bi-weekly newsletters featuring exclusive deals and content based on his books. He also looks forward to expanding his voice to other mediums like anime, manga, TV, and film. A worthy adaptation of his novels in the form of an animated or live-action film will also be an excellent opportunity for him.

To catch up with news on his new novels, follow him on Facebook or browse through his books by clicking here.

10. Amanda Han

Meet Amanda Han, the mastermind behind Keystone CPA, Inc. She has co-authored the top-selling book, “The Book on Tax Strategies for the Savvy Real Estate Investor,” with her husband, Matt MacFarland. As a CPA & Tax Strategist, Amanda is on a mission to empower real estate investors nationwide with the tools to save big on taxes.

Growing up in a family of real estate investors, Amanda learned the tricks of the trade at an early age. She has been showcasing her expertise through her numerous appearances on prominent platforms such as Forbes Finance Council, Money Magazine, Talks at Google, CNBC’s Smart Money Talk Radio, and the BiggerPockets podcast.

With Keystone CPA, Amanda aims to bridge the gap in the industry by providing top-notch tax-saving strategies that were once reserved for the super-wealthy to the everyday investor. Her goal is to educate and empower more people on the importance of tax savings and how it can accelerate financial freedom.

Follow Amanda’s journey on her social media platforms, like Instagram, where she shares her tax-saving tips, advice, and the latest in the world of real estate investing. And if you want to take your tax game to the next level, visit her website, and let Amanda Han be your guide on the exciting journey toward financial freedom.

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