Tonight's musical headliner at the El Rey Theatre has no albums, no mp3s, no songs on the Internet, scant YouTube presence, and not even any merch, unless you count guitar picks from a 2007 tour, and those are sold out.

No, with the experimental rock ensemble RRIICCEE, you get only the vision of Vincent Gallo, the actor/director/writer/musician who refuses to be beholden to most conventions.

RRIICCEE makes improvisational (although he doesn't like the word), instrumental rock that nestles, sometimes disconcertingly, in ambient territory. Or, as he explained to our sister publication The Pitch before the tour three years ago:

“If I didn't tell you that everything we played was completely spontaneous and improvised, you would never know it. That should give you some concept of what to expect. In other words, we're there creating very beautiful, simple, sensitive compositions that are organized outside of musical cliché. But they don't sound like they're spontaneous, so it's not so obviously abstract or improvisational or disorganized. Imagine a mix of musical forms that never existed before coming together, piecing together compositions and sounds, harmonics and moods that are a reflection of the four of us, the place that we're playing, the time, the feel and a reflection of the audience. It's very, very conscious music.”

Gallo's collaborators on that first tour were Eric Erlandson of Hole, Rebecca Casabian and Nikolas Haas. This time out, RRIICCEE is pared down to a trio, with Gallo, film composer Woody Jackson (Ocean's 12 & 13, The Devil Wears Prada, American History X) and Nico Turner (of the local duo VOICEsVOICEs).

Reviewing a show earlier this month, the Washington Post called the fare “a kind of free-form art-school elevator music with a mild debt to composer Ennio Morricone.”

Going down?

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Also: Zach Deputy at the Mint; Kitten and Dizzy Stilettos at the Echo; the Californian, the Sweet Hurt and Obi Best at the LaBrie's; Barrio Tiger at the Redwood; Rajas and Sing Orpheus at the Silverlake Lounge; Infectious Grooves at the House of Blues; Stereofix at Saint Rocke in Hermosa Beach; Belleruche and Pollyn at the Bootleg; Etienne de Crecy at Cinespace; and Sozay at the Viper Room.

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