Pip Brown started playing guitar for rockers Two Lane Blacktop in 2001, then moved on to the hormone-crazed electronica duo Teenager with Pnau's Nick Littlemore – together, those experiences gave Brown a peanut-butter-in-my-chocolate revelation before finally getting it right in her fully-formed project, Ladyhawke. The rock-fused dance pop, big on synth riffs, theatrical '80s affectation and sexual suggestion, is the musical equivalent to a sweaty pillow fight in those shiny American Apparel tights.

Ladyhawke's really packing venues in the U.K., but Americans aren't as apt to swallow her easy, candy-coated '80s shtick. Brits know better: It's more fun to give in to Ms. Brown's bravura. With her kick-in-the-balls delivery and her Stevie Nicks-meets-Debbie Gibson looks, Ladyhawke may still sound tame enough for airplay on KCRW, and Christina Aguilera may cover Pip Brown's songs (the track “My Delirium” will be featured on her new album), but you can be sure, after this show, you'll be proud to scribble “Ladyhawke” across your math folder without shame. (Wendy Gilmartin)

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