It's been 15 years since Filter scored its big hit with “Hey Man, Nice Shot,” and a year and half since Richard Patrick passed that signpost of career middle age by releasing a greatest-hits compilation.

He must've thought there was still some rockin' to do — or he heard the whispers that he'd gone soft after 2008's politically charged Anthems for the Damned — because Filter's new release, The Trouble With Angels, flexes the 1990s muscle that briefly had industrial music heads uttering Filter's name right after Nine Inch Nails.

Except for a couple songs that might be construed as bids for radio airplay, the Trouble With Angels is pretty relentless, its hard-charging guitars dueling with Patrick's agonized vocals amid explosions of percussion. The single “The Inevitable Relapse” raised some eyebrows — Patrick famously went clean in 2002, but he has said the new single is about love, not rehab.

The band's co-founder Brian Liesegang is long gone; Patrick now works with a lineup featuring ex-Korn axeman Rob Patterson, drummer Mika Fineo and bassist Phil Buckman.

They'll have it turned up to 11 tonight at the Roxy, in a rather appropriate way to kick off the weekend of the Sunset Strip Music Festival.

Elsewhere: The Hold Steady, supported by Sub Pop fun bunch Jaill, play the Glass House in Pomona. … Radars to the Sky celebrates the release of their new album Supra/Infra at Spaceland (the Henry Clay People surface to play the late set). … And Juliette Commagere, whose sophomore album The Procession comes out Oct. 26 on Manimal, headlines the Echo.

Also: Black Mountain at the Bootleg Theater; the Beth Hart Band at the Whisky; Lynyrd Skynyrd at the Gibson Amphitheatre; Purple Melon at the Viper Room; Amando Jo Williams at the Mountain Bar; the Franks and Lord Huron at the Downtown Independent Theater after the screening of The Scenesters; Relax to Paris, the Ivy Walls and Fight From Above at the Troubadour; Spirit Animal at the Redwood; Vaud & the Villains at the Echoplex; Incan Abraham and the Lonely Wild at the Silverlake Lounge; Josh Tatum at the Hotel Cafe; Learning Music at Echo Curio; Frank Sinatra Jr. at Catalina Bar & Grill; Y & T at the Key Club; and Lucinda Williams at the Queen Mary in Long Beach.

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