Thursday nights have long been oyster night at Cliff's Edge, when the kitchen shucks oysters all night long, and from 6-7 p.m. they're only $1 a pop. As of tonight, May 14, new wine director Roni Ginach has added another element to the oyster revelry, offering three wines by the glass that are usually only for sale by the bottle and which pair particularly well with oysters. 

Ginach is focusing on wines deemed “adventurous,” meaning things you might not be as familiar with, and perhaps wouldn't order by the bottle as a result. Because of this, it's a great way to try some things you haven't heard of but could end up falling in love with. Tonight, for instance, she'll be pouring a Julie Benau Picpoul de Pinet Libero from the Languedoc, a white wine that is produced in neutral-oak barrels that spent three months submerged 46 feet below sea level in a naturally occurring oyster park just off the southwest coast of France. If you're looking for oyster-friendly, I'm assuming being aged underwater in an oyster park would do the trick. 

Ginach will also be pouring an unfiltered prosecco and a fino sherry. These aren't super expensive pours — glasses tonight are priced between $9 and $17. 

These oyster nights have always had a celebratory, neighborhood get-together feel in the bar of Cliff's Edge. Adding a wine geek element ought only to add to the fun. 

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