Not much we can say here is going to change your mind about Arcade Fire.

You're either a believer, or not. You've either dropped some paycheck/worked an angle/called in a favor to get a ticket to one of the next two nights' sold-out shows, or not. (Or, you'll wait for Coachella, where the betting money says the Montreal band will headline.) They've become that kind of band.

Our favorite take on Win Butler and crew in recent reviews came from Jonathan Zwickel of the Seattle Times, who described them as “plagued by their own significance”:

Arguably the biggest indie band in existence, Arcade Fire is plagued by its own significance. These eight multi-instrumentalists have Something Important to Say, a humanist, anti-materialist Message that elicits weeping devotion from fans and Gratuitous Capitalization from critics. Not to mention knee-jerk skepticism from Those Who Just Don't Get It.

If you do believe, and will be at the Shrine Auditorium either of the next two nights, you'll get an hour and half-plus of tent-revival indie rock, a healthy dose of the band's new album The Suburbs and enough sing-alongs to send you home hoarse, smiling at the big ugly mug of cynicism.

Elsewhere: Bands from more than a dozen countries join U.S. and local acts for Filter's Culture Collide festival (full schedule here), a four-day series that kicks off tonight at six venues — the Echo, Echoplex, Spaceland, Taix, 826 LA and the downtown Standard Hotel. Highlights tonight: Black Lips at the Echoplex, Casiokids (Finland) and Kordan at the Echo; K-X-P (Finland) and Superhumanoids at Spaceland; Sebastian Tellier, El Guincho (DJ sets) and Voxhaul Broadcast at the Standard; the Black Atlantic at Taix; and Gamble House and Annie Stela at 826 LA (where the Black Lips do an early conversation/acoustic performance).

Also: Lissie and Dyland Leblanc at the sold-out Troubadour; Dave Alvin & the Guilty Women at Brixton South Bay; Particle at the Roxy; the Ruby Friedman Orchestra at the Central in Santa Monica; Parlour Suite, the Sweet Hurt and Black Cherry at the Silverlake Lounge; Sunset, the White White Lights and the Dead Trees at 3 Clubs; Hawksley Workman and Jay Nash at the Hotel Cafe; Bob Schneider at the Key Club; the Ivy Walls at the Viper Room; and Joe Satriani's 5:30 p.m. in-store at Best Buy (11301 W. Pico Blvd., West L.A.).

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