Tone Stith is All About Girls Like You: Jersey-born R&B singer, songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist Tone Stith has released new single “Girls Like You,” a heartbreaking ode to a bad relationship.

“Imagine, being in a relationship,” Stith said in a statement. “Taking time, growing with someone. Learning their ticks and things that make them feel satisfied. After all that effort, you find out that whole time they been fucking around on you with someone else! Just like that, trust issues, heartbreak… Swear it felt like someone stabbed me with a knife, and kept it turning…”

“It be girls like you, that fuck it up for everybody else,” Stith croons, clearly hurt to his core.

“This latest release is a follow-up from Tone’s previous released fan favorite track ‘B.E.D’ in 2022 and his seven-track project Still FWM, which came out in October of 2021,” reads the press release. “‘B.E.D’ and Still FWM displays his smooth vocals and honest lyrics while immersing you into the world of R&B with hints of pop and hip-hop. These releases are a continuation of that and cements Tone Stith’s status as a quadruple-threat in the entertainment industry. Not only can he play various instruments such as drums, piano and guitar, but as a songwriter, Tone has penned numerous chart-topping hits, including Chris Brown’s ‘Liquor,’ ‘Make Love’ and ‘Undecided.’ Although he has many accolades collaborating with others, Stith’s solo music allows him to shine the brightest with his incomparable falsetto and raw talent. With his forthcoming EP, Tone Stith is ready to take his place as an R&B mainstay.”

Tone Stith is All About Girls Like You: Tone Stith’s “Girls Like You” is out now.































































































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