The EBay bidding on the cemetery crypt space located directly above Marilyn Monroe's is now up to $4 million. For a final resting place, the spot has had a bit of turnover, according to an L.A. Times piece. Originally owned by baseball slugger Joe DiMaggio, it was sold by the Yankee Clipper to Los Angeles entrepreneur Richard Poncher after DiMaggio became MM's husbeen in 1954. Poncher was interred above Monroe (reportedly face down) in Westwood Village Memorial Park's Corridor of Memories upon his death in 1986. Recently, his wife Elsie put Poncher's crypt up for bidding, with plans to move her dead half into her own crypt. The widow Poncher claims she needs the money to pay off the mortgage on her Beverly Hills spread.

The bidding ends today, but one question arises: Will Playboy founder Hugh Hefner purchase the space? After all, he bought the one right next door to Monroe's in 1992 for the chump change of $75,000.

“That cemetery is very close to the mansion,” Hefner told the L.A. Weekly in 2007, “and a number of my close friends are buried there — Mel Tormé, Buddy Rich and Dorothy Stratten. It just seemed the place I ought to be.”

Who knows — if the idea of resting forever in a bunk-bed manner (or

would it be missionary style?) appeals to Hefner, he may want to do a

crypt swap. Swingin'!

LA Weekly