Got a frenemy you've always wanted to throw things at? Invite them to this weekend's Tomato Battle to engage a violent tomato war. The price is a bit steep ($59.99, or $39.99 if you enter the promo code “club tomato”), but the event's charity partner is the Los Angeles Food Bank. Organizers purchased rotten tomatoes from the bank and will donate a portion of the proceeds back to the bank.

Along with the battle royale of fruit-hurling, which the L.A. County Fairgrounds will host, the Tomato Battle also includes an all-day beer garden (beginning at 12 p.m.), a costume contest, and live entertainment.

The event has already hit Seattle and Northern California (Alameda County Fairgrounds). Following the Southern California fight, the event heads to Texas and then Georgia. The kickoff tomato fight took place in Copper Mountain, Colo. last June.

According to the Contra Costa Times, the event's two creators left their jobs in finance to pursue this tomato fighting dream. The founders, Clint Nelson and Max Kraner, drew inspiration from Bunol, Spain's annual La Tomatina festival.

“We are hoping to think of more ridiculous ideas and turn this into an event company known for ridiculous events,” Kraner told Contra Costa.

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