A filmmaker wants to make a documentary about a high school toilet papering crew that has existed in L.A. since 1979. (It replaces members who graduate and move on). It could be the feel-good vandalism film of the year.

The doc by Whit Scott is to be called “Rolled,” and he's looking for crowdsourced funding via Kickstarter.

The proposed, feelgood tale starts in '79 with …

… a guy named Haines who founded the crew with three other friends. Each guy, Scott says, had a specific job, and by the 1990s, when he joined up, his was as its media archivist, a.k.a. photog.

Scott says he caught up with Haines but still needs to document the current crew members and go through archived footage and photos to put this thing together.

And he needs a little of your cash to do it. In fact, he warns that if he doesn't get $30,000 by Sept. 3, this isn't happening.


What's really convenient about this pitch is that if you're one of the victims of said papering, you know where find the culprits. And instead of giving, you can just send them a bill, right?


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