Other comedians post show clips and stuff like that on their Web sites. On Todd Barry's site (do we really have to explain how to find it?), you'll see his annotated “receipt museum,” including one for Mortgages for Dummies he bought with a gift card. His comments: “What's sadder than Todd Barry buying the book Mortgages for Dummies ? How about Todd using a gift card to buy Mortgages For Dummies ? Todd really knows how to treat himself right. And he'll treat you right, when you're sitting next to him, drinking mulled cider by the fireplace in his new northern New Hampshire country home — financed with a sensible 30-year fixed-rate mortgage.” This brings us to Todd Barry & Friends, including Bob Odenkirk and Andy Kindler.

Mon., Jan. 12, 9 p.m., 2009

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