This Fourth of July, we salute CBDistillery™ for continuing to provide trustworthy, effective products at an unbeatable price. 

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The CBDistillery™ catalogue of products promotes whole body wellness, taking full advantage of the Entourage Effect, which is the ability of each of the numerous plant components to intensify the effects of the others. When it comes to getting the most bang for your buck, CBDistillery™ is among the best. 

Why take advantage of this incredible CBD sale? Because now is the time to take control of your wellness. A 2019 customer survey with 1,900 respondents conducted by CBDistillery™ showed:

  • 88% of CBD users say CBD helps with mild or temporary anxiety
  • 89% of CBD users day CBD helps calm their mind
  • 89% of CBD users say CBD helps you get better sleep
  • 84% of CBD users say CBD helps with pain after physical activity

If you are looking for a holistic, accessible health alternative, CBDistillery™ is for you. 

Here are our top three CBD and CBG product recommendations to snag during the CBDistillery™ Fourth of July sale: 

1000mg Full Spectrum CBG Oil

As the best-selling new product on the cannabis market, the CBDistillery™ 1000mg Full Spectrum CBG Oil is several amazing tinctures rolled into one. CBDistillery™ Relief + Relax CBD CBG 1:1 Oil gives you all the wellness benefits of a full-plant extract CBD, but with the added benefit of CBG! 

What is CBG? CBG is the “mother,” or “stem cell,” cannabinoid, which creates all other cannabinoids such as CBD. CBG works in the way CBD does, helping to achieve a healthy equilibrium and homeostasis. When CBG and CBD are paired together, the “entourage effect,” multiplies the wellness benefits for the individual. This tincture is excellent for everyday use and offers you the flexibility to easily adjust your serving size to provide you with the results you are looking for.

Full Spectrum CBD Softgels

As hectic as daily life has become, convenience is king – which is why we recommend the CBDistillery™ Full Spectrum CBD Softgels. Each softgel contains 30 mg of hemp-derived CBD in a smooth gelatin shell. This is the easiest way to consume your CBD at any time, without hassle. 

The work of finding a proper dosage is already done for you, so there’s no mixing or prepping involved. Softgels can be easily transported so you can take your CBD with you wherever you go.

0%* THC 500mg Broad Spectrum CBD Oil

Simply put, this is your best THC-free CBD option. The CBDistillery™ Relief + Relax Broad Spectrum 500mg CBD Oil gives you all the wellness benefits of a full-plant extract, without a single concern of consuming THC*! 

Similar to full spectrum products, the CBDistillery™ broad spectrum CBD oil gives you the synergy of other cannabinoids and terpenes so that you can take advantage of the beneficial “entourage effect,” multiplying the health and wellness benefits of CBD, without THC. This tincture is excellent for everyday use and offers you the flexibility to easily adjust to a serving size that provides the results you’re looking for.

* Third party tested to ensure non-detectable levels of THC (less than .01%)

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