Welcome to the most depressing day of the year. Statistics indicate that y'all are bummed out. Your bank account is drained after the holidays. You still have a post-ecstasy fog from that New Year's eve bender. And it's still almost six months until summer.

Still, if you live in L.A., it's not so bad. We're expecting a near-80 degree Monday.

And it's Martin Luther King Jr. Day. Bask in the glory of his words:

“And I've looked over, and I've seen the promised land …”

That promised land, friends, is called Prozac. But seriously, it is a bummer that this day would happen when we remember the birthday and accomplishments of Dr. King, the originator of contemporary American hope (way before Jesse Jackson or even Shepard Fairey).

Not to fear, however. “Blue Monday” isn't an American construct. Leave it to a Brit to come up with this downer According to the U.K.'s Star newspaper:

“The most depressing day of the year was declared by Cliff Arnall, a former lecturer at the University of Cardiff, Wales, after he concocted a winter blues formula in 2005. Arnall's equation took into account the weather, our debt, salary, motivation levels and time since Christmas to calculate the day of deepest despair falls on the third Monday of every January.”

No wonder so many of them want to come to Hollywood. At least we can get a tan and people watch while we mope.

LA Weekly