This guy was giving the dog a bone — and not the good kind, either. In fact, police said they found 62-year-old Wade Strickland having sex with a dog under a bridge in South L.A. last winter, with “pornographic material” nearby.

Okay player.

This week Strickland was convicted on animal cruelty and lewd conduct, the Los Angeles City Attorney's office announced.

Authorities say that when they found Strickland in flagrante on Feb. 2 he had adopted “numerous dogs” from animal shelters. His harem?

He pleaded guilty to the charges Monday.

Judge Mary Lou Villar, sister of L.A. Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, sentenced Strickland to three years of probation. He's not allowed to own any more animals, must make himself available to animal services personnel for searches, and has to undergo “animal care” counseling.

The dog that was violated was determined to be okay, at least physically (the horror), and was later adopted.

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