This guy has dug a deeper hole for himself than Tiger Woods: Federal authorities say Pavel Valkovich, 28, got into hot water after an informant helped them arrest him for a PayPal account-transfer scheme. So Valkovich, from Sherman Oaks, did the natural thing and tried to hire a hit man for $10,000 to kill the informant. When authorities caught wind of the attempt, Valkovich, while in jail, allegedly tried to hire someone else for $40,000 to kill the first prospective hit man (and the informant).

The U.S. Attorney's Office today stated that Valkovich has pleaded guilty “solicitation to commit murder” for the first attempted hit order. He already pleaded guilty to bank fraud, so he's looking at a possibility of 50 years behind bars when he faces a judge for sentencing in February.

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials began investigating Valkovich in 2008 as he was using stolen identities to transfer funds into PayPal accounts he controlled. At one point he tried to funnel $440,000 into one account.

When he found out about an informant who was working with authorities, Valkovich approached a prospective hit man and stated “he wanted the hitmen to use a silencer and to kill the informant in a drive-by shooting,” according to a U.S. Attorney's Office statement.

In jail in San Bernardino based on the plot-to-kill allegations, authorities say Valkovich then approached someone inside and asked that person to kill the original, prospective hit man and the informant for $40,000. He “provided information on the planned victims' appearance, residences, and cars,” according to the federal statement.

“Valkovich directed that one victim be shot and have his head cut off,” the office states.

LA Weekly