A woman was struck and killed by a limousine that then dragged her body through the streets of Skid Row for a mile, at one point passing the Los Angeles Police Department's Central Division station, alerting officers to the crime.

The alleged homicide happened about 1 a.m. at East Eighth Street and Ceres Avenue in Skid Row, Sgt. Dan Eun of the Los Angeles Police Department's Newton Station told LA Weekly. The limo was driven by a woman who had allegedly been in a drug dispute with the victim. The names and ages of the two were not released.

The limo driver allegedly ran over the victm, whose body remained under the 1980s-era Cadillac as it traveled a mile to the Broadway Theater District downtown, at West Fifth Street and Broadway, Eun said. A plainclothes officer from the Central Division had caught up with the suspect and stopped her, he said.

KTLA reports that the limo actually drove by the Central Division station on East Sixth Street station with the body underneath the vehicle, alerting cops to the alleged crime.

The victim was declared dead at the scene.

LA Weekly