You're at home making dinner and you notice someone looking in your window. Scary. Then you get knocks on the door. Couples are kicking the dirt in your front yard. The phone rings off the hook. WTF?

This actually happened when someone posted a fake Craigslist ad putting up a couple's 2,800 square foot San Clemente home for rent for the unusually low lease rate of $1,400 a month, according to CBS2 News. While the Van Nostrans did intend to lease the place out, and had a Craigslist ad posted for the $3,500-a-month residence, someone echoed the advertisement with the lower price, causing house hunters to come out of the woodworks.

Not only that, but the fake ad stated that the home was vacant and encouraged people to go on over and take a look.

“I had somebody look in the window while I was making dinner and they kind of looked at me like 'who are you?' And I looked at them like, 'can I help you?'” Melissa Van Nostran told the station.

Orange County sheriff's deputies are trying to find out who posted the fake ad.

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