If you'll recall, last year Los Angeles became one of the highest-profile cities in the nation to get on the boycott bandwagon against Arizona. The City Council didn't like its new law (still not fully in effect) that would have cops asking people they stop if they're in the U.S. legally.

Now tourism officials from Arizona are coming to L.A. this month to drum up business by touting Southwestern cuisine and chefs at the SLS Hotel near Beverly Hills.

Too soon?

According to a press invite:

” … The Arizona Office of Tourism, Greater Phoenix, Scottsdale, Metropolitan Tucson, Tempe, Mesa, Glendale, Flagstaff, Sedona and Arizona Rocks tourism officials” will be in town Jan. 24 to help journalist spread the word about “the latest on Arizona's award-winning resorts, outdoor adventure, culinary delights, golf, soothing spa treatments, distinctive accommodations, and get all the details on baseball spring training in the desert!”


While the city's boycott has proved to be toothless (the City Council has found exceptions to its vow not to make deals with Arizona companies pretty much every time the issue has come up), it doesn't mean we're ready to cross that border just yet.

And here's another small point:

L.A. is technically IN THE SOUTHWEST! You mean Arizona officials are coming here to teach us about our cuisine?

And another:

What is Southwestern cuisine? Mexican food on an adobe-colored plate with napkins embroidered with coyote images.

So, Arizona, you don't like like Mexicans, but you like their food. And you want people in L.A. to go to your state and eat Mexican-influenced food while the people who invented it are not welcome?

That just doesn't taste right to us.

LA Weekly