My '70's fetish is probably most evident by the Technicolor collection of maxi frocks in my closet. I've been amassing these vibrant columns for years ( my pals call them my Sonny and Cher dresses) and wearing them out to clubs has always been a blissfully comfy alternative to the tight mini's or jeans everyone else was wearing…. kinda like wearing my night gown in public (so subversive!). Plus I stood out from the crowd.


Not anymore though. Now it looks like I'm not the only one LONG-ing for the groovy look.

I'm out a lot and the other night at Edison, I counted 7 other gals rocking the ankle length halter style I had on. Where are all these vintage dresses coming from? I regularly scour Ebay for 'em (the bidding wars are getting a lot more vicious- a floor-length floral number similar to one I bought at the Salvation Army for $2 a few years ago, sold for 80 bucks!) but I can't believe everybody's getting them off the net.

Turns out they're knock-offs of original vintage pieces. The most popular brand T-Bags (and by the way, if this name makes you think of sex, ewww) worn by Paris, Lindsay, etc. come in psychedelic prints and lightweight silky poly-like fabric, which make them look very retro. Of course, now that I know about 'em I can spot 'em a mile away.


I'd actually buy one, but having spent a fraction of the T bags pricetag (about $200) for the real thing, it's kinda hard to justify. By the way, the short version of these funky frocks are just as popular, especially after Britney Spears wore one in her famous crotch shot. Which brings me to why I really like the long trend: goin commando is A okay!

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