The success just keeps coming for the Lime Truck, Orange County's first big name to emerge from the food truck wars of '10. After a winning run on the second season of the Great Food Truck Race, the Lime Truck looked to expand northward. Its first brick-and-mortar venture, dubbed the acronymous TLT Food, opened in Westwood late last year. And now they've made their way downtown.

With dishes like pork belly nachos, a blue crab grilled cheese and the ever-popular carnitas fries, it's no wonder TLT Food has done so well with the late-night college crowd. In fact, things have gone so swimmingly for TLT Food that it has expanded to Seventh Street between Spring and Broadway downtown, and is open for business as of today. Expect lots of lime green paint and art from local artists hanging on the wall, with simple seating in a fast-casual environment.

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Much of the menu reflects the success of the truck and Westwood location, with those same fries and short rib quesadillas available to anyone looking to overfeed themselves. Other options include bacon and beef blended together for sliders, pulled pork tacos with a chipotle-honey slaw, an ahi poke with edamame and some spicy samba wings if you're looking to ramp up the heat. This is still the late night college fare you might associate with the Lime Truck and TLT Food brand, which makes sense given their 3 a.m. weekend closing time at the downtown location.

Perhaps most important of all for downtown drinkers, TLT Food is teaming up with Silo Vodka Bar next door to create a few exclusive dishes just for the bar. The items will be available only when Silo is, though one could conceivably drink anywhere else nearby and have TLT Food deliver their regular menu items directly to them. That's just smart thinking.

TLT Food's now downtown location is open weeknights from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m., and weekends from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

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