Lately we've been hearing a lot about “super group” bands. Basically whenever two or more notable musicians team up for an album, it's a super group.

Some are pretty great (Them Crooked Vultures, we'll give you that one) but in reality, super groups are seldom as super as they seem. So we've given up on reality, and instead turned to fiction to assemble what may or may not be the superest super group. So who are the film and TV characters that would make up the most badass rock band ever?

Check it out:

We miss any one? Let us know in the comments who would be in your super group.

Bill S. Preston on Guitar

An obvious influence on Marnie Stern, Bill S. Preston, Esq. had an envieable two handed tapping style that would make Wyld Stallyns harbingers of world peace.

Scott Pilgrim on Bass

The Toronto native may not have the best taste in girlfriends, but Scott Pilgrim does know his way around that Rickenbacker bass. Need proof? Remember that bass-off with Todd Ingram????

Jordan Catalano on Rhythm Guitar

Sure Jordan Catalano couldn't read, but when it comes to angstily strumming a guitar with his band Frozen Embryos, he rocks it!

Animal on Drums

We're not quite sure what kind of animal Animal could be, but we're pretty sure he could take over as Lightning Bolt's drummer. (yup, that's Italian Kermit too!)


The intergalactic elephant from Captain Eo's Band Hooter may be clumsy, but he could play the nose sax and space keys like none other.

Jack Black on Vocals

As Barry Jive & the Uptown Five/Sonic Death Monkey's lead singer, J. Black proved that he could he could deliver both serious rockouts and slow jams softer than his whispy chest hair.

Guest Stars?

Link from Zelda on Flute.

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