Jeremy Fall, the guy behind nightclubs Golden Box, Genesis and the recently opened Nighthawk Breakfast Bar, is getting close to opening Tinfoil Liquor and Grocery in Highland Park, and it isn't your average corner store. While the front of the rehabbed historic bodega tienda* will have household items and plenty of booze, the location will include a “hidden deli” with a menu from Eggslut chef Alvin Cailan and executive chef Lung Ly.

Fall is becoming known around town as a dude with big ideas (you can read all about him on his incredibly detailed Wikipedia page), and Tinfoil is no exception. While the shop in front is meant to cater to the neighborhood in the same way any bodega might, the deli in back is clearly ambitious: Breads will be baked in-house, meats will be smoked and cured in-house, condiments will be made from scratch. Chef Ly, who developed the menu alongside Cailan, has shown up in L.A. at the rotating popup space Unit 120, and before that lived in Portland, Oregon. It looks as though this place may add to Highland Park's late-night eats scene, too, with hours from 11 a.m. to 3 a.m. daily.

(Though I would add this — if they really want to be the best neighborhood deli of all time, they ought to open at 6 a.m. and serve coffee and egg and cheese rolls. C'mon, guys. You know it's a good idea.)

Another fun fact? The floor is tiled entirely in nickels. 8,000 of them. (See pic below.)

If all goes as planned with the city, Tinfoil should be opening its doors in the next couple of weeks — Fall is aiming for a mid-November launch.

The nickel-plated floor at Tinfoil Liquor & Grocery; Credit: Courtesy Tinfoil Liquor & Grocery

The nickel-plated floor at Tinfoil Liquor & Grocery; Credit: Courtesy Tinfoil Liquor & Grocery

Tinfoil Liquor & Grocery, 5900 N. Figueroa St., Highland Park. (323) 507-2301.

* (Note: A reader writes to point out  that while New York may have bodegas, L.A. has tiendas. He's right, of course. Press materials for Tinfoil have called it a bodega, but until they have egg and cheese on a roll it is not a proper bodega!)

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