Family farms are generally seen as the scrappy, can-do, no-nonsense underdogs of the food world, continually tilting their gaze warily at the Goliath of agribusiness and unpredictable weather patterns. It makes for a great story, with lots of tension and suspense, especially when you add a little family drama in the mix.

Turns out a local producer thought so, too, and has managed to successfully sell a reality show (a.k.a. voyeur fest) based on the family farm to a “major network” (it is one, we checked, but we have been asked to keep it quiet… for now).

From the casting call:

This series will highlight an American family and show firsthand what it takes to put food on America's table, as well as day to day life on a working farm. The farm selected will have a part in educating people on farming life and this opportunity will serve as excellent publicity for the farm. We ideally would like multi-generational farms, but are open to other[s].

Families with “interesting, fun, and quirky characters,” are encouraged to apply. Must also be willing to give up all semblance of privacy, but is that still a major concern in a Facebook-Twitter world? Our dirty voyeuristic side hopes not. Certainly a new way to get to know your vendors. Weiser? Baltazar? McGrath? We're looking at you. No word from the producer if any L.A. farming families are auditioning, but we're keeping our fingers crossed.

Interested family farms should send all relevant contact info, including a website if you have one, and a description of your farm (location, size, crops, family members, personality types, roles) with an emphasis on describing the family members who tend to “stand out” to

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