You never know what to expect with Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim, the duo behind cult comedy Tim & Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! At Adult Swim's Comic-Con press session, Heidecker and Wareheim arrived in Blues Brothers cosplay, carrying cans marked “Terminix.”

We couldn't help but wonder what they were doing with the pesticide props. In fact, that's where their latest prank begins.

“We're here promoting Blues Brothers 2012, a new movie starring Tim and I and Terminix sponsored,” said Wareheim. “After Awesome Show, our next project is Blues Brothers.”

Claiming to have the support of Dan Ackroyd and 'The Blues Brothers family,” the two went on to give our table of journalists a breakdown of their new project, the story becoming more off-the-wall as it progressed.

“They did the original and Blues Brothers 2000, but what can we do to kind of amplify this and that's where the Terminix guys come in,” said Wareheim. “They actually have a team of about twelve writers who are on the Terminix staff who wrote the script and they are amazingly funny.”

Then there's the music. “What better way to talk about blues rock, not just some of that old blues, like the Stax stuff that was in the original Blues Brothers, but bring it into the 21st century with Aerosmith and Eric Clapton,” said Heidecker.

“The first day they asked us to do this project, we said, we don't want to touch perfection,” Wareheim said, adding that their management talked them into it.

“There's an ownership level to this,” Heidecker explained. “For example, we're not just getting salaries for this. It's called profit participation.”

“DVDs, video games, dolls,” added Wareheim.

We were wondering how long the joke would continue when they started talking about animated bugs, rattling off a list of creepy, crawly things that would make an appearance. When Heidecker and Wareheim are on a roll, you just go with it.

“What about termites?” we asked.

“Termites are just one of those bugs that our artists just cannot wrap their brains around,” answered Wareheim.

“Isn't that where their name comes from?”

“Yes, but we felt like it was a little too close to home for them. We also want to let room for a sequel,” said Heidecker.

If this were our first interview with the duo, we would have left thoroughly confused. However, it wasn't. Last summer, we asked Heidecker and Wareheim about their involvement with FYF Fest and were told that they had planned to make the jump into political comedy, bobblehead style. (See “Are Tim and Eric Getting Political?”)

“That one didn't really work out. We tried as hard as we could,” said Heidecker. “We went out and sort of road tested it sort of in smaller markets out there and it just didn't play.”

“It's just the state of comedy right now,” added Wareheim. “It's just not ready for bobbleheads.”

LA Weekly